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All About Running – Except Running

I’m glad I get to talk and think about running still even though I’m not doing it. LOVE my new jobby job. It doesn’t even feel like work. And since I’m back talking about it. What better way than to plan my spring training. Seems a little soon and overdone but it gets me super excited and calm – knowing that what I’m doing now (yoga / biking / and eating healthy) is all going to a good cause. Also a good motivator.

Seeing all my miles written¬†down give me butterflies! Can’t wait for those 16 milers, baby. ūüôā

WORKOUT – 30 min elliptical, HOT yoga

xo ALW


Speedy Stuff – Not so much

It’s crazy to me that it’s about a year since I ran San Diego. What have I done with my life since then!? Geez¬†time¬†flies when you are… sitting around being depressed. Well that is done and hopefully I’m moving on with the next chapter of my life. Nothing forgotten but all the hurt and bad stuff put behind me. I see June and July being great!! Here’s to hoping…

Anyway enough about all that BS stuff. I have few emotional posts coming up soon anyway (just wait!).

But, Lake Placid¬†is coming up in a few weeks and has me thinking a lot about running SD last year and what a great time it was. Still by far one of the best weekends and experiences of my life. Hands down. I would have loved to do the race again this year but felt I was pushing myself too much to try to¬†re-create last year. I think I had a little bit of an easier time dealing with things at this point last year. Lots has to do with that but don’t want to get into it now. SO, that being my main reason for switching over to LP. Thinking back though, just a year ago I hadn’t run any distance races yet ever. RnR SD being my first one. AND jumping in and doing a FULL at the first go. I could not have asked for a more amazing first Marathon experience and was hooked on distance and the whole 26.2 idea before I even ran the race. I feel like I should have been doing this my whole life. But – new passion found and the beginning of my real running ‘career’ (yeah I wish) started. Considering… First Marathon I trained right, started slow over the span of¬†4 months. Ate right during training, paced way low in the beginning miles, negative splits and finished hard 4:32. Second Marathon trained in 7 weeks, carried extra weight and a bad attitude. Ate crappy food, felt unprepared. Felt decent the entire race, had a good time PR-ed hard and cut 37 minutes off my time subbing 4 hours. So, I wonder what will actually happen when I train hard, eat good, and am inspired. Let’s find out.

I really really REALLY wish I had stuck with doing the Full¬†Marathon¬†in LP, but at the same time have to keep reminding myself to slow down a bit. Overdoing it causes injuries and I need my body in tip top shape to start training for Philly if I want a really good PR. Besides… this way there is less pressure and I can have some drinks the night before now ūüėČ always a plus.

Momma Dukes is coming with me so I’ll have my own personal photographer¬†we’ll get to do some sightseeing. Nothing really ready for this race yet but since it’s a Half I’ll prob just throw some stuff together last minute – as usual per my awesome packing skills.

So continuing on, planned to do some more speedwork¬†this morning.¬† Yeah that didn’t really happen. TRX last night crushed my legs so I felt like I was running super fast and wasn’t. Next time I need to remember to warm up too. #ThisGirlNeedstoTakeHerOwnAdvice What!?

Second round of the day. Had my little coffee kick (first one after over a week – delish), got back from class and headed out for round two. I don’t know WHAT my prob is this week but running has been hard. The 10 I did on Saturday were tough and today wasn’t the easiest either. Frustrating when you feel like you are running fast but you really aren’t. Oh well, I am coming off of a low mileage week. Build it back slow.

Eggs – fave post run breakfast/lunch ūüôā

WORKOUT – 2 miles, 5 miles, JM

Last Long Run

Not forever!! Don’t worry. But today was the longest run with Team in Training summer season. The full Marathoners¬†were doing 20 and the Halfers were doing 11. Since I’m a weirdo¬†kinda in between I decided I’d do 16ish. Almost got talked into doing 20 with Carl again but started feeling my Achilles again so wanted to take it easy. And there’s no reason to be putting extra stress on my body if I’m not running the full anyway. We’ll save all that pain for the end of summer/fall season when I start hitting it hard for Philly.

I didn’t think this morning would be amazing. Just didn’t have that ‘feeling’ when I woke up. Since I didn’t have a set goal, figured I’d just run it out and see what happened. Keeping a decent pace – or I thought. Felt kinda weighed down. Out and back run at Valley Green I made my way back to the start and finished off at 15. Not bad and I need to remember less is more sometimes.

I also need to remember how great Iced Tea is afterwards. #cheatingoncoffee

WORKOUT – 15 miles

Speedwork if You Must

It’s time for speedwork. And I’ve been saying that for a long time now. Since I’m not doing another Full Mary until Philly, I want to concentrate on speed this summer. Speedwork to me has always just been – running with someone faster than¬†me, or booking it at the end of¬†my run just because¬†I’m late¬†or want to get done. Or if it’s going to rain. Such as HERE and HERE. Sometimes these little tricks work but not if you are really trying to improve. Which I will be come fall training season. I hate the track for whatever reason – probably comes from highschool gym class. So speed for me is most likely going to be fartleks on KD or treadmill stuff.

