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Whoever said Yoga wasn’t a Good Workout…

…is a Liar. Oh wait — that was me. Take that back now! I tried Hot Yoga for the first time HERE on Monday. Serious, awesome workout! I felt so amazingly refreshed afterward. Could feel every muscle in my body, in a good way. And everything felt stretched out and in alignment. Even walking down the street after, my right hip felt so loose again that my left one actually felt tight. If that makes sense. Basically I felt like I could walk normal again. Sorta similar to the feeling I get after the Chiropractor, except way better because I got a workout in. The room is about 95degrees so you start sweating just walking in. By the end you are soaked. There is literally sweat coming out of every pore in your body. 75 mins of some serious yoga. I ended up going Tuesday and today and hopefully will make it tomorrow as well. LOVE!

All my sweaty stuff…

WORKOUT – bike 30mins, yoga

xo ALW


Workout Recap 6.4.12

Haven’t had one of these for a while. Had a good run today without really trying to, or thinking I was going to. Always a nice surprise. I was kind hurting a little bit today from working my butt off the past 14 days with no rest days. Plus Sunday day drinking never creates a fresh Monday. I had my I-pod all ready to go with some new songs so I was psyched up. But of course it wasn’t charged and didn’t realize that til I got on the trail. Oh well… pocketed it and moved on. Wanted to do 10 but felt kinda tired and was hungry so settled on 7. The rain clouds rolled in and it started to pour. Maybe that made me run a little faster. Either way it felt good… nice pace and wasn’t dying. Could have pushed it more but it’s nice to feel the run at a comfortable but faster than normal pace. Yay. 🙂

7 miles – 54:49 Avg 7:49/min mile

7:53 , 8:03 , 7:41 , 7:45 , 7:50 , 7:53 , 7:43

T to the R to the X

TRX – shit is hard, yo! Took my second class tonight and it was waaaay better than the first. I liked the instructor better, and we did more ‘TRX stuff’. The first time we were doing situps and things on the floor which I could be doing at home. Anyway… this is an awesome workout! And great core work and balancing training for running. Not to mention that if you did this two or so times a week you’d have a sick body in no time. New goal = found. Duh… did you not read my last post?

This is what the rest of my night consisted of…

stick plus wine

Week One Training Recap

Week One down… 6 more to go… scary!!

First week went fairly well. Eating wise, working out wise and mentally… a little harder. I had some doubts about how I’m actually going to do this. Also the fact that I started on a Tuesday didn’t exactly help. After putting in my 14 miler on Saturday that definitely gave me a boost of confidence and I’m feeling good so far this week. Goals for this week… drink more water, get more miles in (obvi), and some more biking or cross training. So far so good though, and feeling a lot better. Here’s the recap for the week. I’m looking forward to this week ahead!

Tuesday – yoga dvd, 5 miles recovery, JM (3lbs)

Wednesday – yoga dvd, bike – 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Thursday – yoga dvd, 5 miles, 3 miles speed work on treadmill, JM (3lbs)

Friday – yoga class, bike – 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Saturday – 14 miles, yoga dvd

Sunday – yoga class, 30 min elliptical recovery, JM (3lbs)

Workout Recap 12.29.11

Haven’t posted one of these guys in a while. Probably because I haven’t had any really great runs. Although.. yes, ALL runs are great, and I’m ecstatic just to be able to run again! I started ART last night and I’m hoping that it is helping already. I have a few more sessions to go (about 3). I’ll talk about that later though. In the meantime…. amazing run today. Outside in the freezing cold, so refreshing. My knee felt good and I kicked it up. I really wanted to do 10 but also didn’t want to push it since I have my long run coming up on Saturday. Perfect ending to the run… started to snow. SO looking forward to training these next two months.

8 miles – 1:08

Splits – 8:45, 8:51, 8:54, 8:38, 8:49, 8:14, 8:25, 8:06

Yoga to a Tea

tea time

Starbucks really should be paying me for doing their advertising.

Yoga for runners… love Christine Felstead’s series of DVDs! I have been using her beginner’s DVD since I started training for San Diego last spring. It was starting to get a little boring since I do it everyday, and could basically repeat word for word what she was going to say next. I thought I needed some more challenging poses as well, especially in the hip region to better balance myself and stretch out my ITB, hips and stance. So I picked up the intermediate version last week and started it on Saturday – yes, up the mountains and all! I LOVE it! The sequence of poses are super challenging (for me), and I can already feel a difference in my posture and stance. Today I did the whole session all the way through – an hour and twenty minutes and afterwards I felt amazing! The only downfall is that Christine talks about running throughout the entire time and that’s all I can think about. Need to keep telling myself, I will get back there and be able to hit the pavement again soon. Patience!

