My Day in a Nutshell

Seriously I think my coffee and snacks were the highlight of my day so far. Until I have wine later of course.

Gym, rushed around this morning so I could get my other curtain rod and hang it before class — so that my room would finally be done and I could cross one more thing off my list. Think again… got a summons for Court on my way out (long story don’t ask). Got home just in time to finish everything up and couldn’t get in my house because my door is so tight that it needs to be kicked in everytime you open and close it. Yeah Jake — doesn’t work (not that you’ll know anyway since you don’t read my blog). So ‘locked out’ basically then when I finally got in I set the alarm off by accident. Broke my thumb trying to fix the door. Then realized I got the wrong curtain rod anyway. So nothing got done and a lot got undone.

Cried, got mad and threw a fit (sometimes you just have to act like you’re 5 again), there’s a reason why kids do it. Over it. Move on. Some days shit just doesn’t go your way.

Time for yogs (no, that’s not a miss-spell)… peace out peeps.

WORKOUT – bike 1 hour, yoga

xo ALW


One response

  1. Michele Shaw

    April, I know exactly what you mean when you have to throw a fit…It’s a good thing I live alone or whoever would experience my fits (when they happen, more often than not lately…long story) would probably have me heavily sedated as they carted me away…stay strong sweetie, I’ m pulling for you…I often wonder if i started a blog if anyone would read it, although my life sometimes reads like a soap opera!!! Keep going kiddo, you’re doing great ❤

    September 21, 2012 at 5:47 pm

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