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Obsessions for Spring

I’ve been slacking in blogging, life, running and all things in general. So did we really think I was going to get my ‘obsession’ post out on time this month. Kinda hard to think of lots of things that I love lately since I seem to be not liking much. But here goes… things I LOVE now…

1.Katie is back!!  2.and carrying all of my “essentials”  3.Katie’s new BFF?  4.Spring weather in March  5.running with TNT again and running for a REASON – please donate!!, thanks!  6.lots of mountains weekends  7.buying my 30th birthday present  8.THIS  9.THIS  10.and maybe THIS  11.logging a ton of miles  12.finally starting to feel good again  13.pooooooltime  14.which means brunchtime  15.Sunday Fundays again  16.Monday hangovers again (… I’ll take it)  17.runningrunningrunning  18.blisters  19.getting tan (spray and with screen of course)  20.bikini ready hopefully yes!


Red Hot Love

Haven’t done a ‘things I’m obsessed with this month’ post in a while. And what better time to talk about love then February. I’ve always loved Valentine’s day… I’m not even really sure why. Who doesn’t love, roses, pink and red, and chocolate? Maybe that’s why. Anyway… here are some things I love lately…

1.New Nike rain jacket  2.VS lipgloss in ‘Slice of Heaven’  3.Trail running  4.Looking forward, being nervous, anxious, scared, excited for another marathon!!!  5.Planning an upcoming vacay (done and done… and who would have thought, Vegas.  6.Planning my 30th B-day extravaganza  7.More blonde  8.THIS song  9.and THIS song  10.Enjoying one glass of wine, instead of downing a whole bottle 11.Tiff’s key necklaces  12.V-day (of course!) 13.Learning about the heart  14.This day in February 15.Red nails, red lips  16.Flannel shirts – especially when they are not my own  17.Kale  18.Chocolate covered espresso beans  19.Chocolate covered anything  20.Life (had to throw that one in there again for good measure – it’s been a while)

Things to LOVE for the New Year

Here are some things to love and look forward to in the New Year.

1. THIS!!  2. Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale  3. being able to run again  4. A.R.T.  5. Travel, travel, travel  6.My 30th Birthday!!!  7.getting back in crazy shape… finally!  8. Colton Jacobson – yea he’s a little Justin Beiber-ish but his voice freaking rocks and I’m jealous  9. being able to wear ear buds again in six months  10. another summer coming up soon!  11.eating healthy again and doing ‘serious’ training  12.more marathons  13.more goals  14. more fun stuff…  15.hopefully a lot of good PRs  16. an injury free running year (here’s to hoping… it would be my first one)  17.logging every mile in 2012  18. mountains, shore, pool  19. more of these guys  20. new year, new me!!

And most importantly…. a lot more of this…. smiling and enjoying life



Obsessions for the Fall

This post is a little late in the month, usually I do it early and yes it’s crappy because I don’t have a good picture. Notice there haven’t really been a lot of those lately!? Wow, I am slacking. Here’s the best I could do… playing with my new Jake’s old Iphone and all the cool camera settings.

need highlights

1.The Weather  2.New colors for fall (lipstick, purses, clothes – all the fun stuff)  3.No more humidity  4.Going to the Zoo (anyone want to come with me!!?)  5.This Bag  6.This new place for coffee  7.Spinach  8.Bananas  9.Working – What!!!? Who said THAT?  10.Switching up my SB order and trying new things (ie. tea)  11.The Oatmeal  12.Anything pumpkin  13.Dressing up for Halloween (pic to come later)  14.Tea (ok, not so much but I am trying)  15.Going to CABO in a few days!! 16.Purple – new fav color  17.Yoga  18.Meeting up with friends for coffee in the park  19.Yoga – obsession to replace running!  20.Closing in on a hard year and looking forward to the new…

No Phone No Lights No Motorcar


Yes, it’s true… say goodbye to all electronics!! Not forever, just for the weekend – which will seem like forever. No PHONE No COMPUTER No TV No – Coffeeeeee. Ok, so there will be coffee but no Elixr or SB. And I’m really not going to miss TV, since I don’t watch it much (besides at the gym)… I went a month without even having one hooked up, so I think I’m good there. But officially giving up the cell phone is going to be weird. I don’t think I’ve gone without a phone since… January ’09, which is a little ridiculous. Not sure why I see the need to have it with me on vacation, in Mexico or wherever. Really no need for international calling plans besides being addicted to texting, FB, email and now Twitter – that’s just not a good enough excuse.

Heading up the Mountains this weekend and thought I’d try to officially de-stress and also make Mom happy so she doesn’t have to yell at me for being on my phone 24/7. It’s also safer as to not drop it in the lake, camp fire or drunk dial 😉

So let’s do it up Gilligan style! And see how this goes… and in the meantime get excited.

Mountains kinda ‘Weekend’

What Happens at the Lake Stays at the Lake