Miles to Date

Looking back at my Daily Mile tracker. I was curious to see how many miles I ran so far this year. I usually keep track of how many I have on my sneakers, and my Enigma’s – that it seems like I just bought are closing in on their retirement soon. And it seemed a little quick. They have about 240 – ish (ok so I’m a little crazy and I know the exact number 255.1). Should be paying attention to more important numerical things in my life like how much money is in my bank account… but seriously, priorities. Anyway the Daily M tracks me at 465 miles since January which is pretty cool since we are closing in on Christmas in July soon and the halfway point through the year. Too bad none of my New Year’s resolutions happened yet – workin on it!

This being said…. do I set a mileage per year goal? Say 1,000 ? I’m almost at 500 and we are half way there so it would make sense. Hhhm. Do I really need another psycho running goal? Um – yes. Who knows, we’ll see but I’ll keep an eye on it and watch the progress from here on out.

So that being said. Enter.

I’m always wary about new sneaks because sometimes my feet need to adjust. Even if I get the same exact pair/style, you just need to let them settle in I guess. So the WaveRider’s will be coming with me on some of my shorter runs in the next few weeks.

WORKOUT – 2 treadmill


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