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1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon 2012 – Recap

Get ready for a lot of bitching. I saw this one coming from miles away… actually about 3.1 miles away. That’s when it hit. My hip tightened up unbearably and my groin was officially pulled. Only 3 miles into the race. W – T – F … was I going to do? This had all the fixings to be an awesome race experience. Costumes, casual run, small race, early morning, great course… just a fun atmosphere.

3:30 am wake up. Iced my plantar fascia which was randomly hurting. I thought I rolled out my legs pretty good. Groin still hurt pretty bad from last weekend and I still haven’t really been able to stand on one foot, or walk comfortably with it. So yeah why would I think running would be comfortable?

Super psyched once I got dressed and geared up, headed to my car and was off. Met up with Carl, John and Becca at the Acme on Roosevelt so we could all drive over and park together. I had to pee/go to the bathroom one more time TMI. Running into Acme dressed like this at 6:30am – everyone stares. First off – who is shopping that early on a Saturday morning?

Carl and I were like celebs, everyone was clicking pictures of us and asking if they could pose with us. Sure why not, it’s not every day that I get to feel like a celeb.

A little late on time but we were off…

Definitely felt funny running at first in a costume but it was fun! The path was really small so kinda impossible to pass people. Carl took off and I could not help but laughing as I saw his hot yellow ass and hat snaking his way through the crowd.

Mile 1 is where my hip and groin really started hurting and tightening up. By mile 3, ALL my hip flexors tightened and it was getting physically hard to swing my leg out. It felt like my left leg was moving and my right wasn’t doing anything. Like it didn’t get the Memo that we were running a Half Marathon today. Pain started to set in and I knew I was fucked. Barely a quarter of the way in, wondering what I should do and thinking there was no way I was going to finish this.

At the turn around point it seemed like there were still a lot of people behind me. I ran around a post and then ran back, crossing all the people who were behind me. Some guy shouted out that he wanted to marry me. I was like ‘get in line, buddy’, haha jk. I’m not that quick – didn’t think of that one until later. Instead I asked him if he was a chiropractor.

After the 6 something mark it was some running through a grass field and then through the woods. Seriously great course and some definite trail running in there. Which I was not expecting but was happy to slow down even more. Some dude who was behind me said I was pacing really well because he had been following me. I told him that I was 5 days out of another half and in excruciating pain. Oh well… at least that made me feel better. Pretty soon he took off though and I kept getting further and further back.

By this time, I didn’t care about my time, I didn’t care about anything I just wanted to be done and I wanted the pain to go away. DNF, DNF, DNF – played over and over again in my head. What if I just walked the rest? No, because that would take longer and I just want this to be over with. I yelled out ‘F*ck’ a few times, but that never really helps.

My Garmin hadn’t been working for a while which was probably better because seeing 12min per mile on there would have made things even worse I’m sure. But I cursed the Garm too – what is the point of having one if you can’t run in the woods with it.

Closer to the end, just being irritated and sooooo slow I was actually looking through my camera at the pictures of LP last weekend. What I would give to be back there at this point.

This bitch is never going to be over and I’m going to die on this course. And look like an ass in a St. Paulie Girl outfit. WTF – I was supposed to be cute and fast not just cute. And at this point I wasn’t even cute I was pissed off. And then some of the people who started passing me were talking about trying to break 2:00 – uugh. I could have smoked past these girls about 5 miles ago.

THEN the real annoying part is when people start saying ‘come on, you can do it… just a little bit more’. I wanted to scream “I’m NOT tired, I’m F*cking Injured!!!”

Disclaimer: first of all – any running that you do is amazing! I applaud people for getting out there, running and especially running endurance events. Not everyone can run Half Marathons or even attempt to try and it’s not an easy task. PR’s are just that – Personal Records. So 2 hours for one person is different for someone else. Please do not take this the wrong way when I’m saying I got a bad time or didn’t do well – this strictly means for ME personally.

Moving on. I saw the golf cart where they haul people off the course I think around mile 9 and contemplating asking them to take me back. Again – DNF, DNF …. just didn’t want it. I can do this, I can get through… and I have two weeks off and some recovery time to look forward to. I’ve finally reached my point of ‘April, you’re and idiot why do you keep doing this to yourself’. I’m a runner, I can’t help it.

