Memory Lane Monday – Traveling

Hi Ya’ll. Happy Monday. I’m tired as Usch and I’m sure everyone else is too seeing as how it’s  Monday after a Holiday. Everyone is recovering from the shore/beach/pool/drink fest… whatev went down this weekend. I had my usual date night last night and drank a bottle of wine by myself – with Gibs of course.

Three weeks officially without no running and it feels like forever!!! For-EV-er. I could bitch about this for the next hour plus 7 days and get you through your whole week but I won’t. So here’s a little pic of me on vacay a few years back. Harv and I traveled down to the Dominican Republic for his good friend, John’s wedding. Best part of traveling – esp with Harv, who gave me my traveling habits. 1.Always, ALWAYS make sure you get to the airport in enough time to have a drink before your flight. 2.Don’t stress 3.Shit’s always going to go wrong so just go with the flow and don’t worry about it. All good advice that I use to this day. I think I’ve become a pretty decent traveler… right?? We’ll see on Friday…


xo ALW


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