Iced Coffee, Fresh Fruit and Wireless

ALL things I have missed!! No internet the past few days. I spent about an hour on the phone with Comcast yesterday, being transferred 20 million times and talking with a bunch of techies. The one dude kept calling the modem a “mo-dam” and he said it about a thousand times – wanted to kill him. So they sent people out today and the problem is fixed. Apparently my wireless card was turned off and I’m pretty sure that’s a little button at the top of my computer ‘on’ or ‘off’. The guy was nice enough not to act like I was a total idiot. Hey – what do you want from me, I’m polish AND blonde.

Got out of bed this morn with super tight, heavy legs. Going from a no miles week to doing TRX, JM and running is tough. My legs are hating me this week. But it feels good and it will be worth it. Putting on my San Diego ‘Rockstar’ shirt like a total dork always helps with the motivation factor. And making sure the necessities fit into my running shorts – Sbux card.

5 little baby miles on boring Kelly Drive. Getting old… need more miles.

WORKOUT – 5 miles, JM, yoga class


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