Ball Jars and Red Wine

Well this pretty much sums up my weekend in a nut shell. Very relaxing, perfect weather, lots of wine. I didn’t get up the mountains til about 2 on Saturday because I hit the gym hard in the morning and it doesn’t open til 8am (kinda annoying). Anyway, it was a nice drive up and when I got there was pleased to find the weather was much cooler.

Ball jars are fun ie dangerous because they re-fill very easily.

Get back in the saddle, buddy…

The weekend… Mom- reading, Dad- drinking, Me- being weird, Murph- trying to get someone to play frisbee with him.

Drunk yoga… I think I need to open up my own studio – it will be the new trend. Seriously, yoga’s all about relaxing, right?

J and I did our typical booze cruise in the afternoon and Murph came along.

Drop my phone in the water and I will have to kill you…

The clouds and sky were awesome this weekend. Cloudy in and out, cool air made for some great pics.

Dad and I jumped in the lake with our clothes on. Sometimes you have to just do it because by the time you contemplate and then walk up to the house to change into your bathing suit you lose the urge. Swimming across the lake, looking up at the sky – pretty amaze, there really is nothing better. One of those moments when you feel really thankful to be alive and just enjoy life for what it really is.

And I was a swamp monster after I got out. Literally dripping brown water all over. At least I got a shower this time – Mom made me.

Nothing too much more exciting than a nice healthy dinner, a whole bottle of wine (all to myself on top of what I had during the day) -not pretty.

I mean… let’s be honest. It doesn’t get much better than this…

At least Jake and I made ourselves do something useful on Sunday and go for a hike. Hungover and everything. Maybe Murph has the right idea, wind blown.

J- try to actually enjoy the hike…

xo ALW


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