Direct Your Focus

Here’s some great advice I saw on Twitter today…

Direct your focus .

Concentrate your energy .

Be committed .

Don’t dabble your way through life

Wow – this is everything that I need to work on right now. I have been dabbling lately – for a while actually. Living in my head trying to figure things out when really I need to be living in the moment and living my life. Making moves!! Getting shit done. 🙂

I keep waiting for that ‘Ah-ha’ moment when in reality it’s kind of come in progression. Although I have had quite a few of them over the past couple months. One specifically where I really really figured a lot out about my emotions and how and why I was feeling certain things. I also had a dream recently that really hit me hard and gave me that ‘go ahead’ press play to move forward. And something hit me in San Diego when I was sitting out on the rocks looking at the water drinking my coffee. One of those alone moments that you feel but you know you really aren’t alone. You just get a feeling…. and know. Things are going to be ok, you will get there. It’s that stomach flip and excitement for life and the future.

Running would be really helpful right about now! One month and counting… hopefully only one more to go… 😦

xo ALW


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