So, as of about two weeks ago I wasn’t really sure where I was going to be moving. Cali, Mom and Dad’s, frantically finding a new apartment? I really had no idea. Throw this situation at me a few years ago and I would have been stressed beyond belief and freaking out. I actually surprised myself with how calm I was. I knew things would work out and I’d figure it out. My lease was up and I didn’t want to sign something for another year and commit when I don’t know where I’m going to be going to school. So I figured move back in with the rents (as much as I didn’t want to do this – no offense M&D), but it just made the most sense for the few months that I needed. However the Manayunk house still wasn’t rented out so literally two days before I was supposed to move I called the movers up and told them change of plans we are going to Manayunk now.

No time to really ponder this decision and even think about the possibility of what it would feel like to be back at the house again. And once I got there I got a little worried that I’d have bad feelings being back here and bad memories. But instead it feels great. I feel at home, my home. And I like it!!

Lots to do though. The carpets in the upstairs bedrooms were super old. Like – old and nasty when we moved into the house in 2007. So one night last week I decided to pull them up and see what was under them. I had always been curious if it was the original hardwood floors or not. Not gonna lie – one time I pulled up part of the corner and peaked without Harvey knowing. He told me not to because it would be a big project oops 😉

A glass of wine, a razor blade later and I had most of the carpet gone. The floors look decent and just need a few repairs. All intentions of doing this myself recruiting Jake to come help me. Scratch that idea because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So I called in a few floor people for estimates. And I’m thinking it’s going to look pretty good! It’s cheaper to do both rooms all at once and will add value to the house so here goes…

Painting NEEDS to be done. Same thing… the walls were a little beat up a few years ago and now are worse. So the upstairs bathroom, master and guest bedrooms are being painted… and I’m going to attempt the rest myself on a gradual basis. Meaning I’m gonna work my ass every minute until this is done. Once I get something in my head and want it – I’m doing it. Mom-mom always told me that too… she said when I want something I find a way of getting it. Conviction?

Yes! There’s the Ape attitude that we all love and miss. Thanks Col for the reminder… everyone is starting to notice I’M BACK BITCHES

Here are some pics from before.. dining room…

Living room… (no more couches)




Not the best pics… I’ll be sure to take some more detailed ones of the during/process.

WORKOUT – bike 1hour, ellip 30 mins, JM

xo ALW


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