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All About Running – Except Running

I’m glad I get to talk and think about running still even though I’m not doing it. LOVE my new jobby job. It doesn’t even feel like work. And since I’m back talking about it. What better way than to plan my spring training. Seems a little soon and overdone but it gets me super excited and calm – knowing that what I’m doing now (yoga / biking / and eating healthy) is all going to a good cause. Also a good motivator.

Seeing all my miles written¬†down give me butterflies! Can’t wait for those 16 milers, baby. ūüôā

WORKOUT – 30 min elliptical, HOT yoga

xo ALW


Conviction, Consistency, Compression

A formula that works. Hopefully. Three things that are important in running and in life.

Someone who I love and trust very much told me – once upon a time, that I have Conviction. Not gonna lie… had to ask exactly what that meant. But when I found out I realized I really like it. And true – I guess.

Here’s a little daily vocab word for ya’ll. Josh -stealing your idea.

Conviction [kuhn-vik-shuhn]

part of speech: noun

definition: belief, opinion

synonyms: confidence, creed, doctrine, dogma, eye, faith, feeling, judgement call, mind, persuasion, principle, reliance, say so, sentiment, slant, tenet, view

So how is this important to running ie. the root of all life and great things. Well you have to truly, truly believe you CAN do something. Marathons are belief, training and heart – split up in different ways. I think the first 13.1 miles of a marathon are believing you can do it, and actually getting out there and trying. 13.1 through mile 20 is training and physical ability. And 20-26.2 is heart and soul. But first and foremost there is that belief that you must have in order to even try. And this goes with life as well. You’re never going to try something if you don’t think or believe it can be done.

Step number one in Ape’s Training/Life plan is Conviction. Truth. And also because I like the word and who told it to me. ūüôā

Photo Cred – ESK

Consistency – also very important. Training plans don’t work out if you aren’t consistent¬†with what you are doing. This is something I need to majorly work on lately. I have not been consistent¬†with training/eating/being healthy in general for the past year. Cut some slack with what I’ve had going on as well as injuries. But something I am trying very hard to change and work on. consistent, consistent, consistent. It’s a marathon – not a sprint. Each day and each little step will get you closer to where you want to be.

And of course… compression. Yes, I am obsessed with compression socks. They really do work (or maybe it’s in my head). Either way, recovery is a major part of running and life. You need time to heal – no matter what the case. And giving yourself that time will only make you stronger.

WORKOUT – yoga

xo ALW

Speedy Stuff – Not so much

It’s crazy to me that it’s about a year since I ran San Diego. What have I done with my life since then!? Geez¬†time¬†flies when you are… sitting around being depressed. Well that is done and hopefully I’m moving on with the next chapter of my life. Nothing forgotten but all the hurt and bad stuff put behind me. I see June and July being great!! Here’s to hoping…

Anyway enough about all that BS stuff. I have few emotional posts coming up soon anyway (just wait!).

But, Lake Placid¬†is coming up in a few weeks and has me thinking a lot about running SD last year and what a great time it was. Still by far one of the best weekends and experiences of my life. Hands down. I would have loved to do the race again this year but felt I was pushing myself too much to try to¬†re-create last year. I think I had a little bit of an easier time dealing with things at this point last year. Lots has to do with that but don’t want to get into it now. SO, that being my main reason for switching over to LP. Thinking back though, just a year ago I hadn’t run any distance races yet ever. RnR SD being my first one. AND jumping in and doing a FULL at the first go. I could not have asked for a more amazing first Marathon experience and was hooked on distance and the whole 26.2 idea before I even ran the race. I feel like I should have been doing this my whole life. But – new passion found and the beginning of my real running ‘career’ (yeah I wish) started. Considering… First Marathon I trained right, started slow over the span of¬†4 months. Ate right during training, paced way low in the beginning miles, negative splits and finished hard 4:32. Second Marathon trained in 7 weeks, carried extra weight and a bad attitude. Ate crappy food, felt unprepared. Felt decent the entire race, had a good time PR-ed hard and cut 37 minutes off my time subbing 4 hours. So, I wonder what will actually happen when I train hard, eat good, and am inspired. Let’s find out.

I really really REALLY wish I had stuck with doing the Full¬†Marathon¬†in LP, but at the same time have to keep reminding myself to slow down a bit. Overdoing it causes injuries and I need my body in tip top shape to start training for Philly if I want a really good PR. Besides… this way there is less pressure and I can have some drinks the night before now ūüėČ always a plus.

