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Memory Lane Monday – Traveling with the Fam

In honor of the great family weekend that we just had.

Hahaha… and I just love this picture. Only because I know how hung over and miserable I was. Although I look smashingly fresh! I rolled in to the rents at midnight the night before a 4am wakeup call. Preeeeaaaaaty sure I had to get driven home from a Happy Hour – yes that probably started at 5:30pm. So needless to say my plane ride down to the Dominican Republic was awesome. Thankfully they encourage all day drinking in the DR. Score.

WORKOUT – 1 hour elliptical, yoga

xo ALW


Memory Lane Monday – Honduras

So it was about this time last year that I was heading to Honduras. Fun, exciting little trip. And interesting to be at a club hanging out when only one other person who speaks English. Good to know that the ‘Cheers!’ gesture is universal.

WORKOUT – elliptical 1 hour, yoga

xo ALW

Chilly-ing on the Couch

Ok so I lied as usual, and I’m not taking a blogging break. Although I pretty much sucked at it this weekend because I took about 3 pictures. My fault for not caring… and Mike’s fault for making sure we were drunk all weekend.

I mean… really what can I say about San Diego besides I love it and want to move there. But we knew that already. It’s amazing weather all the time, super fun, healthy people… everyone is SO nice, SO good-looking. There’s a million more things… I just love the vibe, the fact that you can be outside all the time, gorg views and la de dah – you know the rest.

Too much drinking…

Too many awesome views to take in…

So today after being up all night on the red eye. Word of advice – drink as much wine as you can before you get on the flight so you can pass out. Doctor’s appt, ART and PT, I am hurting. Ice packs and nappers for the rest of the day…

xo ALW

See you After SD

So I think I’m going to be taking a little hiatus from blogging for a while. A shame since all 237 2 people who actually read this will be disappointed. I feel like I need to work a lot of things out in my life right now. There are some major decisions that need to be made and some major, major ass kicking on my part and motivation that needs to take place. It’s officially been a full year since I’ve had all these feelings – coming and going but still – a whole year is a tragic waste (and I know Harv would not be happy with me). But I guess that’s what I needed. Now I’m SO over this. I kept saying all along make it through the year – not realizing that the hard year wouldn’t start until 9ish months later. So there – I gave myself a year to be depressed and sad and not do anything or care about anything – blah blah, the list goes on.

Anyway… I’m feeling very defeated by everything lately. And sometimes you just have to surrender. Take a break and start fresh. So until I’m back and feeling like myself. Defeat – no more. 2012 (the first half) – FU. July 13th 2012 – Game on!

Heading out to SD tomorrow, Friday the 13th. As Mike says… come out and SEE San Diego…

Instead of just running through it…

Peace out cub scouts… see you soon…

PS- gone, doesn’t mean gone entirely… I’ll be all over Instagram and Twitter 🙂 apey_lynn

xo ALW

Memory Lane Monday – Traveling

Hi Ya’ll. Happy Monday. I’m tired as Usch and I’m sure everyone else is too seeing as how it’s  Monday after a Holiday. Everyone is recovering from the shore/beach/pool/drink fest… whatev went down this weekend. I had my usual date night last night and drank a bottle of wine by myself – with Gibs of course.

Three weeks officially without no running and it feels like forever!!! For-EV-er. I could bitch about this for the next hour plus 7 days and get you through your whole week but I won’t. So here’s a little pic of me on vacay a few years back. Harv and I traveled down to the Dominican Republic for his good friend, John’s wedding. Best part of traveling – esp with Harv, who gave me my traveling habits. 1.Always, ALWAYS make sure you get to the airport in enough time to have a drink before your flight. 2.Don’t stress 3.Shit’s always going to go wrong so just go with the flow and don’t worry about it. All good advice that I use to this day. I think I’ve become a pretty decent traveler… right?? We’ll see on Friday…


xo ALW

Lake Placid Road Trippin

What a fun weekend and a great trip overall. I haven’t done a road trip in a really long time so I forgot how much fun they can be … if you go into them with the right attitude and excitement (ie. coffee!) The way home is always a different story. Mom and I woke up at 4something on Saturday morning. Actually I was up all night because I didn’t sleep so technically I just got out of bed. We packed up and headed out the door right on time at 5:30. Pre-coffee…

I’m not going to lie, I had to go about 5 miles out of the way to hit up Sbux. Misto-Must!! After that I felt much better and was ready to roll. We took our time on the way up and stopped when we needed. Post coffee, much happier…

Once in NY, it was much more scenic and we started seeing a lot of motorcyclists making the trip up that way with us. We figured out later that there was some type of convention or get together in Lake George.

