Guten Tag, Runners

‘Good Day’ Runners. ie – ‘Hey crazy people who love to do this so much that they’ll spend ridiculous amounts of money getting a costume shipped in time for a race and running in summer heat in wool and felt. Yep… that’s us.

When I signed up for the 1/2 Sauer Kraut Marathon Half, I didn’t realize I’d be running it in less than a week after LP. I was thinking race day – Sunday to Sunday. But this little guy is on Saturday so that means… Yep, just 5 days in between to recover. And recovery I need! Need some serious back cracking and ART done. Seriously need to marry a chiropractor. We can discuss this later.

Anyway… went to pick up Carl and my race packets for the race tomorrow at the German Club in the Northeast. Almost as big of a race expo as LP! Ha, jk. There really wasn’t supposed to be one. Just another one of the good things about small races. I am loving them. There’s only about 800 people running this and they said last year not a lot of people dressed up. YAY! That means we will be the center of attention. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty psyched about that. Also that means an almost guarantee award. Another score.

Now there’s just one problem… I need to get through this and actually be able to run! Still kinda hurting from last week. My hip abductors are super tight and groin and all that fun stuff. I’m going to Stick it tonight and take some Advil and hope for the best.

Race stuff, ready. Body Glide will be number one on the list in the morning. I’m gonna have to bathe in it via Old School – KY Wrestling sytle. Ruffley sleeves and tons of seams aren’t really good for non-chaffing.

Nice little dinner with my BFF, Kale. Wish that Fixed Gear glass had a real Fixed Gear Ale in it though. But apparently there will be plenty of beer tomorrow. Gotta love when they give you a beer and food ticket with your race packet. Score another one…


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