Stop Being a Bitch

Dear April – here’s your advice… follow it!

Recently I read SUAR‘s post about 10 Ways to Survive an Injury without being a Bitch. Definitely some advice I need right now because this is only the beginning and it’s only going to get harder. When you have ONE passion, ONE outlet, and ONE true love – you are a little lost when that’s taken away from you. And I know, I know… I’m being totally dramatic right now but it’s true. And add to the fact that you are in pain and it’s hard to stand up/walk etc. All makes for a bitchy Ape.

Speaking with one of my coaches this season he warned me about over-doing it, signing up for too many races etc, etc. Well… obviously he was right – so I should just go shove a marathon ran-in sweaty ass compression sock in my mouth because YES – I was wrong. He was right. However… once he found out MY STORY he did give me the ‘get out of jail free card’ and said that I probably really do NEED RUNNING in my life. True story.

But that still leaves me in this situation. One more adjustment next week and some ART and I’ll have one sesh of PT. Then apparently I can try running again in a week or two. Not really sure how that’s gonna happen when I feel like I can barely walk still. So if I can’t run and this doesn’t get better than that means MRI (and I’m avoiding that because I am scared to get bad news). If surgery is in my cards, I feel really really bad for anyone who has to be around me — for 2-3 full months.

However… there is hope on the horizon. My yoga instructor’s ex-girlfriend won the Philadelphia Marathon two years running. Yes – she was the FIRST PLACE female runner. He told me today that she had to have 4 – count them – 4 surgery’s on her inner labrum due to tearing and injury. Post surgeries she still managed to clock in a 2:40something marathon AND get into the B-class for Olympic Trials – sick!!! So there’s hope for this little bitch. And all I want to do is run again, pain freeeeeeee oh yeah and maybe BQ 😉

Patience, patience…

xo ALW


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  1. Good luck.

    July 6, 2012 at 3:28 pm

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