Workout Recap 6.4.12

Haven’t had one of these for a while. Had a good run today without really trying to, or thinking I was going to. Always a nice surprise. I was kind hurting a little bit today from working my butt off the past 14 days with no rest days. Plus Sunday day drinking never creates a fresh Monday. I had my I-pod all ready to go with some new songs so I was psyched up. But of course it wasn’t charged and didn’t realize that til I got on the trail. Oh well… pocketed it and moved on. Wanted to do 10 but felt kinda tired and was hungry so settled on 7. The rain clouds rolled in and it started to pour. Maybe that made me run a little faster. Either way it felt good… nice pace and wasn’t dying. Could have pushed it more but it’s nice to feel the run at a comfortable but faster than normal pace. Yay. 🙂

7 miles – 54:49 Avg 7:49/min mile

7:53 , 8:03 , 7:41 , 7:45 , 7:50 , 7:53 , 7:43


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