Chilly-ing on the Couch

Ok so I lied as usual, and I’m not taking a blogging break. Although I pretty much sucked at it this weekend because I took about 3 pictures. My fault for not caring… and Mike’s fault for making sure we were drunk all weekend.

I mean… really what can I say about San Diego besides I love it and want to move there. But we knew that already. It’s amazing weather all the time, super fun, healthy people… everyone is SO nice, SO good-looking. There’s a million more things… I just love the vibe, the fact that you can be outside all the time, gorg views and la de dah – you know the rest.

Too much drinking…

Too many awesome views to take in…

So today after being up all night on the red eye. Word of advice – drink as much wine as you can before you get on the flight so you can pass out. Doctor’s appt, ART and PT, I am hurting. Ice packs and nappers for the rest of the day…

xo ALW


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