She’s My Kinda Crazy

I’m really kinda obsessed with this song. Thanks JM for introducing me! And I’m glad you are obsessed with twitter now just as must as I am.

Anyway, I thought this fitting since I obvi am crazy – a little bit? And I’ve been typing up a million things every night when I can’t sleep and listening to Brantley Gilbert. Blogs, letters, thoughts, essays. I need to get it all out there and I have really come to love writing. Something that I never thought I’d say. Although when it comes to sitting down and writing college essays that’s a different story. But it’s still good and I have a lot to say. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to type it and write it out then to talk about it.

I’m loving the way I’ve been feeling lately. I feel excited to move forward, and move on. And I’m ready now… where as I don’t think I was before. I wanted to stay here (not literally in this apartment) but here in a place that was unhappy. I needed to be miserable and hate my life for a while. That’s just the way I needed to deal with things. You can only go out and try to be happy or pretend you’re happy for so long. So I let myself be sad … finally.. . that’s how I dealt.

But now I’m ready to let happiness in. And I’m making decisions based on my life and what I want. Not what I feel as though I should or should not be doing. And I WANT to more forward not stay in this place. It feels amazing and I’m enjoying it and not charging forward, but drinking in the change and seeing the new.

So here’s to bad thoughts… sad moments, the bottom of the barrel. A year I needed but don’t necessarily want to re-cap or re-think. Looking forward to the next and learning from this one. Getting myself ready to take on 2013 – thirteen. Gonna be a bitchin’ year.

WORKOUT – bike, 1 hour / elliptical, 30 mins

xo ALW


2 responses

  1. Kim


    Good for you!!! You have to do what YOU need to do to grieve/get through; everyone goes through something different. But you SOUND like you’re stepping forward, not just going through the motions of what moving forward looks like. Can’t promise it’s all sunshine & roses, but life – your life – does go on and it can be wonderful.

    PM me your snail mail address – I want to send you something. Hugs & hope to see you out running when you’re healthy.


    August 15, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks so much for your comments and advice, I always seriously take to heart and appreciate it. I’ll FB you my address. Hope to get out running soon!!

      August 15, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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