A Little on Running A Lot on Life

Just a little thought for the day…

My muscles feel a little better today (except for my heart, that one hurts a little bit more). I’m curious to see what my Dr. is going to say. I’m sure I’ll get yelled at… why didn’t you come back sooner to get aligned!!? Instead of running on a spine that was off and making matters worse. Because I am stubborn and lazy? Not really sure what the answer is for that. Anyway, I’m off to my future husband’s office Chiropractor. Let’s hope this doesn’t hurt too much.


One response

  1. hope your Dr can work some magic and you’ll be back on your feet soon:-) Injuries suck. As hard as it is, try to rest and listen to your body:-)

    June 18, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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