Wildwood Weekend

Great weekend, this past one was! Minus the three hour car ride down to Wildwood (I have only myself to blame for that, and maybe the 3,543 million other people driving on the AC expressway), but seriously I left at the worst possible time and I knew that. But I got to go to the gym in the morning and that was most important. Running = ultimate goal and importance so I need to keep that in the back of my mind with all my decision making until I get over this injury.

Anyway…. got down to the Angelastro’s and we were off to the boat!! Psyched because I don’t think I got to do this at all last year. Miss the fam… miss the shore, miss the boat, miss FUN! It was really a different feeling this time being down there. A good feeling. And really just normal. The ‘new normal’, and it felt good, peaceful and as if things were just like this all along.

We took the boat and two jetski’s out to Champagne Island. It was perfect weather, that water was warm and clear.

The guys, hugging it out on the jetski…

Rebecca doing gymnastics on the beach…

The ride home, always so relaxing.

Beach Creek for dinner. A perfect sunset, great drinks… amazing food and good company of course!

I even got to lay in bed on Sunday morning and drink coffee and watch the Woman’s Marathon. (a LOT to talk about on this –> SO dissapointed that Desi Davila had to back out due to hip pain, and Shalane Flanagan didn’t get to medal) Thanks Renee for letting me take over your room. 🙂

This was a total picture post but I wasn’t feeling very creative today.

WORKOUT – Tuesday is the new ‘rest day / juice day’ (talk about this later)

xo ALW


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