Momma Dukes is coming with me so I’ll have my own personal photographer¬†we’ll get to do some sightseeing. Nothing really ready for this race yet but since it’s a Half I’ll prob just throw some stuff together last minute – as usual per my awesome packing skills.

So continuing on, planned to do some more speedwork¬†this morning.¬† Yeah that didn’t really happen. TRX last night crushed my legs so I felt like I was running super fast and wasn’t. Next time I need to remember to warm up too. #ThisGirlNeedstoTakeHerOwnAdvice What!?

Second round of the day. Had my little coffee kick (first one after over a week – delish), got back from class and headed out for round two. I don’t know WHAT my prob is this week but running has been hard. The 10 I did on Saturday were tough and today wasn’t the easiest either. Frustrating when you feel like you are running fast but you really aren’t. Oh well, I am coming off of a low mileage week. Build it back slow.

Eggs – fave post run breakfast/lunch ūüôā

WORKOUT – 2 miles, 5 miles, JM

Delaware Marathon Running Festival 1/2 Marathon, 2012 – Recap

Early to rise, early to run. Woke up at 4:30am on Sunday morn ready to rock! I wasn’t sure how this race would go and I was having some mixed feelings. One of those that I just kinda went into (as usual). I figured I’d just run it, get it done and what happens, happens.

One thing to be excited about was my race bib # 3125 – notice the 3 and the 1. Good luck.

Still leaving when it’s dark out is usually fun because you are either going to the airport for vacation or going to run. Two of my very favorite things.

I hit up the Honey Stingers in the morning as my pre-race fuel. And representing them wearing my race shirt. Yay Sponsorship!

Got to the start right on time, just enough to make a quick stop at the porto-potties¬†and get in line. There weren’t really corrals since this was a smaller race. So we all tried to get towards the front. Gun off – time to roll. I’ll apologize now for not having any race course pictures since I didn’t bring my camera. I knew I’d regret that but sorta just wanted to run this race with no extra BS to worry about. Plus I figured what is really great to look at in DE? Well… I was wrong there because¬†it was a really nice course. Through the park and lots of suburban areas, next to the water at times. And PS – Ladies, Wilmington Cops … getting a speeding ticket wouldn’t be a bad thing, let’s just say that.

Course stuff – nice and shaded for the most part. Good spectators and support. The race was organized VERY well. Water stations at least every mile and lots of volunteers helping out and telling runners where to go. The Marathoners¬†were running the same course but started a little earlier¬†so there weren’t any splits. But there was a relay happening at the same time as well so a lot was going on. Everything was well marked¬†and the mile markers were right on. Love/hating the fact that the marathoners were doing the same course but two loops because I was passing the 20 and up mile markers. Not going to lie, I was definitely jealous that I wasn’t running the Full.

Everything started off good. I was clocking in 7:40ish minute per miles and feeling good. Surprising how nice the course was, next to the water and through some of the park. The hill that I was told to expect was at mile 4 – right on time. Mile 6 my back really started to hurt, thinking my alignment is off again and I need another trip to the chiropractor. The whole point of this race was to just run it, not to push it. So I tried to take it easy after that. Mile 7 and 8 were much slower. But for whatever reason I picked up the pace again.

You always say you’re not going to have a race plan but after the first mile or two it just kind of happens. Thoughts were – go out steady, ease up in the middle and then kick it at the end. Well… I guess I held pretty steady throughout except those damn mid miles. If I kept it up and actually knew whoever I was racing against in my age group would be right around my time and I had a possibility of placing I would have crushed it even more. Oh well… there is always next year!

Mile 12 to 13 was up hill of course. Feeling really beat up by this point (should have brought an energy with me), I just kicked it at the end to get the hell done. Ended up doing pretty decent and feeling fine afterwards. For a tiny split second I even contemplated what would happen if I did the loop again and jumped in with the marathoners. Maybe another Stinger would have had me make some bad decisions.

I’m starting to like this PR thing… so maybe these Halfs¬†are better than¬†I thought. What will happen if I actually train? Hhm. Afterwards stopping by the champagne tent was a must. What – Wine Glass Marathon!!?¬†Looks like that could be on the menu someday. Everyone had a great race! PRs! Time for fun…

And always nice to have beer while you are ice-bathing too. Sorry no pics of that #inappropriate.