Mile 11 I think I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel – literally. Two more, two more, two MF-ers more to go.

Ah – I saw the finish line. Looked over at some old dude and I bitched about my hip to him and said I’d been limping since mile 3. He said his gave out at mile 8! We high-fived for finishing and ran across the finish line. Then bitched some more and traded plans of recovery, doctor’s visits and worries about how we are going to heal quick enough for our next race. Ah – so runners don’t get smarter as they get older… they just push their limits even more. Good times.

At least I had a smile coming through the end?? Yeah thank God it was over.


How do you say ‘F*ck This’ in German?

Yeah this pretty much sums up my race today…

Hands down worst race ever and possibly one of the worst runs ever. Besides when I broke my ankle but it’s close in the running. I kinda saw this coming. Getting through Lake Placid was a tough time with a pulled groin/hip flexors – whatever the hell it is. And not being able to stand on one foot when I put my pants on was a good indication that I shouldn’t be running. BUT – I had to run in LP of course and I did a decent job considering. Today – different story. I’ll get into it in my race recap which will pretty much be me complaining and hating the world for 13.1 miles. My fault totally for even pushing myself through it. Could have been worse too I guess. Although it’s my worst race time EVER – everyone needs a PW and a bad race at some point because then it’s all the more vengence when you come back – watch the F*ck out WW Half. I need to redeem!! Anyway… I haven’t had to literally hold back tears while running since I broke my ankle in 2006, when a little piece of the bone tore off. Almost tears today because it hurt so bad. I hated my hip, I hated myself, I hated everyone around me and I even hated running a little bit. Let me take a day to cool off until I post a full recap so that I don’t have to bleep out every other word. It’s definitely a shame because this could have been a really fun run. Carl and I were basically celebs when we got there and people were taking pics of us. The course was awesome and I totally could have crushed it and really enjoyed. And the super fun day that I had planned today – amazing 13.1 miles, pool time with my friend, Aiden, celebrating blah blah. I’m now sitting at home on a bag of frozen peas and drowning in my sorrows.

One good thing about today – some flights booked! That’s right… get ready for some travel stuff coming up soon. Sleep tight kids… I’m off to sleeping pill and Advil land.

Guten Tag, Runners

‘Good Day’ Runners. ie – ‘Hey crazy people who love to do this so much that they’ll spend ridiculous amounts of money getting a costume shipped in time for a race and running in summer heat in wool and felt. Yep… that’s us.

When I signed up for the 1/2 Sauer Kraut Marathon Half, I didn’t realize I’d be running it in less than a week after LP. I was thinking race day – Sunday to Sunday. But this little guy is on Saturday so that means… Yep, just 5 days in between to recover. And recovery I need! Need some serious back cracking and ART done. Seriously need to marry a chiropractor. We can discuss this later.

Anyway… went to pick up Carl and my race packets for the race tomorrow at the German Club in the Northeast. Almost as big of a race expo as LP! Ha, jk. There really wasn’t supposed to be one. Just another one of the good things about small races. I am loving them. There’s only about 800 people running this and they said last year not a lot of people dressed up. YAY! That means we will be the center of attention. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty psyched about that. Also that means an almost guarantee award. Another score.

Now there’s just one problem… I need to get through this and actually be able to run! Still kinda hurting from last week. My hip abductors are super tight and groin and all that fun stuff. I’m going to Stick it tonight and take some Advil and hope for the best.

Race stuff, ready. Body Glide will be number one on the list in the morning. I’m gonna have to bathe in it via Old School – KY Wrestling sytle. Ruffley sleeves and tons of seams aren’t really good for non-chaffing.

Nice little dinner with my BFF, Kale. Wish that Fixed Gear glass had a real Fixed Gear Ale in it though. But apparently there will be plenty of beer tomorrow. Gotta love when they give you a beer and food ticket with your race packet. Score another one…

Lake Placid Marathon and Half 1/2 Marathon 2012 – Recap

1164 – yes that’s right NO ’13’ in there anywhere. No matter how you look at it – but thanks Mom for trying. Anyway, overall it was a good race. Could have been better but isn’t that always the case? Alarm off 6:00 am – always nice to be able to walk to the start line. And I had all my stuff ready to go the night before.

