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It’s Official – We’re on a Break

Yeah that’s right. Running and I are broken up. Not a real forever break up. Just a break. So I’m free to cheat with Cycling and it won’t count. And I don’t have to think about it 24/7 and plan my future races together. And yes, I miss, miss, miss it more than anything right now. BUT when running and I get back together it will be everlasting and better than ever! And it will be a good healthy relationship and I’ll love it for what it is and what it gives me and not what it can and will be.

Seriously though. I’ve had way too many injuries the past year to not have to ‘start over’. My body needs a re-set. And I need to be patient and think about next season and not this season. Just a few months now for a long time to come…

Let the countdown begin…

WORKOUT – 30min elliptical, JM, yoga

xo ALW


How TRUE is This!!!?

Seriously… I don’t know how many times I’ve thought this myself. Running on Kelly Drive and people are passing me and I always think they can’t be running as far as I am. ‘Bitches might be fast but I bet they’re only running 5 miles – I’m running 15!’ “That’s right — suck it.”

Oh I miss these days!! They seem so, so, SO far away. What I wouldn’t give to be able to go out on a 10miler right now. I miss my #LR !!! Like I miss love, or air. Enter — drama queen.

Soon enough. And at this point I am not pressuring myself to run any races. Although I’m still keeping Philadephia Marathon open and I am talking about This and/or THIS !? Dig it. I’m a little pissed about Philly but at this point I think I should pretty much give up on it since it’s the 3rd year in a row that I won’t be able to run it now. I’m starting to see a pattern here… all the races I’ve done have been out of state – except for the dreaded Suaer Kraut (F that one).

But let’s be realistic instead of being ‘Ape’ and take our time and do this the right way. Because if done the right way I can will come back stronger. So I’m not stressing about what marathon I am going to run next and planning out my whole winter and spring. Trust – I have ideas. But for now all I want is to be able to run again pain free and build up all that mileage. Starting off 2013 ready to rock is my main goal.

WORKOUT – elliptical 1hour, yoga

xo ALW