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I Couldn’t Have Done it Without You

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all so much. I’d like to thank all my friends and family who supported me along my journey…

Nope not my planned speech for when I win the Oscars some day. BUT it is how I feel about my Team in Training Fundraising. Last year I had an AH-Maze-ing turnout and raised over $4,000! Check it out HERE. I had some extra time to do it since I started training and fundraising with the fall team and then had to stop when Harvey had his relapse (oh yeah, and I got a stress fracture) .. but was able to carry over the funds and start out with a few dolla-bills when I officially began training with the summer team. THIS year I exceeded my goal again, in even a shorter amount of time. Up until last week I still needed a couple hundred extra bucks to meet my goal but everyone stepped up and came through and I am SO so thankful for every dollar that everyone donated. Now I can say that I’ve WE’VE all contributed over $7,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Proceeds from each Team in Training Chapter go towards local research and patient services. So the money that you are donating is helping out blood cancer patients in your own neighborhood.

July 2010 – about one month before Harv was admitted into the the hospital, finding out he needed a BMT – with a 50/50 survival rate

The reason that I got involved with TNT in the first place is because the ‘miracle drug’ Gleevec that Harvey was on, came from research and discoveries made through TNT fundraising – IN Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Chromosome which is the (bear with me as I use my super technical scientific terms) ‘messed up A-hole Chromosome’ that causes CML was discovered in Phila. If you really want to be smart you can read about it HERE – although I think my explaination is a lot better. At the time we thought Gleevec was going to be the little white $100/ pill that saved his life. And it was amazing, saves lives daily and let’s Leukemia patients live a healthy ‘normal’ lifestyle. However since he was diagnosed so late it was too late to go that route so we had to head towards a bone marrow transplant and all that detailed stuff that I talk about HERE.

Anyway… SO Team in Training does saves lives. ONE mile and ONE dollar at a time. And when you are running a marathon at mile 20 and you see someone holding up a sign that says “Thank you, you saved my daughter’s life” – there is no greater feeling on earth. Reasons why we run.



My Fundraising Page

Get ready because you are going to get tired of hearing me blab about this. But the fundraising and true running season has begun. And I’m ready to raise $$$$ and run for a REASON! So please consider donating and feel free to pass along my page to all your media outlets and web-based friends 😉

My Fundraising Page

Light the Night Walk

Donate to a Member and walk with us, or join our team and raise $100!! Walk is on Saturday October 22nd.

Our Team!!

Light the Night…

More Charity Stuff…. because it’s super important. And it’s fall, we got to party and have fun all summer and now it’s time to think about other people who didn’t get to enjoy and have that same privilege.

Did you Sign Up Yet?

I forgot the most important part! And don’t forget about cord blood donation too… easy and simple. And it’s all FREE! Here’s another journal post that I came across. I’m actually enjoying going through some of these and reading things from last year. It really puts everything into perspective. Today you are worried about chemo and tomorrow you are worried about your chem lab.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010 12:33 PM, EDT

Morphine + Benadryl + Ativan = tired Harv!!! Oh yeah plus having Leukemia. So the bone marrow biopsy is done. The NP did a great job… they are VERY painful and uncomfortable procedures! Harv is happy that the pain is over, now it’s just the anxiety of waiting for the results. We should hear back on Thursday or Friday, and will know if it did not work – to see if he needs another round of chemo or not. So let’s keep praying that Harv can finally catch a break and everything looks good with the biopsy! More blood and more platelets today, the norm around here. I would love to know how many gallons of blood HUP goes through in a day. Give blood if you can! And think about joining the Bone Marrow Registry… again. (I am annoying, I know). But so important and so easy 🙂

True story… I don’t know real names, but this is a story that I heard through one of the other patients here on the floor. It’s someone she met through her own Leukemia diagnosis… meeting other patients with similar stories. So… there was a young woman who lived in TX (we’ll call her Sally) who got diagnosed with Leukemia a little while before her wedding. She needed a Bone Marrow transplant and did not have a sibling match. Luckily she was able to find a match through the National Marrow Donor Program. A middle aged male living in Chicago (we’ll call him Jim), got a call that he was a match for someone and was asked to donate. Since you are not allowed to meet your donor until a year after your transplant, Sally had no idea who Jim was. The transplant was a success and Sally fully recovered and got back to living her life and planning her wedding. Though having not yet met Jim, she sent him a wedding invitation and he attended. The time came for the first dance… instead of dancing with her husband, Sally announced that there was a true angel in attendance and asked Jim to have her first dance. She said she would not be at her wedding at all if it were not for Jim!

And I’m sure you were all wondering about my workout…

WORKOUT – 65min elliptical, stretches, weights, yoga

Considering Joining the Bone Marrow Registry?

Read this…

This time last year to the date we had just found out that a random bone marrow donor was found for Harvey. This, was huge! One more major step down and something else that would add a tiny increase to his already low odds of getting through the transplant. More hope we had!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 12:46 PM, EDT – written by yours truly
Long, long day at Penn yesterday! Harv’s appointment was in the morning and we left around 7:00 last night. His hemoglobin was low and he needed a blood transfusion, so mostly waiting for blood, and hanging out in infusion. So if you have the opportunity to give blood, please do! Harv used up about two bags yesterday. :)So the conclusion from the appointment yesterday is that the Sprycel doesn’t seem to be working hard enough, to the point where it will bring Harvey back down to a Chronic, safer level. We are going to give it one more week – let’s all pray that something miraculous happens before next Tuesday! If not then he will be admitted into the hospital for about 3-4 weeks to receive traditional chemotherapy.On a good note… the donor seems to be all lined up. They found a 10 of 10 match, and a young donor – which is always more helpful. So thank GOD for this 19 year old male, somewhere out there in the US, who decided to join the bone marrow registry!!


 I am still very thankful for whoever the guy was who decided to add himself to the Bone Marrow Registry, even though Harvey never got to use his stem cells… he still gave us hope.