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Bev and Don’s Wedding

I figured I better write about this before Bev and Don were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Well I HAD to post about this since Bev is one of the three other people who read my blog (myself included). Short and sweet since it’s been almost a month already and I am forgetting all the little deets. Saturday September 29th was the big day! Her and Don tied the knot in a romantic beach setting in DE.

Most of the crew heading to the tax-free state on Friday and got all set up. Ralph had work to do and I had gym to do so he and I hit up the road on Saturday morning. Two people who have major road rage should not be driving in the same car together. I majorly needed a coffee about 2 hours in and RW was ready for a road soda so I was stalking out an Sbux. Unfortch I wasn’t paying attention to my speed – as little lady Lex is a pretty smooth ride. So… yep, pulled over. But since I’m cute, even with Dad in the car I got my charge reduced. From 20 miles over down to 5. Much better. Moving on. We got there just in time to catch up with everyone and let the party begin.

RW yelling about how I put his life at risk.

The Bride and Bridesmaids, dolled up!

Getting ready, drinking beer, steaming our clothes. You know… the usch pre-wedding rituals. Tailgating before we headed to the beach.

Ralph whispering sweet nothings into Nac’s ear. Classic. Hot baseball hat BTW and totally wedding appropriate.

Here they come! I think this is about the time when the rings got lost? Not really sure what happened there. But was well-played off.

And the festivities began…

Three musketeers.

Classic Bev. And Mom drinking her 10th glass of wine. 😉 JK who was counting?

Ralph being summoned onto the dance floor by name to ‘perform’. Always the center of attention.

3am, the kids went to bed and I’m pretty sure all the parents were up still drinking. Now you know where we learned it from.


WORKOUT – 30 min elliptical, yoga

xo ALW


6 Inches

Heels that is…

Pulled muscles. Dressing up. Drinking. Not all good things for recovery and healing. But whatever it was a fun night. And I think I really needed a night out.

No running for at least two weeks. Ape’s orders. I’m taking off so that when I start back up again I can hopefully really pick it up and feel good. Right now though my main goal is to just be able to walk without pain. Hopefully that doesn’t take too long because I was actually late to class today since it took me forever to hobble there.



Enough said…

WORKOUT – JM, 6 miles (yesterday)

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Remember this guy!? Can’t believe it’s been a month already and it’s time to head out West. I’m still in the process of working on my ‘new attitude’ at life and having a more positive outlook on my goals. I know when I get back it’s going to be back to the grind and time to get super serious about training again and getting my body ready for San Diego and maybe a few halfs coming up in between then. Oh yeah, and bathing suit season. But I am ready for an amazing spring and summer. Turning 30. Time to PARTY! I’ll be sure to have a full recap when I get back… or not. 😉

Medals and Margaritas

Two of my most favorite things… both of which go very well together. I don’t know what it is about margaritas – probably the salt. They are my perfect post race drink. And whoever invented them (the Mexican’s apparently), rocks. I finally got a greeeeaat one too many to count on Monday. The weather was awesome and we got to sit outside at Pier 14, right on the beach overlooking the ocean. I think I drank about 20 margs and ate enough salt to satisfy a camel – ? Do they like salt? Not sure but it sounds good.

tab numbero dos


Rewind to Saturday after the race… it was time to PARTY! Whit was done with her race and placed, Brooke accomplished her first 5k. Bill and Wes both had PRs and awesome race experiences. I blew my time away and met my secret goal and Tom was finally done hearing me bitch and complain about being nervous (pretty sure he had the most to celebrate out of anyone). So of course we had a fun day of drinking ahead of us.

Nothing makes an ice bath better like a cup of coffee oh… AND a glass of champagne. Score to that.  I can’t say no to champagne. This was waiting for me when I got back to the room… awesome!

so excited!

Ice bathed it up, drank a few celebratory drinks and finally got my slow, hurting, tired butt moving enough to get ready to head out. After a few glasses of champagne, some coronas we were all set!

once it hits your lips...

We decided to do a little bar-hopping at Broadway at the Beach. Margaritaville was our first stop. For some nice refreshing drinks and food, of course. Starving by this point. I ate and tried to down my first drink on top of the 5 gallons of water I was drinking. Wasn’t feeling that great and didn’t know how I’d ever last and wondered what time would be acceptable to go to bed. My legs were killing me and I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open.

sunburnt blondes with drinks - hot?

not as good as it looks

Fast forward to a few frozen drinks later and some tunes on the Jukebox at Fat Tuesdays and we were good to go. Most of us, anyway 😉

picking out songs

being weird

the group

Some more tequila, more bars and we had a pretty fun night…

hold on... to your... ?


