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Chilly-ing on the Couch

Ok so I lied as usual, and I’m not taking a blogging break. Although I pretty much sucked at it this weekend because I took about 3 pictures. My fault for not caring… and Mike’s fault for making sure we were drunk all weekend.

I mean… really what can I say about San Diego besides I love it and want to move there. But we knew that already. It’s amazing weather all the time, super fun, healthy people… everyone is SO nice, SO good-looking. There’s a million more things… I just love the vibe, the fact that you can be outside all the time, gorg views and la de dah – you know the rest.

Too much drinking…

Too many awesome views to take in…

So today after being up all night on the red eye. Word of advice – drink as much wine as you can before you get on the flight so you can pass out. Doctor’s appt, ART and PT, I am hurting. Ice packs and nappers for the rest of the day…

xo ALW


See you After SD

So I think I’m going to be taking a little hiatus from blogging for a while. A shame since all 237 2 people who actually read this will be disappointed. I feel like I need to work a lot of things out in my life right now. There are some major decisions that need to be made and some major, major ass kicking on my part and motivation that needs to take place. It’s officially been a full year since I’ve had all these feelings – coming and going but still – a whole year is a tragic waste (and I know Harv would not be happy with me). But I guess that’s what I needed. Now I’m SO over this. I kept saying all along make it through the year – not realizing that the hard year wouldn’t start until 9ish months later. So there – I gave myself a year to be depressed and sad and not do anything or care about anything – blah blah, the list goes on.

Anyway… I’m feeling very defeated by everything lately. And sometimes you just have to surrender. Take a break and start fresh. So until I’m back and feeling like myself. Defeat – no more. 2012 (the first half) – FU. July 13th 2012 – Game on!

Heading out to SD tomorrow, Friday the 13th. As Mike says… come out and SEE San Diego…

Instead of just running through it…

Peace out cub scouts… see you soon…

PS- gone, doesn’t mean gone entirely… I’ll be all over Instagram and Twitter 🙂 apey_lynn

xo ALW

Why We Run (part two)

I wrote THIS a while back, on reasons why we run. And of course there is the whole REASON I ran the LLS Sponsored San Diego Marathon in the first place, and how Emotional it was and why I signed up with TNT. What keeps me motivated to run the long miles and what I think about when things get tough always come back to the reasons. And most importantly running for those who can’t.

There is no way you can watch this video without crying… so grab your box of tissues and your mascara and get ready for an full on bawl your eyes out cry sesh.


Any words that I come up with can’t even begin to describe this example of amazing-ness, honor, motivation, inspiration, true love and human perseverance. The impact that one person had on a Nation is just insane. You think about this and what Terry did and makes you feel like you can really accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

People have asked me lately why I run. And why I run distance. I guess this is one of them, but there’s just something about the long miles, the solitude, the competition with your body, the mind games. Determination, pushing limits you never thought you could. Truly feeling your breath and life.

Speed is sex… distance is love.

xo ALW

My Future Husband

Enter…. my Chiropractor! JK. But after my past couple appointments I’m about to say ‘I do’. Any guy that can fix my problems that quick is a keeper. I’m feeling a lot better. Especially considering the shape I was in just 3 weeks ago – barley being able to walk. After I left my appt last week I could actually walk without limping. Last weekend I was able to walk up and back from the lake, get in and out of the boat, squat and pee in the woods – what more could I ask for?

Well… the best that I can hope for is that this guy turns into one…

That was the joke of the weekend… where’s April’s future husband?? Oh – just in the basement eating bugs…

Just about a week late on this post, but couldn’t skip a fun mountains weekend of ridiculous-ness. Driving up to Mehoopany I realized I forgot my sunglasses so I picked up these bad boys at the Rest-stop/Bar. Yes it’s a rest stop attached to a bar. All class. Mom and I had to wait in line and some woman and her two teeth said we could just go first – she wanted to go back to the bar and have another beer instead of waiting.

Ralph and I waiting in the car for Mom at the grocery store and we pulled up through the handicap spot. Some little old woman was parked next to us and looked over and gave the most shocked/mortified/WTF are you doing look I have ever seen!! You’d think she just found out they no longer made her favorite dentures. Dad and I busted out laughing, it was hilarious.

Anyway this year definitely not as fun as LAST YEAR but nothing is. The loaded coronas helped, however.

J and I took a nice little booze cruise on Saturday afternoon that I think was the highlight of the weekend. Saw Bambi, talked about life, drank some Buds – you know just a typical redneck day.