Accidental Placement and PR

So what’s the word people!!!? On the Timing Chip Website for the DE Half¬†it’s saying that I came in¬†fourth place in my age group. However based on the final chip time I should technically be 3rd place, which is actually ‘placing’. Waiting on a final confirmation of this. Not that it matters that much… 4th place is still awesome, however it’s the matter of the fact. And you’re always competing for one of the top three spots. Status, prizes, Pride… all the good stuff. Here’s what the website is showing… WTF?

Overall I feel pretty good about everything that went down on Sunday. Everyone had an awesome race and felt good. Gorgeous weather and a really nice course. VERY well-organized race.

Anything I would do different? Wish I would have run the Full – but that is always my biggest issue. #takeachillpillApe. However I DO wish I would have brought my camera with me for the run. When will I learn… just bring it because you always want pics of the course and actual race and before and after photos etc etc. Not going to be the best race review since I have no pics but I’ll do my best. Also – needed sunglasses and extra fuel. Things I know but just didn’t feel like doing. Totally not into this race going in, just kinda ran it, so wasn’t my usual prep but ended up being good. Apparently this works well for me. So if it’s not broke – don’t fix it.

WORKOUT – 2 miles speed work , 4 miles, JM

Lederhosen Running Gear

Is this beer guzzling, German-wanna-be for real? Maybe… I’m still deciding on signing up for THIS RACE¬†or not.¬†Basically trying to decide if I want to spend another $70ish on a ‘training run’… or just run 13.1 on Kelly Drive like any other usual Saturday. OR do I want to be really motivated stupid and sign up for the full? NO – what did I tell myself about that! Ok… no Full. So just have to decide Yes to the Half or No. I mean, I’m basically saving myself that much money anyway by staying in the night before the race so it pretty much breaks even. Besides, everyone needs a hobby and it’s not like mine is shopping for diamonds. Unless you call that dating because technically wouldn’t that be the same thing?

Well… I’m attracted to any race that A:serves beer at the finish ¬†B:I can get up and roll out my door to the start¬† C:looks fun! AND – I don’t know of many races that give you a game time decision of running the Full or Half …


1/2 and full marathon (13.1 & 26.2 Miles), yes we are serious! Might become the hottest race in town, literarily

Need options? Not sure if you want to/able to run the full marathon? Sign up for the marathon (only $5 for the option), and decide during the race, if you are going to run the half or full. If you decide before mile 13 that you had enough, simply cross the finish line, get timed for the half (and officially compete for the awards in the half) and receive a finisher medal.

But seriously, the real issue Рif there is one. Is that I just need to talk someone into coming with me. No one wants to drink German beer and eat brats by their own sweaty self. Any takers??

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour, JM

Lake Placid and Champagne, please

Soooo… I think I might be officially crazy. But we all knew that already. My decision making¬†skills haven’t exactly been the best lately and I seem to just jump into things feet first without really thinking things through. So when the opportunity to run RnR San Diego with TNT came about again this year, I jumped right on that! However, I woke up last night at 3am – (right on time) contemplating my life… thinking and worrying about random things as usual. Well, at least I got some stuff figured out and can move on today. One of the 20 gillion things flying through my pea brain was that I should have signed up for THIS GUY instead of THIS GUY. Why… ? Lots of reasons. One being, why not run a marathon that I haven’t done before. And lots of other junk that you don’t want to hear about. Since a few things changed in the last couple weeks I decided to see if I could switch. Luckily the team at TNT rock it and let me be a psycho and change my race. Thanks, guys! My new fundraising website will be up and running next week, and everything is exactly the same except I’ll be running one week later and I won’t be flying out to Cali but driving up to NY. Also another¬†my main reason for changing is rumor has it everyone drinks champagne and jumps in the lake post race. You know this girl can’t pass up post marathon bevies.

Miami – gotta LOVE margaritas in a plastic cup… at an Eagles game.

Myrtle Beach – one of many for two days following…

Chicago – Oops… this was actually before. Lesson Learned.

San Diego – let the party begin.

The High-Low of the Bi-Lo

love that number

Marathon number two done and feeling pretty good. Overall – I’m really, really happy with my time. PR is always good. But cutting about 40 mins off your last race time is even better. Especially when you weren’t fully trained, ate crappy food and gained weight over taper.