Me giving the bikers a nice view…

Don’t worry, Mom gave them the finger a glare.

Heading through Keane was the best part. All of a sudden you just hit gorgeous views and mountains. Lots of spots to pull off and take pictures. Hikers, bikers (the cyclist kind this time) were all over enjoying the scenary. At this point we had about an hour left and were getting really excited. Although a little nervous because my gas light was on E and apparently there is no cell service at ALL going through this area. Good luck if you ever get lost hiking.

So we finally made it to LP in just about 7 hours. Super cute, really tiny town. We parked the car and walked around for a bit. Found the old Olympic buildings and speedskating rink – where the race would be starting and finishing up.

You can basically walk the length of the town in about 10 mins so after doing that we picked a lunch spot – which wasn’t exactly the best choice. Don’t make food decisions when you are super hungry and thirsty. Salads sucked so we had beer for lunch instead. Oh well at least the view and company was good 🙂

By that point the ‘Expo’ was open. I say this lightly because it was basically one small room where you picked up your race packet. Seriously – that was IT! Newton had a booth out front and they may have had like 5 Lake Placid Marathon T-shirts for sale inside.

So after the big excitement of the expo we checked into the hotel and got ready for the Team in Training inspiration dinner. Inspirational… as always. Not as big or powerful as SD by a stretch but the meaning was there and it means a lot. I also found out that I raised the most money out of our group! Score to me… actually to YOU all who donated. Thank you again.

This is what happens when nervous energy kicks in… I turn into a weirdo…

The speaker was a Leukemia survivor who was in his 50’s – there with his family and his daughters were running the Half in his honor. His speech was great. Everything sort of started to hit me when he said how everyone running the race will go back to their office on Monday with some little aches and pains but a blood cancer patient will be in the hospital waiting for their doctor to come in with news. News – whether or not their bone marrow transplant worked or not. And how long they have left. And THAT is reality.

Reason to run… race day. And then it was time to celebrate. We showered up and ‘hit up the town’ again. Picked a great spot this time to sit outside and enjoy a nice lunch complete with cocktails. And here’s a thought… what can you wear with compression socks that look’s cute? Nothing really but oh well I tried. Guess that’s why I’m holding hands with this dude.

So we pretty much just walked around the rest of the afternoon, had some more drinks and then headed back to the hotel to enjoy the view one last night.

And then it was time to head home… thumbs down to a 7 hour drive with a hurting groin muscle. So not cool.


Enough said…

WORKOUT – JM, 6 miles (yesterday)

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Remember this guy!? Can’t believe it’s been a month already and it’s time to head out West. I’m still in the process of working on my ‘new attitude’ at life and having a more positive outlook on my goals. I know when I get back it’s going to be back to the grind and time to get super serious about training again and getting my body ready for San Diego and maybe a few halfs coming up in between then. Oh yeah, and bathing suit season. But I am ready for an amazing spring and summer. Turning 30. Time to PARTY! I’ll be sure to have a full recap when I get back… or not. 😉

Lost and Insecure

You Found Me…. at 4:30am, wide awake. Having a test, traveling and running a marathon all in one week is a lot of stress for a normal person whatever you’d classify me as. Especially not being ready for this race in a few ways where I’d like to have been. One major one would be getting lots of sleep this week, which obviously isn’t happening since I’m up at night taking crappy random pics with my cell phone camera and listening to music…

Groundhog Says…

Go to VEGAS!! Ok. He’s apparently always right. 6 more weeks of winter, what does that mean? Plan a little vacation. Last year I went to Mexico with Whit and Em for what we liked to call the first annual “Girl’s Gone Wild Weekend” (GGWWI). And no it wasn’t crazy… we basically just laid on the beach, drank a lot and hung out in the sun. Glorious and much needed in January. Well, this year it’s a different group, but I wanted to keep the tradition going so Lor and I decided to hit up Vegas. Why!? Um, why NOT!? SO psyched!