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Iced Coffee, Fresh Fruit and Wireless

ALL things I have missed!! No internet the past few days. I spent about an hour on the phone with Comcast yesterday, being transferred 20 million times and talking with a bunch of techies. The one dude kept calling the modem a “mo-dam” and he said it about a thousand times – wanted to kill him. So they sent people out today and the problem is fixed. Apparently my wireless card was turned off and I’m pretty sure that’s a little button at the top of my computer ‘on’ or ‘off’. The guy was nice enough not to act like I was a total idiot. Hey – what do you want from me, I’m polish AND blonde.

Got out of bed this morn with super tight, heavy legs. Going from a no miles week to doing TRX, JM and running is tough. My legs are hating me this week. But it feels good and it will be worth it. Putting on my San Diego ‘Rockstar’ shirt like a total dork always helps with the motivation factor. And making sure the necessities fit into my running shorts – Sbux card.

5 little baby miles on boring Kelly Drive. Getting old… need more miles.

WORKOUT – 5 miles, JM, yoga class


Speedy Stuff – Not so much

It’s crazy to me that it’s about a year since I ran San Diego. What have I done with my life since then!? Geez time flies when you are… sitting around being depressed. Well that is done and hopefully I’m moving on with the next chapter of my life. Nothing forgotten but all the hurt and bad stuff put behind me. I see June and July being great!! Here’s to hoping…

Anyway enough about all that BS stuff. I have few emotional posts coming up soon anyway (just wait!).

But, Lake Placid is coming up in a few weeks and has me thinking a lot about running SD last year and what a great time it was. Still by far one of the best weekends and experiences of my life. Hands down. I would have loved to do the race again this year but felt I was pushing myself too much to try to re-create last year. I think I had a little bit of an easier time dealing with things at this point last year. Lots has to do with that but don’t want to get into it now. SO, that being my main reason for switching over to LP. Thinking back though, just a year ago I hadn’t run any distance races yet ever. RnR SD being my first one. AND jumping in and doing a FULL at the first go. I could not have asked for a more amazing first Marathon experience and was hooked on distance and the whole 26.2 idea before I even ran the race. I feel like I should have been doing this my whole life. But – new passion found and the beginning of my real running ‘career’ (yeah I wish) started. Considering… First Marathon I trained right, started slow over the span of 4 months. Ate right during training, paced way low in the beginning miles, negative splits and finished hard 4:32. Second Marathon trained in 7 weeks, carried extra weight and a bad attitude. Ate crappy food, felt unprepared. Felt decent the entire race, had a good time PR-ed hard and cut 37 minutes off my time subbing 4 hours. So, I wonder what will actually happen when I train hard, eat good, and am inspired. Let’s find out.

I really really REALLY wish I had stuck with doing the Full Marathon in LP, but at the same time have to keep reminding myself to slow down a bit. Overdoing it causes injuries and I need my body in tip top shape to start training for Philly if I want a really good PR. Besides… this way there is less pressure and I can have some drinks the night before now 😉 always a plus.

Momma Dukes is coming with me so I’ll have my own personal photographer we’ll get to do some sightseeing. Nothing really ready for this race yet but since it’s a Half I’ll prob just throw some stuff together last minute – as usual per my awesome packing skills.

So continuing on, planned to do some more speedwork this morning.  Yeah that didn’t really happen. TRX last night crushed my legs so I felt like I was running super fast and wasn’t. Next time I need to remember to warm up too. #ThisGirlNeedstoTakeHerOwnAdvice What!?

Second round of the day. Had my little coffee kick (first one after over a week – delish), got back from class and headed out for round two. I don’t know WHAT my prob is this week but running has been hard. The 10 I did on Saturday were tough and today wasn’t the easiest either. Frustrating when you feel like you are running fast but you really aren’t. Oh well, I am coming off of a low mileage week. Build it back slow.

Eggs – fave post run breakfast/lunch 🙂

WORKOUT – 2 miles, 5 miles, JM

Sweatpant Sunday

Woke up this morning afternoon at 1ish. Lazy? Yes… much needed though. After my 15 yesterday and being out right after that, not quite recovering I was beat! I think the last week has caught up with me. Luckily this coming week is a slower one – in regards to running and working out. Some speedwork tomorrow and then a few days off to get ready for this weekend and a few longer mileage weeks coming up.

