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Juice it UP!

Knowing me and the big huge dork that I am — of course I was super excited when my juicer came in the mail the other day! Yay! and yay for them actually leaving it inside the door so I don’t have to chase down the UPS man. Here it is in all it’s glory…

I stopped on my way home and bought a whole bag of carrots and threw them in. I expected it to sound like a food processor but instead it kinda sounded like a fan. Carrots everywhere! A few little pieces flew out of the cracks but all of a sudden sweet, rich juice came pouring out. Amazing, I am hooked. I love it and can’t wait to try more. A whole bag of carrots yields about 8oz of juice. Creamy orange, it looks and smells so healthy and delicious!


xo ALW



I’m sure you all noticed the new look! I felt the need for a change. New blog / New me. Let’s hope it works that way, anyway. But I decided I needed a little bit of a brighter look. At least if I am going to be writing posts in the middle of the night I need something more cheery and lighter to look at. And now I match my Twitter page.

So the past few days I have been drinking a lot! And not the fun kind. I finally broke down and tried a real cleanse. Just juices for 3 days – only water, nothing else. Even restrained from putting gum in my mouth. And yes that means NO coffee. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while now. And my friend, Melanie told me about this. She did it a few weeks ago so could warn me about how awful it was and what I was in for 🙂

Catalyst Cleanse – 3 day juice. From the JAR BAR in Philly. Today is day 3 for me, last day. And it’s honestly not as bad as I thought. I have energy, I’m not hungry and I’ve slept better these past two nights then I have in a while. That could be lack of coffee though. No running the past few days… I wasn’t sure how that would be on lack of fuel but I think I’d probably be able to do it. Yoga this morning felt fine. This is something I’d definitely try again. They even have packages for 30 days – craziness! Next time I would probably just make my own but this was really easy. I think I’d also try for longer if I was to do this again. But over all it was good and I feel healthy and hopefully re-set now. Although not much different from if I just ate really healthy for a few days. Which I will be doing from here on out anyway! It’s time to actually do this, this time and stop blabbing about it.

WORKOUT – yoga class

Attack of the Green Monster

Heeeee’s baaaaaaaack! I forgot how much I missed my green smoothies! AND pretty much eating healthy in general. It’s amazing how good you feel even after just a few days of good healthy solid eating. Seriously, why haven’t I been doing this the past few months again instead of just talking about it? Ok, let’s not go there, let’s just look ahead. Quick post today since I’m busy procrastinating studying. But had a GM today for lunch and an awesome workout for the second day in a row. Pain free, I might add. Off to take a test and get my weekend starting.

WORKOUT – yoga, 30min bike, TRX (obsessed!!)

Say Goodbye to my 20’s

And bad habits. The Birthday week/extravaganza/excuseforeatingcrapanddrinkingeverynight is over. Fun times but I’m ready to get back to a nice routine again this week and eating healthy again. Oh yeah and drinking water instead of alcohol. I woke up yesterday morning and my lips were so dry it looked like I just ran a marathon through the sahara and post fueled up with 10 shots of patron. Not quite but I ran 13 on Friday and didn’t exactly hydrate well. Unless champagne counts.

What have I been doing this past week since I’m slacking on the blog front.

Lots of this…



And lots of fun. No documentation of that.

I Drink Dirty Water

Hhm, do you think my Brita isn’t working right? Maybe it’s time to change the filter?

oooh, yummy!

Ok… I am gross, but I’m not that gross. Cayenne pepper. Not dirt. With lemon slices (although I kinda like it better without)… so good. Cayenne pepper – speeds metabolism, tastes good, clears out your sinuses… what more could you ask for. Everyone needs a little spice in their life! Drinking flavored aka non-boring water helps me to drink more throughout the day. This is my new fav flavor. HOT! 😉

One Marathon Equals One Carrot Cake

5 gillion calories

How many marathons does it take to burn one big ass piece of carrot cake!? Probably more than one. I’d say… maybe two and a whole season of training. I’m not even sure how many calories were in this thing that I ate the other night but it was damn good. And I kind of didn’t even care.

Ok… so now I care. After running, and leading up to this race, I’ve pretty much been eating like food is going out of style despite the fact that I told myself I shouldn’t be. Well… I had 3 hours and 55 minutes to think about all this last Saturday and give myself a major mental pep talk. I also know my body could have worked a lot better and felt a lot better, had I been treating it like I was running a marathon, not like I was trying to score a spot on Biggest Loser. Although wouldn’t mind Bob Harper as a personal trainer (Shan – that one was for you 😉 ).