Today it was the dready¬†tready. I really don’t mind it sometimes. Especially when the weather is kinda crappy out, and I’m in the mood to run fast. I hit up the gym shortly after I got back from my first run this morning. Intervals were 30 seconds of faster pace (8.5 or higher /¬†6:50min¬†miles or faster) and then 30 seconds of running at an 8:00min¬†mile pace.¬†Felt really good actually. Why do I not do speed more often? Once a week I need to be doing this. And it’s fun to run fast and get a good quick 2 miler in. So Marta – the treadmill conversion is (7.5mph = 8:00 minute miles) ūüôā

Before the gym time today I hit up Kelly for another rainy run. I need to start running elsewhere because KD is getting real boring real fast. Good thing I had a new playlist on my I-pod because that helped. 7 miles in the mist and rain Рmissing the sun!!

Took a little energy break in between workouts..

WORKOUT – 7 miles, 2 miles speedwork, yoga

Gone Running or Hunting

From the looks of this you’d think I was going Hunting. All this blinding brightness. Nope, just running stuff. Yesterday I met up with TNT for the first group training run of the season. 4.5 hours of sleep – much more than¬†I was planning on. I was a little nervous since I hadn’t run more than 7 since the marathon. And to add to that was some foot pain and busted up in-grown toenail – hurts! At least I have cute polish on?

Valley Green is one of my fav places to run though and as soon as I got there I saw THIS GIRL. So psyched that she was there… and excited for her marathon coming up. She completed all her fundraising already and is getting set up for the NJ marathon the first weekend in May. Good Luck, Steph! I know you’ll do amazing.

Met some of the new coaches and participants which was nice. Banged out 12 plus some hill work which felt amazing. (note to self… need to do more of that). Definitely should have worn my trail sneaks though bc the Green is a little rocky at times. Some knee pain and foot pain was a little irritating but I was able to hang with the boys and run with them. Minus Laura who is super fast and blew by us. (note to self…. DO your speedwork).

So after talking to coach Josh I realize finally am listening that I need to slow it down a bit. I need a 2-4 year training plan and goals instead of ‘what race can I sign up for next!!?’, frantic attitude. I don’t need to get hurt, I don’t need to overdo it and not be able to run again. I’m really just starting out my distance running career and apparently I’ll be able to increase my performance a decent amount up until 35 (after that it just takes a little more work). So I’m working on my long-term training plan and goals for the remainder of a year, and thinking about what races I want to do next year. Planning, not random excited signing up for stuff. Training plan to come soon! Edge of your seats, I’m sure.

Rewind to yesterday post run. Compression socks, uggs, cruise control and seat warmers – bliss for tired legs. I hit up SB for my morning crack and hit the road. Stopped to pee twice but luckily it’s acceptable to look like this in the mountains.

And who doesn’t love a rest stop connected to a bar.

Perfect timing when I arrived because everyone was eating and already well into a few drinks. Re-fuel. Egg, honeydew and a Rock x3.

I also tried porcupine. Saut√©ed¬†with peppers and onions. Dang good, ya’ll. Tastes like chicken¬†short rib – delish.

WORKOUT – yesterday, 12 miles. today, rest day

Dear Mizuno’s

Dear Mizuno’s,

You came into my life at just the right time. I can NOT wait to spend time with you and get to know you better. I’m looking forward to our next few months together. All the miles that we’ll share. The good times… the happiness that you will bring me. Our relationship will build with each step we take together. Here’s to you, brand new Mizuno’s and an amazing training season.


Your new BFF

little buddies

One Marathon Equals One Carrot Cake

5 gillion calories

How many marathons does it take to burn one big ass piece of carrot cake!? Probably more than one. I’d say… maybe two and a whole season of training. I’m not even sure how many calories were in this thing that I ate the other night but it was damn good. And I kind of didn’t even care.

Ok… so now¬†I care. After running, and leading up to this race, I’ve pretty much been eating like food is going out of style despite¬†the fact that I told myself I shouldn’t be. Well… I had 3 hours and 55 minutes to think about all this last Saturday and give myself a major mental pep talk. I also know my body could have worked a lot better and felt a lot better, had I been treating it like I was running a marathon, not like I was trying to¬†score a spot on Biggest Loser. Although wouldn’t mind Bob Harper¬†as a personal trainer (Shan – that one was for you ūüėČ ).

Anyway, thinking about all of this food stuff has finally put me back into my place. If you want to perform well, you have to pull out all the stops. You can’t go half-assed. It’s like training without doing speedwork¬†(something else I’m awesome at doing). Besides the fact that your body recovers much quicker if you eat right, drink water and rest. So if PR-ing or BQ-ing¬†is something that I truly truly want, then I have to step back and look at my life as a whole and not just as a ‘season’ or a ‘race’. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a love.

According to DailyMile I burned 3,053 calories while running Bi-Lo. Pretty cool. One of the reasons I love long runs.