 Which then turned into Sunday, lounging/drinking and then some… more pics to come!


Groundhog Says…

Go to VEGAS!! Ok. He’s apparently always right. 6 more weeks of winter, what does that mean? Plan a little vacation. Last year I went to Mexico with Whit and Em for what we liked to call the first annual “Girl’s Gone Wild Weekend” (GGWWI). And no it wasn’t crazy… we basically just laid on the beach, drank a lot and hung out in the sun. Glorious and much needed in January. Well, this year it’s a different group, but I wanted to keep the tradition going so Lor and I decided to hit up Vegas. Why!? Um, why NOT!? SO psyched!

Cabo Wabo


Cabo was amazing!! (even though its been two weeks already since I got back, anyway). I love it there… almost as much as SD. The weather was absolutely perfect, it’s gorgeous and fun, of course. The resort that we stayed at was ridiculous. SO nice… great pool, service, style. I would go back there 100%. Cabo Azul Resort and Spa – check it! One of the best things was the little bubbles in the middle of the pool that you could lay on all day… great hangover cure. Especially after drinking 2 for 1 margaritas all day. I was surprised too because I thought not being on an all inclusive resort we would spend a ton of money. Drinks, water, and shrimp tacos can really add up. But it ended up being not a lot at all at the end of the weekend. Probably would have spent more if I had stayed in Philly. So since it’s been a while after the fact, here’s a quick re-cap with lots of pictures. They are more fun then listening to me babble on about nothing anyway. Here is the resort…  

After a long trip – cab, train, flights and such we finally made it down on Thursday afternoon. Party and wedding festivities began! There’s something special about the first night of vacation too, extra exciting and fun. And you always feel really good… before you start drinking and eating and not working out, like it’s your job!

airport pic

grapefruit juice for breakfast

almost there

Now looking back the weekend really did fly by. There was so much going on and so much to do in a short time. We did get the opportunity to head out in town and check out some places, Thursday and Friday night.

me and B

enough said

the pink kitty

And yes… this was this dude’s job. He got to drink while he worked too (I asked).

we love corona

the girls

The wedding was of course perfect… in B style. And everyone kept saying what an awesome time they had! I really can’t wait to go back!! Reunion anyone??

mr and mrs

Pool pic

look familiar?

Phillies Phever

more marketing

Love these Visit Philly signs!! Mostly because they always have to do with fun things. Let’s hear it for the Phillies… and everyone watching the game at the Field House – all weekend and beyond…

Dear Philly,

Please treat me well and help me to make money so that I can afford a new I-phone that doesn’t take crap pictures.

With Love,

April XOXO

Don’t Puke in Your Burberry

blurry - like our vision is about to become

This somehow seemed to be the theme for the weekend… and was funny in the beginning but not so much by Sunday night. And I’m NOT going to go into details on this one. But maybe there are a few 30 year olds around here that are still learning to hold their own again. And let’s give a little credit – I did have about a year off from drinking.

Saturday into Sunday and Sunday Funday causes for a lazy day Monday and a lot of issues. I can however say that I had an absolute blast this weekend. Great friends, drinks, food. Del Frisco’s on Sunday – most delicious burger ever plus a few pineapple VIP drinks which should be called pineapple blackouts. Maybe they need to change the name.

Much better day for me today… but this pretty much sums up the weekend. And, it’s Tuesday already. 🙂


30 Years of Lori

That sounds like a lot to handle. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L for putting up with raising such an amazing daughter. This girl has the best outlook on life and the biggest smile that you could possibly imagine. Yes, bigger then mine even… remember THIS!? . Can’t go out with this chick and not have a good time, no matter what you are doing. You want to laugh…? Hang out with Lori (but buy her a few shots first though).

big smile

So Saturday’s debauchery started off in Manayunk with a shot of Patron Cafe at the Manayunk Tavern. I gave Lori her ‘Burberry’ gift and we were on our way to party!! Sitting outside Devon is one of my fav places… especially when you spot Shane Victorino getting out of his car! He must have not seen us since we are usually BFFs, and was on his way – but that was the first excitement of the night.

excellent!! but doesn't soak up the alcohol very well

Can’t beat free Birthday shots either! And also necessary when you have to wait in line to get into the next bar. Ladder, Black Sheep…. partying, dancing, much more drinking. All in all a great night! And I’m pretty sure Lor lived up to her 30 experienced years of partying. Only to welcome in the next new era. Which I am very much looking forward to!! I did lose count by the end of the night but by the way we are all acting you’d think we would have done about 30 shots for 30 years.

cheers! again…
WORKOUT – stretches, 65min elliptical, yoga