Me telling Murph to be good…

Being up the mountains is always really hard for me. I think about Harv a lot and know he’d be having a blast if he were there. And he’d light up the weekend with his smile and laugh and outlook on life. I’ve been trying my hardest to carry that on, and to get that back myself (I know I used to have that spark), but it’s slowly coming back from the fizzle that it’s been. Some days I see it, some days I don’t.

xo ALW

Memory Lane Monday – Traveling

Hi Ya’ll. Happy Monday. I’m tired as Usch and I’m sure everyone else is too seeing as how it’s  Monday after a Holiday. Everyone is recovering from the shore/beach/pool/drink fest… whatev went down this weekend. I had my usual date night last night and drank a bottle of wine by myself – with Gibs of course.

Three weeks officially without no running and it feels like forever!!! For-EV-er. I could bitch about this for the next hour plus 7 days and get you through your whole week but I won’t. So here’s a little pic of me on vacay a few years back. Harv and I traveled down to the Dominican Republic for his good friend, John’s wedding. Best part of traveling – esp with Harv, who gave me my traveling habits. 1.Always, ALWAYS make sure you get to the airport in enough time to have a drink before your flight. 2.Don’t stress 3.Shit’s always going to go wrong so just go with the flow and don’t worry about it. All good advice that I use to this day. I think I’ve become a pretty decent traveler… right?? We’ll see on Friday…


xo ALW

Stop Being a Bitch

Dear April – here’s your advice… follow it!

Recently I read SUAR‘s post about 10 Ways to Survive an Injury without being a Bitch. Definitely some advice I need right now because this is only the beginning and it’s only going to get harder. When you have ONE passion, ONE outlet, and ONE true love – you are a little lost when that’s taken away from you. And I know, I know… I’m being totally dramatic right now but it’s true. And add to the fact that you are in pain and it’s hard to stand up/walk etc. All makes for a bitchy Ape.

Speaking with one of my coaches this season he warned me about over-doing it, signing up for too many races etc, etc. Well… obviously he was right – so I should just go shove a marathon ran-in sweaty ass compression sock in my mouth because YES – I was wrong. He was right. However… once he found out MY STORY he did give me the ‘get out of jail free card’ and said that I probably really do NEED RUNNING in my life. True story.

But that still leaves me in this situation. One more adjustment next week and some ART and I’ll have one sesh of PT. Then apparently I can try running again in a week or two. Not really sure how that’s gonna happen when I feel like I can barely walk still. So if I can’t run and this doesn’t get better than that means MRI (and I’m avoiding that because I am scared to get bad news). If surgery is in my cards, I feel really really bad for anyone who has to be around me — for 2-3 full months.

However… there is hope on the horizon. My yoga instructor’s ex-girlfriend won the Philadelphia Marathon two years running. Yes – she was the FIRST PLACE female runner. He told me today that she had to have 4 – count them – 4 surgery’s on her inner labrum due to tearing and injury. Post surgeries she still managed to clock in a 2:40something marathon AND get into the B-class for Olympic Trials – sick!!! So there’s hope for this little bitch. And all I want to do is run again, pain freeeeeeee oh yeah and maybe BQ 😉

Patience, patience…

xo ALW

Juice it UP!

Knowing me and the big huge dork that I am — of course I was super excited when my juicer came in the mail the other day! Yay! and yay for them actually leaving it inside the door so I don’t have to chase down the UPS man. Here it is in all it’s glory…

I stopped on my way home and bought a whole bag of carrots and threw them in. I expected it to sound like a food processor but instead it kinda sounded like a fan. Carrots everywhere! A few little pieces flew out of the cracks but all of a sudden sweet, rich juice came pouring out. Amazing, I am hooked. I love it and can’t wait to try more. A whole bag of carrots yields about 8oz of juice. Creamy orange, it looks and smells so healthy and delicious!


xo ALW

Just Do the Damn Thing

I must say, I love Nike gear (minus their running shoes of course). And whoever invented their slogan is genius! However, I like my version a little better 😉 … maybe they need to switch it up. Yesterday I did a little shopping, again (my blog should probably be called “shopping rocks” instead because I seem to do more of that lately).


 Anyway, I desperately needed wanted a dri fit sweatshirt for after running. Does anyone else freeeeze after they are done running? Even if it is hot out, I get super cold once I stop and cool off – obviously from all my sweatiness. So I picked this little guy up yesterday at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $26! Love it! So soft and uber cool. A few good things to always have with you, or in your car is a nice comfy sweatshirt and flip flops. First thing I want to do when I finish up a run is take off my sneaks.

Today consisted of a slow easy (also annoying) run on Kelly Drive with Murph. Why was it annoying? Because he doesn’t know how to walk on a leash yet and runs in front of me, chews on his leash as he is running, and trys to herd me. He can’t help it, it’s only instinct but it does make it a little embarrassing and hard to run.

skinny minny

So to live your life by the Nike slogan would be great! And it’s true, how will you ever go anywhere in life or accomplish anything if you don’t “Just Do It”.

 WORKOUT- 5 slow miles, yoga