Like I’ve mentioned before I was a crazy person the past few weeks months. I’ve been dying to run another marathon since the second that I finished San Diego and it finally happened. I feel a little relief. I honestly think I was so nervous that maybe I wasn’t meant to run another one. With the injury and Philly not happening, again. How was I supposed to love this so much when I’ve only ever done one?

Anyway… off to Myrtle Beach on Friday at 4:00am. Nervous about flying, what I packed… the fact that I couldn’t have a pre-flight drink (not cool). Luckily it was the shortest flight ever and we were in SC by 8am. Just in time to have coffee on the beach.

crack is not good for your nerves

but the ocean always is

Not being able to drink at brunch didn’t help either (ok, starting to sound like an alcoholic). I think If I was more confident about my training and had another race or two under by belt I would have felt better about drinking a little bit the past few weeks and not have been so obsessive about everything. Hopefully – we’ll see what happens next time. Met up with Whit and Bill and hit up the expo. Definitely the smallest one that I’ve been to. Not too much going, but always stuff to buy of course.

where is it??

little baby expo

I headed right for the race bibs to pick mine up. There’s something¬†about seeing that bib, your name on it, your number – makes it so official. Here come the butterflies!! Even more so seeing my number. I looked it up online earlier and knew what it was but not realizing it had a 13 in it!! Good sign, I knew this was meant to be.

13 baby!

We did some walking around and found a restaurant to sit outside and have some beers (I wish!)… water for me and Whit. She had her race coming up in just a few hours. I think by that point we were all a little nervous and just ready to get everything kicked off. I was looking forward to just being at the start of the race in the morning and ready to go.

foam fountain

By Friday night I was a true crazy person. Tom can vouch for that… I’m pretty sure he was looking up flights just in case he needed to head home early. Doubting myself, my body, my training. Honestly wasn’t sure if I could do this, or even wanted to anymore. What is my problem sometimes I wonder??? So I said, Fuck it… here’s to Marathon number 2 – take it or leave it… let’s just do it.

And here’s also to trying to do my race and weekend recaps sooner next time. ūüôā

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike – 1 hour, JM (that’s right baby, sheeee’s back!)

Medals and Margaritas

Two of my most favorite things… both of which go very well together. I don’t know what it is about margaritas – probably the salt. They are my perfect post race drink. And whoever invented them (the Mexican’s apparently), rocks. I finally got a greeeeaat one too many to count¬†on Monday. The weather was awesome and we got to sit outside at Pier 14, right on the beach overlooking the ocean. I think I drank about 20 margs and ate enough salt to satisfy a camel – ? Do they like salt? Not sure but it sounds good.

tab numbero dos


Rewind to Saturday¬†after the race… it was time to¬†PARTY!¬†Whit was done with her race and placed, Brooke accomplished her first 5k. Bill and Wes both had PRs and awesome race experiences. I blew my time away and met my secret goal and Tom was finally done hearing me bitch and complain about being nervous (pretty sure he had the most to celebrate out of anyone). So of course we had a fun day of drinking ahead of us.

Nothing makes an ice bath better like a cup of coffee oh… AND a glass of champagne. Score to that. ¬†I can’t say no to champagne. This was waiting for me when I got back to the room… awesome!

so excited!

Ice bathed it up, drank a few celebratory drinks and finally got my slow, hurting, tired butt moving enough to get ready to head out. After a few glasses of champagne, some coronas we were all set!

once it hits your lips...

We decided to do a little bar-hopping at Broadway at¬†the Beach. Margaritaville was our first stop. For some nice refreshing drinks and food, of course. Starving by this point. I ate and tried to down my first drink on top of the 5 gallons of water I was drinking. Wasn’t feeling that great and didn’t know how I’d ever last and wondered what time would be acceptable to go to bed. My legs were killing me and I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open.

sunburnt blondes with drinks - hot?

not as good as it looks

Fast forward to¬†a few frozen drinks later and some tunes on the Jukebox at Fat Tuesdays¬†and we were good to go. Most of us, anyway ūüėČ

picking out songs

being weird

the group

Some more tequila,¬†more bars¬†and we had a pretty fun night…

hold on... to your... ?


¬†Which then turned into Sunday, lounging/drinking and then some… more pics to come!


BI-LO Marathon Myrtle Beach, 2012 – Recap

that's right!

