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Memory Lane Monday – Traveling with the Fam

In honor of the great family weekend that we just had.

Hahaha… and I just love this picture. Only because I know how hung over and miserable I was. Although I look smashingly fresh! I rolled in to the rents at midnight the night before a 4am wakeup call. Preeeeaaaaaty sure I had to get driven home from a Happy Hour – yes that probably started at 5:30pm. So needless to say my plane ride down to the Dominican Republic was awesome. Thankfully they encourage all day drinking in the DR. Score.

WORKOUT – 1 hour elliptical, yoga

xo ALW


What’s Going On?

With this little girl? A LOT!! I haven’t been blogging lately for a lot of reasons. ONE – I’m over pretending and playing things up, and writing what I want to happen instead of what actually is happening and going on. I started this blog as a way to get my thoughts out and be completely honest – mostly with myself. It was a way to throw it all out there to myself and whoever else was bored enough at work to read it. I needed to talk about things yet I didn’t want to talk about them with anyone, so blogging was the best way to do that. Refreshing. Detoxifying my mind. But it slowly it stopped becoming that. It stopped being real and started becoming a facade of what or how I wanted things to be.

TWO – I’m starting and working on a new blog. Much cooler, much more exciting, creative, and with hopefully a lot better pictures and features. Coming January 2013! 

THREE – I’m not running. It’s getting to the point now that the anxiety without running is building and building so badly that I can’t even think about it. Having to talk about it all day at work is hard. And hearing other people’s running victories and training is really really hard (yeah I’m a jealous little bratt.) 4 months is not a long time but feels like forever and I would give anything right now to be able to go on any run. 26.2 is going to feel so fucking sweet the next time it comes. So I need to refocus myself, and concentrate on getting healthy and getting ready to refresh and hit it hard again when the next training season comes around.

Patience, progress, … conviction?

I’m finally at the place that I need to be. Realized, and admitted some things to myself that I’d been hiding for so long. And sometimes the hardest thing to do is admit something to yourself, especially if it’s a fault. I’m at the spot now, where I can look back with no regret, no remorse, no sadness, no bitter feelings and no wondering ‘why?’. But seeing my life for what it really was and is and will be. Looking forward into the new beginning of what lies ahead. A life that I’m actually living. Stripped away are all the blinders, and excuses and fear. And that’s a lot to be able to say… Free.

Memory Lane Monday – Booze Cruise

Haaaad to find this pic. Em and I were just reminiscing about this last weekend. So fun. Black and White party on a fishing boat, ha that is SeaIsle summer for you.

WORKOUT – 30min ellip, 30min bike

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Memory Lane Monday – DaddyO

Cute pic I found. Nothing changes… I think I still make that face all the time.

WORKOUT – ellip 30 mins, bike 30 mins, 1 mile (ouch!), yoga x2

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Memory Lane Monday – 9.29.73

Yeah I know it’s Tuesday. But I meant to post this yesterday. M&D’s Anniversary was this weekend. Along with Bev and Don’s Wedding. I’ll post on all of that later. But luckily these two crazy kids got together because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be gracing this world with my amazingness.



Who’s that bald guy with Mom?

WORKOUT – elliptical 30min, bike 1 hour, HOT yoga

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Memory Lane Monday – Honduras

So it was about this time last year that I was heading to Honduras. Fun, exciting little trip. And interesting to be at a club hanging out when only one other person who speaks English. Good to know that the ‘Cheers!’ gesture is universal.

WORKOUT – elliptical 1 hour, yoga

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Memory Lane Monday – The Original Corona

Yep – this is where it all started my friends. The original Loaded Corona. Kristen and I discovering the deadly little gems. Cheers to the week!

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Memory Lane Monday – So Patriotic

This was from July Fourth Weekend – 2005. Sea Isle shore house. I know we are way past the Fourth but with Labor Day coming up soon, why not celebrate our patriotism. Wearing red, white and blue and getting wasted. Doesn’t get anymore Ah’Mercan than that.

xo ALW

Memory Lane Monday – Happy Birthday Harv


8.6.74 – 11.30.10


Really that’s all I have to say. To anyone who knew Harv – that would be enough to explain it all. I found this pic pretty fitting. Harv on his 30th Birthday (I think?) in Joanne’s basement and Kehner was standing right next to him… (Joanne – I’m sure you can comfirm) and what is he doing, shot gunning a beer. And in serious concentration trying to get it right.

Col and I were just talking last weekend about how Harv taught us all how to shot gun beers ‘the right way’ down in our house in Sea Isle one year. Because apparently we were doing it wrong. Good thing that St. Joe’s degree went to something 😉

All amazing, super fun memories that I love to think about and talk about. I guess it’s true what they say things start to turn from sickening sad memories to happy, make you feel good inside memories. 🙂

Happy Birthday Harv – PARTY! on.

xo ALW

Memory Lane Monday – Get Your Ass Motivated

It’s amazing how much better you feel after a workout!! Wow, how I have missed this. 5 weeks is a really really long time (ok, not really but it seems like it). My Monday morn couldn’t have started off better. Monday’s are tough to begin with and when the alarm clock went off at 6:30am I contemplated snoozing and just sleeping in, but my better judgement (old Ape – she’s a drill sergeant bitch when it comes to getting up early to work out) told me not to. Thank God for her making a comeback more long-awaited then Britney’s. Hopefully mine just turns out better. SO – off to the gym which I haven’t seen in forever. And busted my ass on the stairclimber for an hour. Oh sweat… how I missed you. Weights, stretches, Advil, ice and I’m feeling pretty good. Running is still a while away but for now I’m concentrating on getting back into a workout schedule slowly and with no pain and looking at September as my ‘start to run’ date.

So I really didn’t have a great pic to go along with this. I was even at my parent’s house this weekend and could have scored some funny kid ones but I was too sleepy and hungover to do anything. But found this cleaning out my paperwork… and kinda funny because I had to cut out the topless lady in the back.

Punta Cana 2006

WORKOUT – stairclimber (intervals – per Carl’s suggestion) 1 hour , weights, stretches, yoga class (hopefully later)

xo ALW