Damn Straight

Sbux just thinks of everything don’t they!? A re-usable cup that you can write on. LOVE. Dry erase marker and you can write whatever you want. Like ‘drink 8 of me a-day’ or ‘please add vodka’.

So my right leg, back, knee, butt… and even a little bit of my foot are hurting bad today. ART is amazing. But you do feel like you just ran a marathon and or got beat up afterwards. It does the trick though and I’m hoping it keeps working from here on out and I start to feel a lot better after this week. My Doc went to town on me yesterday and I noticed a huge difference the second I stepped off the table. My range of motion changed in about 5 minutes – just after a few pressure point hits. It really is amazing. I’m really sore and hating him today though. And it’s only been a little over a week without running and already feels like forever. But I could go on and on about that. I need to suck it up and rest for AT LEAST another 3 weeks. Lifetime too long.

xo ALW


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