No PR in LP

Ready to go! I have most of my stuff packed. Which – you know me… means throwing some junk in a bag and hoping I have everything. Got all my race gear though.

Representing with the purple and orange! I’m getting excited to see Lake Placid, and run through it of course. This morning I woke up and first thing I thought of was “would I be able to switch over to the Full still??” Crazy talk. But I’m wondering if it’s possible. I’m glad I’m doing this, and the real reason for running is raising the money which I did and that’s the most important part !! As well as raising awareness. Which I’m trying to do. However there is just not as much meaning in the Half, and yes I’m a little dissapointed at myself for dropping down. But at the time everyone was scaring me about injuries and this and that. And I do have to keep in mind… long term goals ie.Phila Marathon, AND if training goes well possibly piggy-backing another one on top of that. And next year I’ll promise to run a FULL for Harv – with TNT and increase my fundraising each year. Most important over $7,000 total raised and that’s what REALLY matters!

So my thoughts on the race. Felt good on my run today. However I never like to go into these with expectations even though I have some thoughts in the back of my mind. Going in as a fun run (not a race), having a good time with it and just being glad to be out there is what it’s all about. And then when you PR it makes it all that much sweeter because you weren’t expecting it! So no presh for me, just running for the reason. Can’t wait! And extra excited to have my Mom there watching and waiting for me at the end. Mom – don’t cry when you see me running through the finish line with my ‘in memory of’ T-shirt on.

WORKOUT – yoga class, 7 miles


One response

  1. Mom

    Are you kidding? I almost stareted to cry just reading about it. Seeing it will be amazing!

    June 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm

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