Lake Placid Marathon and Half 1/2 Marathon 2012 – Recap

1164 – yes that’s right NO ’13’ in there anywhere. No matter how you look at it – but thanks Mom for trying. Anyway, overall it was a good race. Could have been better but isn’t that always the case? Alarm off 6:00 am – always nice to be able to walk to the start line. And I had all my stuff ready to go the night before.

I felt good when I woke up. Ready to just get started and go, and also ready to just be done. That’s the thing about Halfs – I think I want them to just be over with instead of enjoying the run. But let’s complain about that some more at another time. Ate my shotblocks and drank some water – mistake number one (too much water in the morn and shouldn’t have done the blocks). Didn’t need them and would have been fine with just a shot (one of these – not Patron) like I’m sure you were thinking. We met the rest of the TNT group in the lobby and were on our way.

Mom ready for her cheerleading session.

Small races are good too because there isn’t too much commotion before hand.

The starting line was hard to find considering there really wasn’t much of one. Sort of weird not to have an overhead arch to go under. Right at the front (love not having any corrals). And right behind some dude who looked like a young version of Ryan Hall. Pretty sure he’ll be in the Olympics someday because I think he ended up winning the overall marathon with a 2:00something time. Yeah – sick. Everyone is looking for the start… where is it?

Oh ok, there is it…

Anyway, I met Katie while we were waiting for the start. She was the second person of the weekend to give me the same advice and some damn good stuff. She said she first qualified for Boston in her 40’s and has run about 22 marathons. Suggestions that I should be doing – run because you love it and run the distance because that’s what you love to do. Ok – so basically all this BS about speedwork doesn’t do much? All she does is run – distance – 20mile long runs on the weekends (my fav) – eats well and only runs FULLS. Oh yeah and she’s had sub 3:00 Marathons. Flash forward to what I hope is my life when I’m her age in about 20ish years. Love her. Anyway… we were both talking about how we like running 26.2’s better then 13.1’s and how no one really understands why and she’s tried explaining it a million times as well. National anthem – the woman who won Iron Man last year started it off, and we were ready to roll.

The course started off up hill and everyone took off! I tried to hold back because I wanted to be careful of my pacing knowing there was a MoFo of a hill at the end. Not listening to my self and running faster than I should have been – mistake number two. The first 4 miles were one  pretty aggressive gradual hill, then things leveled off a bit and then it was rolling hills from there on out.

Running with dudes… too fast.

I was clocking in 7:20ish miles, up hill for the first 5-6 miles. At this point… I knew better. Way ahead of myself.

I settled in at about 8:00 pace, and held steady with that. Running past some nice scenery, the Olympic ski jumps in the background at all times. Through the pine forest – which smelled amazing. But I’m almost positive I heard a rattle snake. Note to self – don’t pee in the woods no matter how bad you have to go.

There were water stops at every mile and I hit up quite a few of them – mistake number three. I really didn’t need any water and would have been fine stopping at maybe ONE. I ran with these dudes for a while who were prob about 20yrs old and we talked about what we were going to eat afterwards.

And this dude was saying how it was so hard not to go faster once you see people coming back around after the turnaround point. True story. The Marathoners and Halfers were starting to come back around after the out and back part. 

Mile 9 the turnaround – bam. WTF did I do to myself by running so fast at first. I had taken a shot (again not Patron) an hour in and now that was sloshing around in my stomach with all the water. Mistake – number four – I don’t need an energy on a 13 mile run especially when I’ve never taken one before and just decided to do it because. I was burping up Mocha the whole rest of the way. I love coffee… I love chocolate, but not THAT much.

At this point I had to pee, SO bad and was looking for every little spot to pull off. Oh yeah, rattle snakes and the fact that we were on an out and back point so would have given everyone a show. I decided to hold it and just wait til the finish, mistake number – 2,345. Lots of lessons learned here. So the ‘real’ hills started at about then also. The young chick that was running with the 20 year olds looked over and was like ‘ yeah this isn’t fun anymore ‘ agreed.

By the time I got to mile 12 it felt like I was running at a 30min per mile pace. And I’m not kidding when I say the last mile is the biggest switchback hill you’ve ever seen in your life. At that point I could hear Carl’s voice yelling ‘come one you can do this, remember you’re bootie shorts!!’ Me – ‘shut the F up I don’t even care at this point!!’ All I wanted to do was make it up the hill without walking and finish up. Guy with beard next to me must have heard me say/think that because he said ‘Come on you can do this – less than a mile and we are almost there’.

Peak of the hill was the breakaway for the Marathoners. Good luck to them for having to do that twice! The last of the hills, but also the worst…

I spotted Mom at the top of the hill which helped and started seeing signs of ‘in memory of’ and ‘in honor of’ and then all the pain goes away because you remember why you are really there.

Finally hit the track and made my way around. This pic pretty much sums up how I felt at that point. Blurry…

Found Mom right away, grabbed my metal and ran right to the bathrooms. Peed, water, compression socks – glorious. And there’s nothing better than taking your ice-bath in the lake afterwards. Gorgeous, clear water and sand never felt better.

After running I think I realized that my hip and or groin was pulled. Which actually happened at TRX last week so it’s been a while since I’ve been able to stand on one foot. Running 13.1 with killer hills did me in with that. Tough time putting my shoes back on after the dip in the lake but as I was doing it I looked right down at a 4 leave clover! Sign and or congratulations that I needed.


6 responses

  1. Kim

    Yeah, that hill with its switchbacks is a bitch, but you made it yours. 🙂
    So it took you 12 miles and a serious hill to hit the “Bite Me” zone?! I hit it at mile 9 in San Diego (the water stop team at the 10K point did a lousy job clearing the road & I slipped on wet cups); having a reason to run was pretty much all that got me across the finish line. 😀

    June 13, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    • Oh no! where you ok after you fell? i guess if you made it to the end. HOpe you had a good race, and it’s all worth it now.

      June 13, 2012 at 8:19 pm

  2. Dan

    Great race experience with plenty of lessons learned. It looked extremely scenic – I might have to add this to the schedule one of these years!

    June 13, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    • Yeah I’d definitely recommend it. Just make sure you do lots of hill work!!

      June 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm

  3. Marta A.

    Great Job April!!!!! Thanks for always sharing your runs. I hope your foot is OK. Lots of love coming your way. aka Mom

    June 14, 2012 at 9:22 am

    • thanks so much!! i enjoy sharing. get ready for the one in WildWood! 🙂

      June 14, 2012 at 9:56 pm

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