Anyway, thinking about all of this food stuff has finally put me back into my place. If you want to perform well, you have to pull out all the stops. You can’t go half-assed. It’s like training without doing speedwork (something else I’m awesome at doing). Besides the fact that your body recovers much quicker if you eat right, drink water and rest. So if PR-ing or BQ-ing is something that I truly truly want, then I have to step back and look at my life as a whole and not just as a ‘season’ or a ‘race’. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a love.

According to DailyMile I burned 3,053 calories while running Bi-Lo. Pretty cool. One of the reasons I love long runs.

WORKOUT – yoga class

ANATOMY FUN FACT – In the recovery period the conditions in muscle fibers are returned to normal, preexertion levels. After a period of moderate activity, it may take several hours for muscle fibers to recover. After sustained activity at higher levels, complete recovery can take a week.

Re-fueling Without Cookies

It’s hard to get back into good eating habits when you were off of them for so long. And your Mom and Grandmom made 20 zillion delicious cookies over the holidays, that you claimed you wouldn’t eat but ended up kicking back most of them. Is this acceptable when you are training? Yes… only if you are up to your 20 mile runs and are already in shape.

However this is not acceptable when you have lbs to shed while you are training. Over the past few weeks it has been very refreshing eating healthy again, and I feel better. However, I still have a while to go. And logging tons of miles and working out like crazy definitely requires lots of healthy food options. Trying to get a lot of protein in with a good mix of fruits, veggies and carbs.

Some things I’ve relied on throughout the past few weeks of training…

greens are good

Fallen in love with Kale, Spinach’s BFF. Goes with everything and super easy to throw in salads or just microwave and add it to rice, pasta… maybe even smoothies? Haven’t tried that one yet.

tastes like dessert for breakfast

tons of protein

Good old greek yogurt. I have yet to find anything that has this much protein, without all the sugar, fat etc and tastes so good. AND you can do so much with. Goes well with fruits, veggies, meat, fish… on a potato, in oatmeal… literally everything. There is just nothing that compares.

And of course, NO COOKIES! (ok… maybe one on my long run day) 😉 Especially when they are this good. But hey, at least this little guy has cherries in it..

cherry chocolate oatmeal

WORKOUT – 30 min stairclimber, weights

Shot Bloks

These guys are starting to replace my love for Sharkies. 200 cals for two servings, which is one pack. Just the right amount of chewy-ness. Mostly all organic and natural. Packed with electrolytes and cals in each cube so you can track how much you are taking in. You can pop one at a time or eat the whole thing before a run (like I do of course). And what’s the best part… some even have caffeine!

Take a Shot

Rest Up, Johnny

Listening to your body and taking a break when you need it is something that I’m not very good at. However it IS something that is really important. I’ve been over working myself… training, working, and not sleeping. To the point yesterday where I felt like I was going to pass out in the steam room. Is that normal? Probably not. So after working all night last night and going to bed at 5am, I decided that today would be better to rest completely, NO yoga, NO running… just lounging around on the couch in sweats. Um… dream day??


Perfect and exactly what I need. There’s a reason why tapering was invented, although it sucks it’s needed for good performance. I’m a little a lot behind where I want and need to be right now so I know next week is going to be stepping it up hardcore, so cutting myself some slack and taking one day is ok. Tomorrow is the long run… !!

Oh yeah and lots of this of course…

the new blonde
WEEK 2 – Mon:6miles,JM,yoga,bike  Tues:spin,JM,yoga  Wed:6miles,2miles speed,weights,yoga  Thur:bike,JM,yoga  Fri:REST Sat:16 miles, yoga Sun:yoga,JM,light recovery something?

Naked and Raw

Bet that got your attention! Well it got the attention of the guy at the market this morning too. I ran into RH Market to grab something to eat after my run this morning. Naked juices are delish! Packed with protein and all natural good stuff. You basically get all your fruits and veggie servings in one of these. They are great after runs, as noted before… as well as their coconut water. But while I was in there I grabbed a few Raw bars. I’ve been wanting to try these so I’m excited. So the dude at the counter is ringing me up and he says “Naked and Raw, huh?”. Thought that was pretty funny since I didn’t even realize it. Anyway, not as funny if you weren’t there I guess.