So to go along with my healthy morning I decided on a green tea at SB’s instead of a coffee. Much better decision after my caffeine overload yesterday and Monday. I’m sure all this healthiness is good for my cold too. I doubt your body reacts well when it’s pumped up with 260+ milligrams (and that’s just a tall!) of caffeine on no sleep. Did you know that you can actually check your drink’s caffeine count online HERE!??  – just click on your poison of choice. This is what I was doing at 3am last night while lying in bed wide awake. I picked out some new less caffeinated bevys to try in the next few weeks – we’ll see how this anti-coffee kick goes this time. LAST time… not so successful.

More healthy stuff… and the best stuff on earth – besides Snapple. Greek yogurt! So good with a banana, raspberries and almonds. Tastes just like dessert for breakfast.

greek love

WORKOUT – number two of the day – weights

Biking and Reality TV

Two hours of biking at the gym does not relieve stress when you are texting and emailing the entire time! After laying in bed all day yesterday being sick and wasting yet another Monday I decided I better ‘start my week’ off right today. Still feeling really sick I thought the gym might help (and no, I am not sick from being hung over – I AM actually sick). Planned on doing some biking and trying to run on the treadmill but an hour on the bike kinda flew by because I was catching up on all my texts and emails that I haven’t responded back to and have been a total shade-ster lately. Realizing this was counter active I hit up the reality TV! Love how there are TV’s on every piece of exercise equipment at the SC , makes gym time much more enjoyable. I really didn’t need to find another reality show on Bravo to be obsessed with but hey, it happens. The Rachel Zoe Project is my new one, after today and two plus hours of it. Wasn’t sure about this girl but now I think I love her. Or maybe just want her life? Isn’t that why most RTV shows are great? And getting paid to basically just live your life would be pretty cool.

No pics today unless you want to see me using frozen edamame to ice my knee, but I think those are getting a little boring.

WORKOUT- 2hour bike, yoga

Starting off the Week, Productive

So I guess you could say I’m technically ‘starting’ my week today. Now it’s time to get serious about training, and getting things done! Enough procrastinating!! Got up this morning at 5:30am to hit up this new Fusion cross training class with my new partner in crime – E. Wow – love it!! And I thought I liked spin! I might have to re-vamp my whole marathon training plan just to fit this into my week. As long as I use the treadmill workout as part of my mileage and speed work, and only use light weights it should really benefit me. Spin will just have to wait til marathon recovery time comes.

Great workout of intervals doing cardio on either bike, treadmill or row machine. And then a mix of strength training with weights resistent bands and flexibility. ALL with awesome (and hot) instructors and great dance party music!! Combine that with my fav cup of coffee afterward, all before 8:30am and you are ready to go for the day. So I will definitely be working this into my training program because I really think it will help my endurance, and flexibility during running. We’ll see how my muscles feel tomorrow and on my long run on Friday. Off to get tons of things done today… including booking some exciting little travels. 🙂



WORKOUT – Fusion – hopefully some yoga later

Workout Recap – 7.12.11

Another recap! What an amazing run today. Yeah it was HOT and tough but loved every second of it and a little surprised at myself for pushing through it. Super sick yesterday so I knew if I felt good today I’d bang out a really good run and hopefully sweat out all my sickness. Not sure if that really works and I’m sure it’s not in the medical books but it always makes me feel better anyway. I parked at my fav spot on Kelly Drive and did an up and back to the Art Museum, which is 6 miles. Stopped back at the car to finish my coffee, grab some water and stretch. I knew I wanted to do a longer run so I set out towards the East Falls Bridge and the point of no return. Felt good around West River so I just kept going and had that “16” pop into my head. Uh oh… too late now, I am doing it! WR gets super sunny and hot, especially running right next to 76 (bleh), so about mile 11 I was really looking for some shade, breeze and water. Looped around the Art M and found my breeze, yay! Mile 13/14 ice bath, ice water, flip flops – all I could think about! Started to get tough but I knew I was doing this whether I had to slow down my pace or not, which I kinda did I guess? I wasn’t very consistent on pacing today to begin with. Mile 15 – one word Journey. Score – I had this. Seriously… how can you not get psyched up when you hear this song? PS – I threw in the Philly version.

16 miles / 2:29 / Avg 9:19

Splits – 9:01, 8:57, 9:13, 9:35, 8:56, 9:03, 9:00, 9:46, 9:26, 9:10, 9:02, 9:31, 9:45, 9:19, 9:26, 9:54