Well to say the least I was very nervous and anxious about this one. After walking around a lot on Friday and not exactly eating the best Friday night. I was starting to freak out a little bit more. Before bed I was feeling some knee pain and my legs were just kind of tired overall. I thought ‘Oh well, there is nothing I can do about this now, and I can’t change anything I’ve done over the past few weeks so it’s take it or leave it, and just DO it’. I knew running this race would be the confidence booster that I need right now to get things back on track for me and have me feeling awesome again. But I knew it could go the other way as well. What if… I DNF’ed!!!? Or hurt myself further, or had to walk, or got a bad time?? All these things running through my head. Marathon’s are truly a ‘mental mind fuck’.

Waking up at 4:45am that morning, I felt some hip tightness, my piriformis hurt and my right foot felt a little off. I decided to skip the oatmeal since I ate so much the night before and just took a caffeinated Stinger. Got ready, and wondered if this was really happening right now. I had dreams the night before about going trail running with a bunch of spectators cheering me on. Hopefully that was a good sign. And I actually got a decent sleep (for me). It is what it is at this point… I needed to own up, pull myself together and do it!

own up

Ready… met up with Whit and Bill in the lobby and we were off to the start. Being goofy and skipping/jogging to the start (Bill was, not me).¬†I definitely was starting to feel the excitement building!

high five

¬†Perfect timing, just enough to do a little stretching, jump in our corrals (which there weren’t really any), and stand in line for the bathroom. Since this was a pretty small race they just had a few flags set up with pacing times and where everyone could start. Half and Full Marathoners¬†all started together. Walking around finding my spot I definitely felt proud to be wearing the Full Marathon, yellow bib. Waiting in line I was chatting with some tall dude probably in his late 50’s, who had run this race 47 times!! He was like “ya’ll¬†tryin to get a sub 4”. I said “we’ll see”. We told each other good luck and we were off.

ready or not

give blood - get to the front of the line

It’s definitely hard to hold back at the beginning of the race. Especially when starting with Half Marathoners¬†because everyone heads out really fast and you feel like you are going super slow. It’s all about pacing though and you have to remind yourself how far you have yet to go. I felt decent the first few miles, which worried me a little¬†bit since they normally are crap. I was pacing at 8:30ish, which was faster than I had planned. But I went with it. Looked for Whit and T-Lo at mile 1 but must have missed them. Too bad because I was about to pass off my camera since all my pics were coming out like this…

am i drunk already?

There were a few out and back parts of this run and the first one came up so I started looking for Bill. We passed each other ‘looking good Bill!!!’, gave a shout out, and kept going. Not really sure why I forgot to take a pic for him. It’s fun and also a little tough to see the other people coming back already. One more reminder… it’s YOUR race, no one elses.

you and the miles

The airport was around mile 6ish? (Bill, confirm). The sun was rising and had some great shots. Looking all around, could see runners ahead of me up at a turn. To my left the people at the front of the pack way ahead. Gorgeous views, running, pushing ahead – this is what it’s all about.

who's the dude on the bike?

I kept my I-pod off until around 7 miles, just so I could really enjoy the run and have something to look forward to later on. I felt really good, some knee and ITB pain creeping up around the 6/7’s, but that is typical and wasn’t anything to be alarmed about. Starting listening to some good tunes and mile 10 seemed to come up quick. I knew I’d be seeing W&T at mile 11 so I started looking out for them and planned to stop, stretch, say hi and drop off my camera. They were super psyched to see me and hear that I felt good, but thought I was weird¬†for stopping. I know if I stretch out sometimes or walk through water stops that I’ll run faster and more efficient when I start back up again so to me it is worth 30 seconds or so to stop if I’m gaining extra time and energy at the end. Either way I forgot to leave my camera anyway…

So I said bye¬†and after seeing Whit and T-Bizzle¬†at mile 11, I knew I had this race. I didn’t say anything about my time goal but at that point felt really good (despite¬†still having 15 miles to go), and knew I would most likely break 4 if I kept up my pace the way I was heading.¬†I was¬†also about to start¬†the ‘real’ part of the race. The –¬†‘true dirt, hardcore, grit, take it or leave it, love it/hate it, push your limits, feel the pain, sweat, every muscle you own, every thread of perseverance¬†you have, you against the miles’. Ok so I’m being a little dramatic, but I like the second half of the race better and when we split off from the Halfers I started to get really excited and feel the marathon love.