I felt good when I woke up. Ready to just get started and go, and also ready to just be done. That’s the thing about Halfs – I think I want them to just be over with instead of enjoying the run. But let’s complain about that some more at another time. Ate my shotblocks and drank some water – mistake number one (too much water in the morn and shouldn’t have done the blocks). Didn’t need them and would have been fine with just a shot (one of these – not Patron) like I’m sure you were thinking. We met the rest of the TNT group in the lobby and were on our way.

Mom ready for her cheerleading session.

Small races are good too because there isn’t too much commotion before hand.

The starting line was hard to find considering there really wasn’t much of one. Sort of weird not to have an overhead arch to go under. Right at the front (love not having any corrals). And right behind some dude who looked like a young version of Ryan Hall. Pretty sure he’ll be in the Olympics someday because I think he ended up winning the overall marathon with a 2:00something time. Yeah – sick. Everyone is looking for the start… where is it?

Oh ok, there is it…

Anyway, I met Katie while we were waiting for the start. She was the second person of the weekend to give me the same advice and some damn good stuff. She said she first qualified for Boston in her 40’s and has run about 22 marathons. Suggestions that I should be doing – run because you love it and run the distance because that’s what you love to do. Ok – so basically all this BS about speedwork doesn’t do much? All she does is run – distance – 20mile long runs on the weekends (my fav) – eats well and only runs FULLS. Oh yeah and she’s had sub 3:00 Marathons. Flash forward to what I hope is my life when I’m her age in about 20ish years. Love her. Anyway… we were both talking about how we like running 26.2’s better then 13.1’s and how no one really understands why and she’s tried explaining it a million times as well. National anthem – the woman who won Iron Man last year started it off, and we were ready to roll.

The course started off up hill and everyone took off! I tried to hold back because I wanted to be careful of my pacing knowing there was a MoFo of a hill at the end. Not listening to my self and running faster than I should have been – mistake number two. The first 4 miles were one  pretty aggressive gradual hill, then things leveled off a bit and then it was rolling hills from there on out.

Running with dudes… too fast.

I was clocking in 7:20ish miles, up hill for the first 5-6 miles. At this point… I knew better. Way ahead of myself.

I settled in at about 8:00 pace, and held steady with that. Running past some nice scenery, the Olympic ski jumps in the background at all times. Through the pine forest – which smelled amazing. But I’m almost positive I heard a rattle snake. Note to self – don’t pee in the woods no matter how bad you have to go.

There were water stops at every mile and I hit up quite a few of them – mistake number three. I really didn’t need any water and would have been fine stopping at maybe ONE. I ran with these dudes for a while who were prob about 20yrs old and we talked about what we were going to eat afterwards.

And this dude was saying how it was so hard not to go faster once you see people coming back around after the turnaround point. True story. The Marathoners and Halfers were starting to come back around after the out and back part. 

Mile 9 the turnaround – bam. WTF did I do to myself by running so fast at first. I had taken a shot (again not Patron) an hour in and now that was sloshing around in my stomach with all the water. Mistake – number four – I don’t need an energy on a 13 mile run especially when I’ve never taken one before and just decided to do it because. I was burping up Mocha the whole rest of the way. I love coffee… I love chocolate, but not THAT much.

At this point I had to pee, SO bad and was looking for every little spot to pull off. Oh yeah, rattle snakes and the fact that we were on an out and back point so would have given everyone a show. I decided to hold it and just wait til the finish, mistake number – 2,345. Lots of lessons learned here. So the ‘real’ hills started at about then also. The young chick that was running with the 20 year olds looked over and was like ‘ yeah this isn’t fun anymore ‘ agreed.

By the time I got to mile 12 it felt like I was running at a 30min per mile pace. And I’m not kidding when I say the last mile is the biggest switchback hill you’ve ever seen in your life. At that point I could hear Carl’s voice yelling ‘come one you can do this, remember you’re bootie shorts!!’ Me – ‘shut the F up I don’t even care at this point!!’ All I wanted to do was make it up the hill without walking and finish up. Guy with beard next to me must have heard me say/think that because he said ‘Come on you can do this – less than a mile and we are almost there’.

Peak of the hill was the breakaway for the Marathoners. Good luck to them for having to do that twice! The last of the hills, but also the worst…

I spotted Mom at the top of the hill which helped and started seeing signs of ‘in memory of’ and ‘in honor of’ and then all the pain goes away because you remember why you are really there.

