Read about it HERE and HERE. We talked about this in my Psych class yesterday and wanted to read more about it. The idea is that in some Indian and other cultures a widow – young or old would be required and or forced to jump into the funeral pyre of her late husband, sacrificing her own life. Because with her husband gone there was no purpose for her or her life anymore. Most of the times it would be her husband’s family that would request her to do so. This happened up until the 60s and 70s!! AND I read that one case was recorded in 1989!!?? I think I saw that – could be mistaken. Either way – insane. And I’m sure in some cases it still takes place. Honestly I can see how it still DOES happen.

The day that Harvey was buried… when we were all standing around the burial site at the cemetery. When everyone was done putting their roses onto his casket. I didn’t want to leave… I wanted to stay next to him. I couldn’t leave. Replace that with a pit of fire. If someone asked me to jump I probably would have (let the irrational behavior begin). Problem solved, no grief.

I’ve found my Psych class this semester to be really interesting. My professor is great and tells a lot of stories which makes it more enjoyable and relatable to your own life. So I have found myself figuring a lot of things out about my life.

We finished up the life span yesterday and talked about death. The stages that you go through when you die, grieving, mourning etc. Some of what I found really interesting was the stages of death and the fact that dying really starts with diagnosis – and the first reaction to the news. This really hit hard with me because I realized for the first time that when Harvey was diagnoses on February 23rd – that day he/we started the process of dying. I knew that day was the hardest day of my life and changed me forever and I’ll never forget sitting in the doctor’s office. I can still picture it perfectly clear. But at the time didn’t really look at it as the beginning of the end, but truthfully it was.

HERE is a clip on the stages of dying – with a funny twist.

Grief was discussed as well and defined as the emotional response to death. In definition: may take months or years to complete, uncontrolled crying, sleeplessness, irrational thoughts and behaviors. Wow – if I had only looked up this definition a year ago that would have really explained some of my actions. And when people ask why I can’t sleep – here’s the answer.

xo ALW


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