Shit’s About to get Real Yo

#Election2012. A big FUCK.  …. moving on.

Here’s some real shiznit. Posts from CB. I try to reflect and read stuff back this time every year. Puts things in perspective and it’s always good to remember, whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff. Because being REAL and experiencing BS and horrible stuff is what molds us and makes us who we are. It’s not how you are in good times… it’s how you handle the bad ones.

How was this really my life two years ago? #bestwifeaward #yourstrongerthanyouthinkyouare #lovelife #viverediscecogitamori #livelife 

Written Nov 20, 2010 4:25pm

Not much going on around here today. Harvey slept ALL day. I think he said about 5 words total. Lots of rest for the upcoming week. ANC came up to 290, highest yet. So we are making some progress on that end just have to hope that the Leukemia is not growing along with his counts. Just waiting for the week to get started…

Written Nov 22, 2010 3:23pm

Not the great news we are hoping for to start off the week… Harvey has blast cells in his blood that have started to show up. About 30% of his blood right now is blasts. So, no need for another bone marrow biopsy at this time (actually, that is the one piece of good news for Harv). We now know the reason for the slowness is because there was Leukemia there and they are crowding out the WBCs and Neutrophils. No decision has been made yet if he will be doing another round of induction or going right into transplant. But it is looking like most likely he will be able to recover a little, go home for a week or two and then come back and go right into transplant. The fact that he is going into the transplant with disease does increase the already high risks, and decrease the chances of the transplant working. So honestly the odds are not going to look good… not that they ever look good for a bone marrow/stem cell transplant patient. But there would also be increased risks doing another round of induction since he got so beat up the first time, and in that case would be even weaker going into the next step. So for now… not too many definites and real answers, we’ll have to see how the next week goes and plan from there. We did hear another story of a patient here, who was in her 50s and needed a transplant. She had a lot of complications and had about 90% blasts at the point going into transplant. They told her to go home for a few days… get her affairs in order, and that she had a 5-10% chance of making it through. So she said her goodbyes and hoped for the best. Transplant was over, and it turned out successful!! And she’s now in her 60’s, in remission for 10 years. So there are always those people who beat the odds! We all know Harv will be one of them…


xo ALW


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  1. Marta

    You are right about “it’s how we handle the bad stuff that matters most” …. My new favorite quote is “God is making you the person he designed you to be.” I heard this one morning when I turned on the TV and it was one of those TV preachers giving a speech about harships in life and why they happen. I needed an answer to that question (especially recently) so I listened. God must have big plans for you 🙂

    November 7, 2012 at 10:50 am

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