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Painting and Drinking

More house projects. I’m thoroughly enjoying this!! Kitchen is well on it’s way to being done. Ok, so not really but at least I started it. I think the worst part about painting is actually starting. Once you do it’s not so bad. And… this helps..

One coat down, hopefully just one more to go. Dishwasher coming next week and then I’ll just need the new floor. Which I am obvi not doing myself.

Lots of working out today. Two full sessions of yoga and then painting… my arms are killing me. Progress, progress — in ALL aspects of my life right now. And it feels great!

WORKOUT –  bike 1 hour, 1 mile (still hurts!! WTF!?) yoga x2

xo ALW


Wildwood Weekend

Great weekend, this past one was! Minus the three hour car ride down to Wildwood (I have only myself to blame for that, and maybe the 3,543 million other people driving on the AC expressway), but seriously I left at the worst possible time and I knew that. But I got to go to the gym in the morning and that was most important. Running = ultimate goal and importance so I need to keep that in the back of my mind with all my decision making until I get over this injury.

Anyway…. got down to the Angelastro’s and we were off to the boat!! Psyched because I don’t think I got to do this at all last year. Miss the fam… miss the shore, miss the boat, miss FUN! It was really a different feeling this time being down there. A good feeling. And really just normal. The ‘new normal’, and it felt good, peaceful and as if things were just like this all along.

We took the boat and two jetski’s out to Champagne Island. It was perfect weather, that water was warm and clear.

The guys, hugging it out on the jetski…

Rebecca doing gymnastics on the beach…

The ride home, always so relaxing.

Beach Creek for dinner. A perfect sunset, great drinks… amazing food and good company of course!

I even got to lay in bed on Sunday morning and drink coffee and watch the Woman’s Marathon. (a LOT to talk about on this –> SO dissapointed that Desi Davila had to back out due to hip pain, and Shalane Flanagan didn’t get to medal) Thanks Renee for letting me take over your room. 🙂

This was a total picture post but I wasn’t feeling very creative today.

WORKOUT – Tuesday is the new ‘rest day / juice day’ (talk about this later)

xo ALW

Loaded Coronas

What is this dangerous, addicting, never want to drink again but you know you will beeeeer?? Or shall we call it a drug? Side Note: this is also a sneaky way to do shots without anyone else knowing you are. Well, Jake and I decided it would be a good idea to try these this weekend. How to make a Loaded Corona.

Open up an icey cold Corona and take a sip – YUM!

Pour in a shot of Tequila. Careful not to spill any! Patron works best (always), or Don Julio (my fav) – but if you don’t have that just grab the rest of the cheapy stuff that was left over from Bass Fishing weekend that no one else could stomach by the time Sunday rolled around.

Don’t forget the lime.



Time for more…


Trust – they get better and better the more you have. 🙂 Happy Fourth!

xo ALW

6 Inches

Heels that is…

Pulled muscles. Dressing up. Drinking. Not all good things for recovery and healing. But whatever it was a fun night. And I think I really needed a night out.

No running for at least two weeks. Ape’s orders. I’m taking off so that when I start back up again I can hopefully really pick it up and feel good. Right now though my main goal is to just be able to walk without pain. Hopefully that doesn’t take too long because I was actually late to class today since it took me forever to hobble there.


Lake Placid and Champagne, please

Soooo… I think I might be officially crazy. But we all knew that already. My decision making skills haven’t exactly been the best lately and I seem to just jump into things feet first without really thinking things through. So when the opportunity to run RnR San Diego with TNT came about again this year, I jumped right on that! However, I woke up last night at 3am – (right on time) contemplating my life… thinking and worrying about random things as usual. Well, at least I got some stuff figured out and can move on today. One of the 20 gillion things flying through my pea brain was that I should have signed up for THIS GUY instead of THIS GUY. Why… ? Lots of reasons. One being, why not run a marathon that I haven’t done before. And lots of other junk that you don’t want to hear about. Since a few things changed in the last couple weeks I decided to see if I could switch. Luckily the team at TNT rock it and let me be a psycho and change my race. Thanks, guys! My new fundraising website will be up and running next week, and everything is exactly the same except I’ll be running one week later and I won’t be flying out to Cali but driving up to NY. Also another my main reason for changing is rumor has it everyone drinks champagne and jumps in the lake post race. You know this girl can’t pass up post marathon bevies.