WORKOUT – yoga class

ANATOMY FUN FACT – In the recovery period the conditions in muscle fibers are returned to normal, preexertion levels. After a period of moderate activity, it may take several hours for muscle fibers to recover. After sustained activity at higher levels, complete recovery can take a week.

Bi-Lo, Pre-Marathon Thoughts

How do I feel about my overall training for the Bi Lo Marathon? Well… all things considered (injury, time off from running, weight, eating, attitude… etc etc), I think I did pretty damn well. With training, that is. We’ll see what happens¬†on actual race day. Do I feel ready?? Yes and No. I guess that is always going to be the answer with a race though. Yes, I feel ready mentally… well I did anyway. Up until this week. Those last minute¬†paranoid thoughts are starting to creep in. And with lack of sleep and trying to fight off a cold or¬†whatever it is, I’m having those nagging doubts.¬†Yesterday I was so tired I even thought about dropping down to the half. What the F*ck!? Seriously? I squashed that thought the mila-second it popped in my head.

When I really think about this, and think about my 20 miler¬†I know I can do¬†it. I know it’s going to be harder than SD, I know I will have to psych myself out and mentally prep and do a lot of pep talking. But I do feel mentally prepared for this. However… that is not everything – by a long shot. Am I physically ready? No. I did as much training as I could in the short amount of time that I had. I’m pretty surprised at my accomplishments, but I know I could be way ahead of where I am right now. Body/health aspect? No. Haven’t eaten as well as I should have been. Haven’t dropped the pounds that I should have or built up the muscle that I need. But… short time, it’s pretty decent and I am feeling good about it.

I’ve also been reading up on Racing Multiple Marathons in one season. I decided to look at Saturday, today, tomorrow as the official start of my marathon season. This race isn’t just a race, however the start of my training for the next few months, end goal – San Diego. With that said… I need to be cautious of my body, my time and how hard I am pushing myself. Meaning, if I don’t reach the time goals I want, that’s ok I’ll try not to be psychotic about it, it’s just a ‘training run’. And really, it is. It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable, and I’ll worry about time and effort when I run another race… maybe NYC?

HERE – is some motivation. Ben’s Story is awesome and so inspirational…

Goals: Yes I have a few. 1- finish and have fun (always)¬† 2 – sub¬†?? (time goals always scare me). There’s always the secret number in my head that I won’t reveal until the race is over. But I think it changed from the time I came up with it a few weeks ago.

HERE is the course, Bib # 613

Looking back on my SD training, I did log more miles¬†and definitely¬†over a shorter period of time. The longest month I had last spring was 112 miles in May. And the most I’ve done this season is 141 in January. However I did have some of my¬†fastest times last spring. So it will be a good comparison.

Uber¬†paranoid! Always.¬†But, it is what it is… things could go either¬†way. Everything all needs to fall into place. Sleep, feeling well, aches and pains, ITBand,¬†food and fuel the night before, morning of, going to the bathroom… not having any stomach problems, clothing malfunctions, weather, whatever. If everything comes together the night before and the morning of, and I feel decent… I know I will be able to do it, and do it well…

do the damn thing!!

Next Week

I might actually agree with this guy…


Doubtful. But I KNOW I’m going to be hurting. Day two after the marathon, AND after flying. Never a great thing for your legs.¬†I really really¬†really hope I’m in a great mood from doing an awesome job. However, I know my body is going to hate me… and I’m anticipating some ITBand, knee issues and probably some major foot pain. Seeing as how training has gone and the problems that I’ve had, I can foresee how I’ll feel. SO I need to make suuuuuuuper sure that I rest, REST, REST!!! No hurry to start training for SD right away. I rather need to take a break and rest my body and then jump into training when I’m ready. I’m not going to lose that much in a few months. I should be able to hit up the long runs pretty easily again. I’m glad my coaches have been reminding me of this too, because I get way ahead of myself and too excited sometimes. It’s better to do two marathons in one season then only one because of injury or over training. (thanks, Aram).

WORKOUT – yoga

ANATOMY FUN FACT РRecovery Period: the conditions in muscle fibers are re-turned to normal, preexertion levels. After a period of moderate activity, it may take several hours for muscle fibers to recover. After sustained activity at higher levels, complete re-covery can take a week.

The Last Run

Today was my last run before the marathon. Needed to shake out my legs one more time and get them moving. Also wanted to feel for any aches and pains that my Doc could fix up on Monday. I’m trying to think back to last year before SD and what my last run felt like. I know I had major paranoia but can’t remember if my runs were as shitty as they have been lately. Today wasn’t too bad. Much¬†better than¬†my 11 minute¬†one miler¬†on the treadmill yesterday.¬†I’ve been hurting for a while now…. not really sure why when I haven’t had a long run in over a week. Cutting back on all workouts, tapering my running so why does this happen. My body is screaming for a break and making sure that I take one? Who knows. This is why taper is hard, and the two weeks before the race, not running are even harder than all the training was. Over the next week I’ll be only doing yoga, and my PT on Monday. Lots of water!!! Tons of protein and healthy stuff.

ready to rock