Limping in the Rain

So I obviously haven’t been having the awesome-est (word? – it’s in MY dictionary) week. Anyway. I really really needed some good friend time yesterday and I got it. Sometimes when you are sad you just wanna stay at home in your sweats and drown in your own… pool of sweat. Oh wait – that was just Thursday night since it was 1,000 -00000,,0000 degrees in my apartment.

But seeing friends is always a good thing! Why do I forget this sometimes? Hit up the pool yesterday afternoon until the thunder clouds rolled in. Darkness, rain, hail! I drove home in the worst of the downpour and since I have to walk 20 blocks to park my car I had to drive around a little bit to wait out some of the rain. When will I learn my lesson to always ALWAYS carry an umbrella with you. Once the rain let up a little bit I headed out for my walk limp home. Had I been able to run or walk at a quick pace I would have. However, I had to limp along since it hurt and also to be careful not to fall in my soaked flip flops and obtain another injury. But – I must say it was quit refreshing to walk in the rain. How often do you really do that? We are always hurrying and covering up and not wanting to get wet but it’s really nice to just relax and walk and let Mother Nature beat down on you. So refreshing.

Good thing I had my bathing suit on because I got soaked!

Nice yummy breakfast in my new running city mug. Long day of work ahead.

xo ALW


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