Miami – gotta LOVE margaritas in a plastic cup… at an Eagles game.

Myrtle Beach – one of many for two days following…

Chicago – Oops… this was actually before. Lesson Learned.

San Diego – let the party begin.


Enough said…

WORKOUT – JM, 6 miles (yesterday)

Medals and Margaritas

Two of my most favorite things… both of which go very well together. I don’t know what it is about margaritas – probably the salt. They are my perfect post race drink. And whoever invented them (the Mexican’s apparently), rocks. I finally got a greeeeaat one too many to count on Monday. The weather was awesome and we got to sit outside at Pier 14, right on the beach overlooking the ocean. I think I drank about 20 margs and ate enough salt to satisfy a camel – ? Do they like salt? Not sure but it sounds good.

tab numbero dos


Rewind to Saturday after the race… it was time to PARTY! Whit was done with her race and placed, Brooke accomplished her first 5k. Bill and Wes both had PRs and awesome race experiences. I blew my time away and met my secret goal and Tom was finally done hearing me bitch and complain about being nervous (pretty sure he had the most to celebrate out of anyone). So of course we had a fun day of drinking ahead of us.

Nothing makes an ice bath better like a cup of coffee oh… AND a glass of champagne. Score to that.  I can’t say no to champagne. This was waiting for me when I got back to the room… awesome!

so excited!

Ice bathed it up, drank a few celebratory drinks and finally got my slow, hurting, tired butt moving enough to get ready to head out. After a few glasses of champagne, some coronas we were all set!

once it hits your lips...

We decided to do a little bar-hopping at Broadway at the Beach. Margaritaville was our first stop. For some nice refreshing drinks and food, of course. Starving by this point. I ate and tried to down my first drink on top of the 5 gallons of water I was drinking. Wasn’t feeling that great and didn’t know how I’d ever last and wondered what time would be acceptable to go to bed. My legs were killing me and I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open.

sunburnt blondes with drinks - hot?

not as good as it looks

Fast forward to a few frozen drinks later and some tunes on the Jukebox at Fat Tuesdays and we were good to go. Most of us, anyway 😉

picking out songs

being weird

the group

Some more tequila, more bars and we had a pretty fun night…

hold on... to your... ?


 Which then turned into Sunday, lounging/drinking and then some… more pics to come!


Cold Beer on a Friday Night

The sweet taste of a cold beer, especially when you have been depriving yourself. Glorious. I had a little Heine last night at the Team in Training Kickoff event. It tasted oh SO good. Great event last night and I am super excited to start the training and fundraising season again. Also love the fact that all of our practices are on Saturday mornings this year. The main reason – Saturday drinking after running. Score. It was nice to get the schedule and see when the long runs will be and how I can plan out my spring training. I’ll talk more about this later. One marathon at a time is enough to think about.

Anyway, had a decent run this morning. The real taper began today since I only did 8, steady pace, didn’t look at the Garm too much and just enjoyed the run. It feels weird not to push it. And it feels unnatural to only be running 8. I was a little hard on myself after Wednesday’s run of 12. My body hurt a lot and I didn’t feel like I pushed as hard as I could have. Thinking to myself… ‘what the hell, it was only 12!’. Then I get realistic and think…. seriously 12 miles is good! What is my prob? This is what the marathon craziness does to me.

Well it was worth it today because it was nice and sunny out. Even though my hands were freezing. And on the way back I heard THIS (something about it just makes you want to drive around a back mountain road in your truck with the windows open and radio blaring), and then saw this…

reasons to run

Put a smile on my face as I rounded a corner and saw the sun glistening off of the water, combined with the music and thoughts of drinking and having a good time. Life. Is. Good.