Somedays you just need to chill out. It was soooo nice out this morning and really wanted to go to the pool but just wasn’t feeling it today. Alone time on the couch in your sweats to recoup and reflect is just much more needed sometimes. And I’m not even hungover!

Breakfast on my ‘patio’…

Luckily my apartment is suuuuuper sunny with 3 big windows. So when you are hanging out on the couch it feels like you are outside – pretty cool. Of course the sun went in right before I was about to take this picture…

Drink Your Crack

… Coffee makes me happy …


All About Running

I LOVE when my day is all about running!! And yesterday it was indeed.

SB, making your commute better

First off, I sat in about an hour plus of traffic getting out of the city and on 76. I definitely don’t miss the morning commute and rush hour, but it didn’t bother me too much because I had my coffee! And it’s a different story when you are going to go run than when you are on your way to work. For some reason I like driving somewhere to run, packing my stuff, heading out makes it seem more special I guess? Or maybe I like pretending that running is my job? I wish!! Who knows… I am just weird.

Anyway… had a great run at VF (will post about this later). There are a ton of trails at the park, and I haven’t gotten the chance to hit them up yet. One is I’m a little nervous to go out by myself, just because of crazy people lurking around and also of getting lost. But these bad boys are sooooo hard to resist!!…

trail it up

After the 10miler, I hit up BMRC for some trail sneaks! And other ‘necessities’. Booty shorts (not sure why I got these because I sure won’t be wearing them until summertime. Tan + yellow shorts = perfect summer attention grabber running gear.) Shot blocks which I am starting to like more than Sharkies. A new running long sleeve shirt, and capris.

can't get enough

I happen to also get a text from my friend, Col who had some running questions for me. I heart talking about running, obvi! So of course I sent a 20page text back, and hopefully was some help. The rest of the day was running some other running related errands. Have to go to REI to find my Stingers, and ended up seeing our Brooks Rep there as well. More running chat and I was off to the Doc’s for PT and more ART. Eat, sleep, breathe, R U N…

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Week Three Plan: Mon:8miles,JM,yoga Tues:bike30mins,JM,bike1hour,yogadvd Wed:weights(5lbs),10miles(hills) Thurs:yogaclass,bike1hour,JM(3lbs) Fri:yogaclass,18miles Sat:3miles(recovery run),JM Sun:6miles,yoga,JM

Christmas in Mehoopany

christmas morning hike

Couldn’t wait to head up to the mountains this weekend. Although… waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday, NOT to run but to sit in a car for 2.5 hours is not my idea of a fun morning. Good thing I stopped and got SB on Friday to re-heat and bring with me. Yes… I am that crazy about my SB. Plus my Dad likes to make coffee half and half (half decaf and half regular) – really? what is the point of that? Anyway, I slept the whole way up which was awesome and we got to the lake house around 10am. Right to bed I went to take a two-hour nap.

packed and ready

Then the outside fun began! The weather was perfect (cold, but sunny and nice out). The only way to hang outside in the winter is to bundle up, drink something warm and hang by the fire. Perfect excuse to invent a new drink. Eggnog, coffee, and rum – heat it up in a mug and you are all set. And here’s a tip – if you want to stay extra warm, add extra rum.

the makings of a warm day

looks warm, but it's not!

Unfortunately Jake couldn’t hang out much this weekend because he had to work. But still managed to get into the Christmas spirit.

merry christmas eh!

Dad and I hung outside by the fire, reflecting on life, playing with the Murphster and taking pictures of “Harry Calloway” – don’t ask. It’s a long story and I wasn’t there anyway so I’m not even really sure how this one unfolded. Although I have a sneaky suspicion it started with a bottle of JB.


I didn’t take too many pictures of all the food this weekend, probably because I ate all of it. But that’s pretty much all we did, ate… hung out, relaxed, laughed.

he just loves dressing up

At night we watched movies on the ‘big screen’ which I’m pretty sure is some type of X-ray equipment set up as a projector. Either way, cool and fun. And apparently also very tiring. Or maybe it was all the cookies.

sleepy kids

For whatever reason I got the great idea that I wanted to jump in the lake on Sunday and do a little polar bear plunge. I had everything planned that I was going to go for a run in the morning, around the lake and then jump in it. Well… woke up Christmas morning and the lake was starting to freeze. Probably better not to get hypothermia anyway. Maybe next year.

ice bath anyone?