the split

just the marathoners now

I ended up not taking too many more pics at the end. I had a great time just enjoying the miles and the scenery. Surprisingly there were a decent amount of spectators after the half mark, which I wasn’t expecting. My one and only bathroom stop was around mile 16 I think. They had porto’s every few miles or so. Usually just one or two together. I didn’t feel like I had to go at all until then, which is nice because sometimes that can take a while, be annoying and waste time. The ones I picked were right on the beach, I ran in… no line, I even scored TP.

the sun is gonna rise

Running behind a legit Irish Goat for a while. Yes, that is actually how his race bib was registered. He was wearing the 5 fingered sneaks and running in a goat hat and silver race shorts. Makes me really want to do something creative one of these times. I asked him if I could take my pic with him. He smiled, and I’m sure thought I was a weirdo.

Right after the goat sighting, I was feeling really good and stepping it up. This was around 16/17. Then I noticed a runner collapsed, and a few others standing around him checking his pulse. Some people ran ahead and were waving down the EMT. Heard the ambulance sirens… and saw help on the way. 17.5 I decided there was no need to push it… I’d finish, and nothing is worth jeopardizing your health. Although ask me that question at mile 25 and I’ll tell you a different story. Later we did find out that the runner suffered from cardiac arrest and had to get rushed to the hospital… very serious and very scary.

Can’t even remember what mile this was but, Jake – I took this one for you, buddy!! Notice the Shoney’s in the background.

shoney's - don't ask

Miles 24/25 I was running with some Team in Training pacers. They were pacing for a 4:00 finish, but said they were ahead a little bit. I saw them throughout¬†most of the race, on and off. But it was nice and encouraging¬†to be finishing up the last few miles with them. One of the things that I love about marathons is that you meet a lot of people and can talk to random people along the way. I ran mile 22ish¬†with some dude, and we were saying how it’s just a training run from here on out. That’s all we had left… just a few more. I met a VA state trooper, who I kept seeing along the course as well and we shared a few stories. Although apparently people don’t really like to chat it up during the¬†end and I was getting some annoyed looks.

Mile 23 I saw a street sign and it was named ‘Wildwood Rd’ , I’d like to think of that as a little sign from Harv. Knew I could keep on going after that. My fav part of the race was towards the end on a little path, nice and shaded, breezy and perfect to push the limits. Lots of thinking done back here.

Rounding up the last mile, I think I crossed the 26 point and saw T-Bomb walking. Totally not seeing me or ready since I was way early. No energy to yell but luckily he turned around and was shocked to see me. I was like… ‘I KNOW! SUB 4, baby’, threw my sweaty camera to him and kept running. Then I saw Whit, Bill, Brooke and Wes. Bill’s voice was booming all the way into the chute. ‘Go, go, go!!!’. Amazing to have such awesome friends there supporting me. Having people cheer you on, especially at the end makes it all that much sweeter.

The part of the marathon that you think about on all your training runs and picture over and over again in your head has to be the end, the chute with all the spectators yelling your name. Seconds and feet from the finish, and crossing that line. I got the honor of rolling through the finish line with one of the wheelchair guys who I was talking with along the way. We told each other we were doing a great job and it was fun to cross the line with him. Booking it to the end, knowing I had time to spare hearing my name and the fact that I was doing a great job was an amazing feeling. THAT is what makes all the training worth it. THAT feeling crossing the finish line, finishing and knowing how much you rocked it! I wish I could harness that and feel that every morning when I woke up, or just every day.

my posture sucks

Either way… I finished up, got my medal and made my way over to the water. Saw Whit first and was so psyched that I had friends there with me at the end to enjoy! And we ALL had a lot to feel accomplished about.

I normally don’t like to do splits for a race because the Garm always seems to be off. But every time I passed the mile markers I got a ‘beep’ for a while. So I think this time it was fairly accurate.

26.39 – (per Garmin) 3:56:08 – 9:28, 8:49, 8:32, 8:34, 8:51, 8:46, 8:42, 9:42, 8:26, 8:45, 8:49, 9:15, 8:37, 8:40, 9:47, 10:15, 8:45, 8:41, 9:00, 8:46, 9:18, 8:47, 9:12, 9:11, 8:56, 8:29 – 7:56

26.2 Р(per 3:55:47 РSplittime1 Р57:12 Splittime2 Р1:56:37