WORKOUT – 8 miles, yoga class

Christmas in Mehoopany

christmas morning hike

Couldn’t wait to head up to the mountains this weekend. Although… waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday, NOT to run but to sit in a car for 2.5 hours is not my idea of a fun morning. Good thing I stopped and got SB on Friday to re-heat and bring with me. Yes… I am that crazy about my SB. Plus my Dad likes to make coffee half and half (half decaf and half regular) – really? what is the point of that? Anyway, I slept the whole way up which was awesome and we got to the lake house around 10am. Right to bed I went to take a two-hour nap.

packed and ready

Then the outside fun began! The weather was perfect (cold, but sunny and nice out). The only way to hang outside in the winter is to bundle up, drink something warm and hang by the fire. Perfect excuse to invent a new drink. Eggnog, coffee, and rum – heat it up in a mug and you are all set. And here’s a tip – if you want to stay extra warm, add extra rum.

the makings of a warm day

looks warm, but it's not!

Unfortunately Jake couldn’t hang out much this weekend because he had to work. But still managed to get into the Christmas spirit.

merry christmas eh!

Dad and I hung outside by the fire, reflecting on life, playing with the Murphster and taking pictures of “Harry Calloway” – don’t ask. It’s a long story and I wasn’t there anyway so I’m not even really sure how this one unfolded. Although I have a sneaky suspicion it started with a bottle of JB.


I didn’t take too many pictures of all the food this weekend, probably because I ate all of it. But that’s pretty much all we did, ate… hung out, relaxed, laughed.

he just loves dressing up

At night we watched movies on the ‘big screen’ which I’m pretty sure is some type of X-ray equipment set up as a projector. Either way, cool and fun. And apparently also very tiring. Or maybe it was all the cookies.

sleepy kids

For whatever reason I got the great idea that I wanted to jump in the lake on Sunday and do a little polar bear plunge. I had everything planned that I was going to go for a run in the morning, around the lake and then jump in it. Well… woke up Christmas morning and the lake was starting to freeze. Probably better not to get hypothermia anyway. Maybe next year.

ice bath anyone?


Instead I took Murph out for a hike around the lake. The road turned into a dirt road which turned into a trail, and then a stream? Definitely would love to get some trail running sneakers and come back and do this again soon. I wasn’t sure about which way to go, so I kind of just winged it and hoped for the best. At one point I was a little nervous because there were a bunch of ‘no trespassing’ signs and I was literally in the middle of the woods. If it wasn’t for my little guard dog I would have been a little scaredy cat. Luckily we came to a dead-end and then climbed to the top of a hill and we saw a normal road again. Yay civilization! Sort of. 6.17 miles later and we were back at the house. I WILL be running this next time I’m up there.

murph likes the view

need trail sneaks

Merry Christmas!! (a day late)

Teach ’em Young

he knows where it's at

My little nephew… he knows what’s up! I was so lucky this week to get a lot of family and friend visits in. Missed everyone so much. And when I say that I say it as if I’ve been away… which I guess I have, but mostly I’ve been MIA and doing who knows what. I’m feeling much better lately though and getting back in the groove with a lot of things, so I expect the start of this year to go off well.

So since I’ve been slacking, I wrote this post on Friday and am just getting around to finishing it up and posting it. I had a decent run on Friday too. Set out to run 8 miles (that’s what I told myself). I left the house in a hurry and didn’t bring gloves so my hands were freezing, and then my GPS wasn’t ‘locating satellites’ which is really irritating. Then my i-pod died at .63 miles, so I thought “ok, I’m only running 6 now, no music, really?”. But… things were going pretty well, still feeling really heavy and slow, however… no one was out along the trail and it was actually really nice and peaceful along the river with no music. So I ran out to boathouse row and turned around at mile 4. Good stuff! Still a lot of knee pain but hopefully that is all going to get figured out next week.

And the best part of the day is going to the Wrap Shack with J, K, and Alex. Nothing better than refueling with a portabella mushroom wrap and a delicious IPA.

WORKOUT -(Friday) JM, 8 miles