Instead I took Murph out for a hike around the lake. The road turned into a dirt road which turned into a trail, and then a stream? Definitely would love to get some trail running sneakers and come back and do this again soon. I wasn’t sure about which way to go, so I kind of just winged it and hoped for the best. At one point I was a little nervous because there were a bunch of ‘no trespassing’ signs and I was literally in the middle of the woods. If it wasn’t for my little guard dog I would have been a little scaredy cat. Luckily we came to a dead-end and then climbed to the top of a hill and we saw a normal road again. Yay civilization! Sort of. 6.17 miles later and we were back at the house. I WILL be running this next time I’m up there.

murph likes the view

need trail sneaks

Merry Christmas!! (a day late)


matching your hat to your beer - classy

Let’s preface this post with a few things. Warnings, if you will. You ARE going to get really sick of seeing me in a Moosehead baseball hat if you haven’t already. Also, if you aren’t into hickville things then this probably isn’t your cup of ‘coffee’. And if hunting/fishing or the idea of eating anything that you caught yourself grosses you out, then come back tomorrow.

After taking PT on Friday morn (no, I wish it was Physical Therapy) instead it’s Public Trans (we’ll discuss this later), it was off to Mehoopany I went. In the back of the car, feeling like I was about 5 years old again, complete with my backpack and asking “if we were there yet”, and “can we stop to pee”… we finally made it to the Lake house in the afternoon. Not the best weather on Friday but nothing a Moosehead doesn’t cure. Jake picked up a case in town and it came complete with a free hat, which I decided I’d be wearing all weekend instead of doing anything to my hair – much more convenient! Friday night we had an awesome and healthy dinner and played an interesting board game. It’s called Worst Case Scenario – pretty funny actually.

say what!?

It consisted of completely random and off the wall survival scenarios. Most of which you would never encounter in a million years unless you are going on a safari to Africa (Emmy – you might want to look into this) , or you are Indiana Jones. Some however were interesting and could be helpful. Here’s an example of one of the questions. Question: How to Control a Runaway Camel Answers: A.Pull back hard on the reins in a series of sharp tugs. B.Hang on the saddle horn and ride it out. Camels tire easily and won’t run far. C.Yell in the camel’s ear as loud as you can. It’s fear of loud noises should temporarily paralyze it long enough for you to jump off.  Which one do you think it is!!? I’m not telling… yet. 🙂

Enter – Saturday morning. The start of a nice gorgeous new day! A little rain on and off and kind of windy but decent enough to be outside and build a fire and other camping things. And how can you not resist an amazing cup of coffee on the dock. Best view ever.


Too bad my beloved caffeine got cold fast. Re-heating it old school style always works and creates a nice burnt flavor. Seriously, good!

burn it

Campfire time and starting to grill the bass that Jake caught right out of the lake. Ok – so that’s a little bit of a stretch. He caught it a while ago and froze it but none-the-less still out of the lake. Jbird stuffed it with fresh garlic and lemon and poured in some good ‘ol Jim Beam for some added flavor and cooked it on the fire all day.

Jim B makes everything better

grilled to perfection

Jake is definitely awesome at all things outdoors. I’m pretty sure he could survive for a while out in the wild. He needs to have his own reality show.

what year is it? 1811 or 2011

Since the weather wasn’t the best Mom and I decided to do the next best thing then being outside while in NEPA. Go to the winery!! Of course me, being the best blogger ever forgot my camera. Oh well… came home with the most important stuff. New wines to taste. Picked up Gewürztraminer and a Cab Franc. Grovedale is one of my favorite wineries and it’s always fun to get lost on the way and see some of the countryside.

can't wait to drink these

When we got back it was time for ‘pre-dinner snacks’. On the menu – fire grilled bass, fresh (really fresh) venison, pears, cheese, ceviche – from the lake (no lie), salsa and of course wine.

so fresh

I’ll save the gory details about the deer but basically got to see how one is ‘prepared’ right after being shot. I warned you! It was really interesting and very ‘real’ and ‘primal’ I guess you could say. But if we eat meat from the store it all has to go through this process, whether we like to think about it or not. This is just a more natural way, and has been happening for hundreds of years. It’s called survival.


