Whoever said Yoga wasn’t a Good Workout…

…is a Liar. Oh wait — that was me. Take that back now! I tried Hot Yoga for the first time HERE on Monday. Serious, awesome workout! I felt so amazingly refreshed afterward. Could feel every muscle in my body, in a good way. And everything felt stretched out and in alignment. Even walking down the street after, my right hip felt so loose again that my left one actually felt tight. If that makes sense. Basically I felt like I could walk normal again. Sorta similar to the feeling I get after the Chiropractor, except way better because I got a workout in. The room is about 95degrees so you start sweating just walking in. By the end you are soaked. There is literally sweat coming out of every pore in your body. 75 mins of some serious yoga. I ended up going Tuesday and today and hopefully will make it tomorrow as well. LOVE!

All my sweaty stuff…

WORKOUT – bike 30mins, yoga

xo ALW


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