Finally hit the track and made my way around. This pic pretty much sums up how I felt at that point. Blurry…

Found Mom right away, grabbed my metal and ran right to the bathrooms. Peed, water, compression socks – glorious. And there’s nothing better than taking your ice-bath in the lake afterwards. Gorgeous, clear water and sand never felt better.

After running I think I realized that my hip and or groin was pulled. Which actually happened at TRX last week so it’s been a while since I’ve been able to stand on one foot. Running 13.1 with killer hills did me in with that. Tough time putting my shoes back on after the dip in the lake but as I was doing it I looked right down at a 4 leave clover! Sign and or congratulations that I needed.

Lake Placid Half Marathon – Stats (Half Marathon #4)

Lake Placid Marathon

Half Marathon – Lake Placid, New York


Stats – BIB #1164

169  Overall

14/240 (AG) F3039

Chip Time – 1:48:33  Pace – 8:17 Guntime – 1:48:35

No PR in LP

Ready to go! I have most of my stuff packed. Which – you know me… means throwing some junk in a bag and hoping I have everything. Got all my race gear though.

Representing with the purple and orange! I’m getting excited to see Lake Placid, and run through it of course. This morning I woke up and first thing I thought of was “would I be able to switch over to the Full still??” Crazy talk. But I’m wondering if it’s possible. I’m glad I’m doing this, and the real reason for running is raising the money which I did and that’s the most important part !! As well as raising awareness. Which I’m trying to do. However there is just not as much meaning in the Half, and yes I’m a little dissapointed at myself for dropping down. But at the time everyone was scaring me about injuries and this and that. And I do have to keep in mind… long term goals ie.Phila Marathon, AND if training goes well possibly piggy-backing another one on top of that. And next year I’ll promise to run a FULL for Harv – with TNT and increase my fundraising each year. Most important over $7,000 total raised and that’s what REALLY matters!

So my thoughts on the race. Felt good on my run today. However I never like to go into these with expectations even though I have some thoughts in the back of my mind. Going in as a fun run (not a race), having a good time with it and just being glad to be out there is what it’s all about. And then when you PR it makes it all that much sweeter because you weren’t expecting it! So no presh for me, just running for the reason. Can’t wait! And extra excited to have my Mom there watching and waiting for me at the end. Mom – don’t cry when you see me running through the finish line with my ‘in memory of’ T-shirt on.

WORKOUT – yoga class, 7 miles

I Beat Out Some Bitches

So…. there was some discrepancy with the DE Half Marathon Race results. Meaning – I couldn’t tell what rank I was in my Age Group results. Well, a few days ago I got this email…

Congratulations!    You won a Delaware Half Marathon AG award.  Your award will be in the mail this week.  Thank you again for participating.  Results and awards are now posted on the web.   

Best Wishes

Joel Schiller Delaware Marathon

Awesome, so I DID place. Which – first of all is a miracle since I felt like ‘just running’ this race. And I did an 18 mile run the week before (not exactly taper). So I’m thinking my outlook on using Half Marathons as training runs could really pay off. Maybe I don’t have such a bad training plan mapped out after all. Don’t train – just run because you can – eat crappy food and drink the day before a race. OK so that’s not the best idea… but it gives me the confidence to now go into races a little more casual and just have fun with it. And also a boost – knowing I can do it this way, how good will it be if I actually do it right. Again … ‘Let’s Find Out’.

Mail came Friday and my little award arrived. SO excited. Yeah I know I need a life.

Didn’t know what to expect, but discovered a cute/ugly little bobble head runner. Love it! AND I love the fact that I placed 2nd!!!! (ok, why can’t I make this font bigger??). And the race results on the website are finally corrected Thank You. So I beat out 86 other 30-34 year old bitches. Not bad for a small race. I’m kinda proud 🙂


Delaware Marathon Running Festival 1/2 Marathon, 2012 – Recap

Early to rise, early to run. Woke up at 4:30am on Sunday morn ready to rock! I wasn’t sure how this race would go and I was having some mixed feelings. One of those that I just kinda went into (as usual). I figured I’d just run it, get it done and what happens, happens.

One thing to be excited about was my race bib # 3125 – notice the 3 and the 1. Good luck.

Still leaving when it’s dark out is usually fun because you are either going to the airport for vacation or going to run. Two of my very favorite things.

