T-Shirt Tiiiiime!

Yeeeeah Buddy! Pauly D would be proud, yo. I wanted to do something memorable again this year when I ran the race in Harv’s honor. Last year I had a taped up pictures on my back and wrote on my legs. Luckily it didn’t rain or everything would have been gone after the first mile. Although the writing didn’t really hold up that well after 26.2

So this year I’m making it a little more official and actually had a T-shirt made. And my cheer squad (aka Mom) gets one too.



Pretty cool… they came out ok. Although now that I am reading it I probably should have put his name at the top so it reads better. Oh well… next year. I was hoping for bright orange shirts so I’d be easier to spot in a sea of people when I flew pretended to run fast by. But that cost more and since they were like $20 over priced for a T-shirt to begin with and I had to order them in bulk it wasn’t really worth paying for orange. PS – Angelastro’s I have a bunch of Small Mediums if you want any!

WORKOUT – rest day! first one in a while, respect the taper – oh wait, i’m not tapering :/


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