Bev and Don’s Wedding

I figured I better write about this before Bev and Don were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Well I HAD to post about this since Bev is one of the three other people who read my blog (myself included). Short and sweet since it’s been almost a month already and I am forgetting all the little deets. Saturday September 29th was the big day! Her and Don tied the knot in a romantic beach setting in DE.

Most of the crew heading to the tax-free state on Friday and got all set up. Ralph had work to do and I had gym to do so he and I hit up the road on Saturday morning. Two people who have major road rage should not be driving in the same car together. I majorly needed a coffee about 2 hours in and RW was ready for a road soda so I was stalking out an Sbux. Unfortch I wasn’t paying attention to my speed – as little lady Lex is a pretty smooth ride. So… yep, pulled over. But since I’m cute, even with Dad in the car I got my charge reduced. From 20 miles over down to 5. Much better. Moving on. We got there just in time to catch up with everyone and let the party begin.

RW yelling about how I put his life at risk.

The Bride and Bridesmaids, dolled up!

Getting ready, drinking beer, steaming our clothes. You know… the usch pre-wedding rituals. Tailgating before we headed to the beach.

Ralph whispering sweet nothings into Nac’s ear. Classic. Hot baseball hat BTW and totally wedding appropriate.

Here they come! I think this is about the time when the rings got lost? Not really sure what happened there. But was well-played off.

And the festivities began…

Three musketeers.

Classic Bev. And Mom drinking her 10th glass of wine. 😉 JK who was counting?

Ralph being summoned onto the dance floor by name to ‘perform’. Always the center of attention.

3am, the kids went to bed and I’m pretty sure all the parents were up still drinking. Now you know where we learned it from.


WORKOUT – 30 min elliptical, yoga

xo ALW


One response

  1. Marta Angelastro

    Love the new color in kitchen, gives it a bright feel to it. Also i love the pics of the upstair bedrooms, LOOKS GREAT!

    October 22, 2012 at 11:32 am

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