Memory Lane Monday – Happy Birthday Harv


8.6.74 – 11.30.10


Really that’s all I have to say. To anyone who knew Harv – that would be enough to explain it all. I found this pic pretty fitting. Harv on his 30th Birthday (I think?) in Joanne’s basement and Kehner was standing right next to him… (Joanne – I’m sure you can comfirm) and what is he doing, shot gunning a beer. And in serious concentration trying to get it right.

Col and I were just talking last weekend about how Harv taught us all how to shot gun beers ‘the right way’ down in our house in Sea Isle one year. Because apparently we were doing it wrong. Good thing that St. Joe’s degree went to something 😉

All amazing, super fun memories that I love to think about and talk about. I guess it’s true what they say things start to turn from sickening sad memories to happy, make you feel good inside memories. 🙂

Happy Birthday Harv – PARTY! on.

xo ALW


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