How do you say ‘F*ck This’ in German?

Yeah this pretty much sums up my race today…

Hands down worst race ever and possibly one of the worst runs ever. Besides when I broke my ankle but it’s close in the running. I kinda saw this coming. Getting through Lake Placid was a tough time with a pulled groin/hip flexors – whatever the hell it is. And not being able to stand on one foot when I put my pants on was a good indication that I shouldn’t be running. BUT – I had to run in LP of course and I did a decent job considering. Today – different story. I’ll get into it in my race recap which will pretty much be me complaining and hating the world for 13.1 miles. My fault totally for even pushing myself through it. Could have been worse too I guess. Although it’s my worst race time EVER – everyone needs a PW and a bad race at some point because then it’s all the more vengence when you come back – watch the F*ck out WW Half. I need to redeem!! Anyway… I haven’t had to literally hold back tears while running since I broke my ankle in 2006, when a little piece of the bone tore off. Almost tears today because it hurt so bad. I hated my hip, I hated myself, I hated everyone around me and I even hated running a little bit. Let me take a day to cool off until I post a full recap so that I don’t have to bleep out every other word. It’s definitely a shame because this could have been a really fun run. Carl and I were basically celebs when we got there and people were taking pics of us. The course was awesome and I totally could have crushed it and really enjoyed. And the super fun day that I had planned today – amazing 13.1 miles, pool time with my friend, Aiden, celebrating blah blah. I’m now sitting at home on a bag of frozen peas and drowning in my sorrows.

One good thing about today – some flights booked! That’s right… get ready for some travel stuff coming up soon. Sleep tight kids… I’m off to sleeping pill and Advil land.


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