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Painting and Drinking

More house projects. I’m thoroughly enjoying this!! Kitchen is well on it’s way to being done. Ok, so not really but at least I started it. I think the worst part about painting is actually starting. Once you do it’s not so bad. And… this helps..

One coat down, hopefully just one more to go. Dishwasher coming next week and then I’ll just need the new floor. Which I am obvi not doing myself.

Lots of working out today. Two full sessions of yoga and then painting… my arms are killing me. Progress, progress — in ALL aspects of my life right now. And it feels great!

WORKOUT –  bike 1 hour, 1 mile (still hurts!! WTF!?) yoga x2

xo ALW


Memory Lane Monday – 9.29.73

Yeah I know it’s Tuesday. But I meant to post this yesterday. M&D’s Anniversary was this weekend. Along with Bev and Don’s Wedding. I’ll post on all of that later. But luckily these two crazy kids got together because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be gracing this world with my amazingness.



Who’s that bald guy with Mom?

WORKOUT – elliptical 30min, bike 1 hour, HOT yoga

xo ALW

Ape – is that you?

It is!? I think… you’re in there somewhere. Yep you are, thankfully. I have been discovering myself again and thankful to find that I’m still here. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good — for real, no pretending or forcing it. A really long, long time. Longer than the past year and longer than the past two. More like 3 – check it. September 2009 — and the worry creeped in from there. So yes, yes, YES… it’s been a while, my friends. Anyway… I could go on and on about that. Probably about 18 pages worth “FRONT AND BACK!” — still one of my fav scenes.

There she is. A little city, a little country, all goofy. I don’t care what anyone says. I think I’m gonna start a new trend with workout tights and cute flowy tops. Besides — who doesn’t want to be able to go right from yoga to the bar?

WORKOUT – elliptical 30mins, bike 30mins, HOT yoga

xo ALW

All About Running – Except Running

I’m glad I get to talk and think about running still even though I’m not doing it. LOVE my new jobby job. It doesn’t even feel like work. And since I’m back talking about it. What better way than to plan my spring training. Seems a little soon and overdone but it gets me super excited and calm – knowing that what I’m doing now (yoga / biking / and eating healthy) is all going to a good cause. Also a good motivator.

Seeing all my miles written down give me butterflies! Can’t wait for those 16 milers, baby. 🙂

WORKOUT – 30 min elliptical, HOT yoga

xo ALW

My Day in a Nutshell

Seriously I think my coffee and snacks were the highlight of my day so far. Until I have wine later of course.

Gym, rushed around this morning so I could get my other curtain rod and hang it before class — so that my room would finally be done and I could cross one more thing off my list. Think again… got a summons for Court on my way out (long story don’t ask). Got home just in time to finish everything up and couldn’t get in my house because my door is so tight that it needs to be kicked in everytime you open and close it. Yeah Jake — doesn’t work (not that you’ll know anyway since you don’t read my blog). So ‘locked out’ basically then when I finally got in I set the alarm off by accident. Broke my thumb trying to fix the door. Then realized I got the wrong curtain rod anyway. So nothing got done and a lot got undone.

Cried, got mad and threw a fit (sometimes you just have to act like you’re 5 again), there’s a reason why kids do it. Over it. Move on. Some days shit just doesn’t go your way.

Time for yogs (no, that’s not a miss-spell)… peace out peeps.

WORKOUT – bike 1 hour, yoga

xo ALW

Whoever said Yoga wasn’t a Good Workout…

…is a Liar. Oh wait — that was me. Take that back now! I tried Hot Yoga for the first time HERE on Monday. Serious, awesome workout! I felt so amazingly refreshed afterward. Could feel every muscle in my body, in a good way. And everything felt stretched out and in alignment. Even walking down the street after, my right hip felt so loose again that my left one actually felt tight. If that makes sense. Basically I felt like I could walk normal again. Sorta similar to the feeling I get after the Chiropractor, except way better because I got a workout in. The room is about 95degrees so you start sweating just walking in. By the end you are soaked. There is literally sweat coming out of every pore in your body. 75 mins of some serious yoga. I ended up going Tuesday and today and hopefully will make it tomorrow as well. LOVE!

All my sweaty stuff…

WORKOUT – bike 30mins, yoga

xo ALW