Memory Lane Monday – Get Your Ass Motivated

It’s amazing how much better you feel after a workout!! Wow, how I have missed this. 5 weeks is a really really long time (ok, not really but it seems like it). My Monday morn couldn’t have started off better. Monday’s are tough to begin with and when the alarm clock went off at 6:30am I contemplated snoozing and just sleeping in, but my better judgement (old Ape – she’s a drill sergeant bitch when it comes to getting up early to work out) told me not to. Thank God for her making a comeback more long-awaited then Britney’s. Hopefully mine just turns out better. SO – off to the gym which I haven’t seen in forever. And busted my ass on the stairclimber for an hour. Oh sweat… how I missed you. Weights, stretches, Advil, ice and I’m feeling pretty good. Running is still a while away but for now I’m concentrating on getting back into a workout schedule slowly and with no pain and looking at September as my ‘start to run’ date.

So I really didn’t have a great pic to go along with this. I was even at my parent’s house this weekend and could have scored some funny kid ones but I was too sleepy and hungover to do anything. But found this cleaning out my paperwork… and kinda funny because I had to cut out the topless lady in the back.

Punta Cana 2006

WORKOUT – stairclimber (intervals – per Carl’s suggestion) 1 hour , weights, stretches, yoga class (hopefully later)

xo ALW


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