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Teach ’em Young

he knows where it's at

My little nephew… he knows what’s up! I was so lucky this week to get a lot of family and friend visits in. Missed everyone so much. And when I say that I say it as if I’ve been away… which I guess I have, but mostly I’ve been MIA and doing who knows what. I’m feeling much better lately though and getting back in the groove with a lot of things, so I expect the start of this year to go off well.

So since I’ve been slacking, I wrote this post on Friday and am just getting around to finishing it up and posting it. I had a decent run on Friday too. Set out to run 8 miles (that’s what I told myself). I left the house in a hurry and didn’t bring gloves so my hands were freezing, and then my GPS wasn’t ‘locating satellites’ which is really irritating. Then my i-pod died at .63 miles, so I thought “ok, I’m only running 6 now, no music, really?”. But… things were going pretty well, still feeling really heavy and slow, however… no one was out along the trail and it was actually really nice and peaceful along the river with no music. So I ran out to boathouse row and turned around at mile 4. Good stuff! Still a lot of knee pain but hopefully that is all going to get figured out next week.

And the best part of the day is going to the Wrap Shack with J, K, and Alex. Nothing better than refueling with a portabella mushroom wrap and a delicious IPA.

WORKOUT -(Friday) JM, 8 miles


Coffee and Company

finally K!

Since it’s been absolutely gorgeous weather!!! And since I can’t get outside to run 😦 what is there to do?? Go get coffee with friends! Or by yourself sometimes… that’s ok too. Wednesday Katya and I finally got to catch up. So nice to walk around the park on a beautiful day with SB and fun things to talk about. It’ so hard to keep in touch with everyone since people have such busy lives, but even just the little things make a big difference. You don’t have to plan a huge night out but meeting for just a few minutes for a hug, coffee and chatty chat is all ya need. Usually random meetings end up working out better anyway. So we had a great time! I think I could sit in the square all day and people watch. If I can’t start running soon and thinking of things to post about I just might have to do that for ideas!

But lately I have been doing a little cheating! :0 on SB that is. There are soooo many cute, fun little coffee shops around and I love trying new ones all the time. I found a great new place, Pure Fare. I walk by all the time and finally got to go in. Super healthy locally grown foods. Great coffee, vegan, gluten-free, fresh… all that good stuff. Plus they have a huge picnic bench inside with swinging chairs. How do you not love that? I did some homework while I was in there, which consisted of reading my chem lab while trying to talk to this yoga instructor about going back to school. Needless to say I didn’t get much done. BUT I did have an awesome lemon poppy-seed muffin, and coffee!

looks like fall

WORKOUT – fusion (kicks my butt… need to do this more often), and of course ITB stretches (yes, JE – I actually DO stretch!!)

Phillies Phever

more marketing

Love these Visit Philly signs!! Mostly because they always have to do with fun things. Let’s hear it for the Phillies… and everyone watching the game at the Field House – all weekend and beyond…

Dear Philly,

Please treat me well and help me to make money so that I can afford a new I-phone that doesn’t take crap pictures.

With Love,

April XOXO

Mojito Madness

the 'funny' check

You know you have a fun Sunday when you spend $114 on Mojitos. This is after drinking 2 pitchers of Mango margaritas, and a shot of tequila (because we couldn’t ‘taste’ the alcohol in the margs). Well, we all had good excuses! Actually there is no need for an excuse to drink on Sunday. It’s still the weekend, so I really see no idea why not! Started off with B’s Bachelorette Brunch in AC – which I’ll talk about later. Although I was waaaay too googly eyed over all food to take many pictures, instead I ate about 12 plates worth of the buffet. After I got home I headed to Mixto with a few friends and it ended up being a great group of random friends who really all hit it off well!!

not patron - but darn good!!

I used to HATE Sundays. Hate, hate, hate them… even though it was a day off, I’d usually rather it be a Monday night then a Sunday night. Something about the anxiety of the beginning week and preparing to start it all over. Wow – the stuff I used to worry about!!? Apparently though this is a common thing. Everyone gets stressed about the week and what they have to do at work and getting back to reality after two days off. I think also, that by the time you settle in and relax after working a long stressful week, Sunday you finally de-stress and then you have to prep for the coming week again already. Whoever designed working 5 days and only having off for two, is dumb.

mango margs

Anyway, Sunday anxiety is not cool. H and I used to food shop on Sundays and then lay around all day watching football (even though I voted for Reality TV). But still this was always fun and enjoyable with the one that you love – obv. Of course after he was gone I had a really, really, really hard time getting through this dreaded day every week. But now I am starting to learn to embrace it more. One – yes I don’t have a Monday through Friday 9-5er that I have to stress about. But… two – I try to enjoy the whole day! There are always long group runs and food and drinks afterward to look forward to! Meeting up for BRUNCH (by far the best Sunday activity – only if it comes with alcohol, which in most cases it does). Going out with friends and getting to meet tons of new friends! It seems the last few Sunday’s have been a great mix of fun and people, and it’s awesome getting to meet so many new friends who all come out for the same beloved gathering. The Sunday Funday – going out to some bars, usually early… getting together with friends and meeting new ones, drinking a little or maybe a lot, forgetting about the next day and the workweek and enjoying the rest of your weekend. Drinking off your hangover, maybe even making a few bad decisions…

oh – did you think there would be any pictures of ‘bad decisions’ ??

Well, I thank all my new, old and future friends for SF Days. Love them. And they have made my Sundays much more enjoyable. I look forward to more..

WORKOUT – weights