Truth. It’s not disgusting or gross. Where do you think your hamburgers come from? Not McDonald’s. Venison pairs really well with red wine too!



After watching some amazing sunsets it was time for the real dinner. More meat and some AH-Mazing corn bread that is dangerously addicting. More survival games and that’s about it for the night.



Sunday is always a nicer day because we are leaving and don’t get to enjoy the majority of it. Still got to shoot some cans with the .22LR though. I actually did a pretty good job!! Even by Jake’s standards.

pretending i'm cool


And then it was time to head back into the city. Culture. Shock. Can’t forget one of my most favorite rules of traveling. Always bring a good book and an alcoholic beverage. Grapefruit and Vodka seemed to be a good choice for a Sunday morn drive, unless you are driving. I am really starting to get used to this not having a car thing.

enjoy it while ya can
Say goodbye to this little guy! He was a blast this weekend but unfortunately he’ll be staying with Jake. He enjoys rolling in mud, jumping in the lake and being a pest much better up the mountains.



Yoga to a Tea

tea time

Starbucks really should be paying me for doing their advertising.

Yoga for runners… love Christine Felstead’s series of DVDs! I have been using her beginner’s DVD since I started training for San Diego last spring. It was starting to get a little boring since I do it everyday, and could basically repeat word for word what she was going to say next. I thought I needed some more challenging poses as well, especially in the hip region to better balance myself and stretch out my ITB, hips and stance. So I picked up the intermediate version last week and started it on Saturday – yes, up the mountains and all! I LOVE it! The sequence of poses are super challenging (for me), and I can already feel a difference in my posture and stance. Today I did the whole session all the way through – an hour and twenty minutes and afterwards I felt amazing! The only downfall is that Christine talks about running throughout the entire time and that’s all I can think about. Need to keep telling myself, I will get back there and be able to hit the pavement again soon. Patience!

So to go along with my healthy morning I decided on a green tea at SB’s instead of a coffee. Much better decision after my caffeine overload yesterday and Monday. I’m sure all this healthiness is good for my cold too. I doubt your body reacts well when it’s pumped up with 260+ milligrams (and that’s just a tall!) of caffeine on no sleep. Did you know that you can actually check your drink’s caffeine count online HERE!??  – just click on your poison of choice. This is what I was doing at 3am last night while lying in bed wide awake. I picked out some new less caffeinated bevys to try in the next few weeks – we’ll see how this anti-coffee kick goes this time. LAST time… not so successful.

More healthy stuff… and the best stuff on earth – besides Snapple. Greek yogurt! So good with a banana, raspberries and almonds. Tastes just like dessert for breakfast.

greek love

WORKOUT – number two of the day – weights

Love Me Two Times


You know it’s bad when you need two Starbuck’s in one day! Yes that is how much sleep I am lacking. This coughing needs to stop ASAP. Had to hit up SB on my walk to class last night for the second time yesterday. Luckily there is one on every corner so I passed about ten of them. Plus I had a coupon for a free drink – so technically it doesn’t count 😉 Couldn’t resist pairing this with the perfect song either. Haven’t listened to much of these guys lately but I missed them! Also found this yesterday and thought it was hysterical!







 from here

WORKOUT – yoga

No Phone No Lights No Motorcar


Yes, it’s true… say goodbye to all electronics!! Not forever, just for the weekend – which will seem like forever. No PHONE No COMPUTER No TV No – Coffeeeeee. Ok, so there will be coffee but no Elixr or SB. And I’m really not going to miss TV, since I don’t watch it much (besides at the gym)… I went a month without even having one hooked up, so I think I’m good there. But officially giving up the cell phone is going to be weird. I don’t think I’ve gone without a phone since… January ’09, which is a little ridiculous. Not sure why I see the need to have it with me on vacation, in Mexico or wherever. Really no need for international calling plans besides being addicted to texting, FB, email and now Twitter – that’s just not a good enough excuse.

Heading up the Mountains this weekend and thought I’d try to officially de-stress and also make Mom happy so she doesn’t have to yell at me for being on my phone 24/7. It’s also safer as to not drop it in the lake, camp fire or drunk dial 😉

So let’s do it up Gilligan style! And see how this goes… and in the meantime get excited.

Mountains kinda ‘Weekend’

What Happens at the Lake Stays at the Lake