I hit up the Honey Stingers in the morning as my pre-race fuel. And representing them wearing my race shirt. Yay Sponsorship!

Got to the start right on time, just enough to make a quick stop at the porto-potties and get in line. There weren’t really corrals since this was a smaller race. So we all tried to get towards the front. Gun off – time to roll. I’ll apologize now for not having any race course pictures since I didn’t bring my camera. I knew I’d regret that but sorta just wanted to run this race with no extra BS to worry about. Plus I figured what is really great to look at in DE? Well… I was wrong there because it was a really nice course. Through the park and lots of suburban areas, next to the water at times. And PS – Ladies, Wilmington Cops … getting a speeding ticket wouldn’t be a bad thing, let’s just say that.

Course stuff – nice and shaded for the most part. Good spectators and support. The race was organized VERY well. Water stations at least every mile and lots of volunteers helping out and telling runners where to go. The Marathoners were running the same course but started a little earlier so there weren’t any splits. But there was a relay happening at the same time as well so a lot was going on. Everything was well marked and the mile markers were right on. Love/hating the fact that the marathoners were doing the same course but two loops because I was passing the 20 and up mile markers. Not going to lie, I was definitely jealous that I wasn’t running the Full.

Everything started off good. I was clocking in 7:40ish minute per miles and feeling good. Surprising how nice the course was, next to the water and through some of the park. The hill that I was told to expect was at mile 4 – right on time. Mile 6 my back really started to hurt, thinking my alignment is off again and I need another trip to the chiropractor. The whole point of this race was to just run it, not to push it. So I tried to take it easy after that. Mile 7 and 8 were much slower. But for whatever reason I picked up the pace again.

You always say you’re not going to have a race plan but after the first mile or two it just kind of happens. Thoughts were – go out steady, ease up in the middle and then kick it at the end. Well… I guess I held pretty steady throughout except those damn mid miles. If I kept it up and actually knew whoever I was racing against in my age group would be right around my time and I had a possibility of placing I would have crushed it even more. Oh well… there is always next year!

Mile 12 to 13 was up hill of course. Feeling really beat up by this point (should have brought an energy with me), I just kicked it at the end to get the hell done. Ended up doing pretty decent and feeling fine afterwards. For a tiny split second I even contemplated what would happen if I did the loop again and jumped in with the marathoners. Maybe another Stinger would have had me make some bad decisions.

I’m starting to like this PR thing… so maybe these Halfs are better than I thought. What will happen if I actually train? Hhm. Afterwards stopping by the champagne tent was a must. What – Wine Glass Marathon!!? Looks like that could be on the menu someday. Everyone had a great race! PRs! Time for fun…

And always nice to have beer while you are ice-bathing too. Sorry no pics of that #inappropriate.

Accidental Placement and PR

So what’s the word people!!!? On the Timing Chip Website for the DE Half it’s saying that I came in fourth place in my age group. However based on the final chip time I should technically be 3rd place, which is actually ‘placing’. Waiting on a final confirmation of this. Not that it matters that much… 4th place is still awesome, however it’s the matter of the fact. And you’re always competing for one of the top three spots. Status, prizes, Pride… all the good stuff. Here’s what the website is showing… WTF?

Overall I feel pretty good about everything that went down on Sunday. Everyone had an awesome race and felt good. Gorgeous weather and a really nice course. VERY well-organized race.

Anything I would do different? Wish I would have run the Full – but that is always my biggest issue. #takeachillpillApe. However I DO wish I would have brought my camera with me for the run. When will I learn… just bring it because you always want pics of the course and actual race and before and after photos etc etc. Not going to be the best race review since I have no pics but I’ll do my best. Also – needed sunglasses and extra fuel. Things I know but just didn’t feel like doing. Totally not into this race going in, just kinda ran it, so wasn’t my usual prep but ended up being good. Apparently this works well for me. So if it’s not broke – don’t fix it.

WORKOUT – 2 miles speed work , 4 miles, JM

Delaware Marathon Running Festival – Stats (Half Marathon #3)

Delaware Marathon Running Festival – Christiana Care Health System

Half Marathon. Wilmington, DE


Stats: BIB# 3125 – 2nd Place in my Age Group !!

Guntime – 1:44:03.2

Chiptime – 1:43:51.3

Avg Pace – 7:57