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All I Want for my Birthday

Sorry guys… I’m only giving you a few days to shop so you better get on that.

No, seroiusly though all I really want for my 30th is to spend lots of fun times with family and friends!! Which I am already getting to do. Second… THIS – Donate!!!! But it’s always fun to dream…

VS Bathing Suit – x-small in Grape

Little Stick – Sticks are for kids! Yay, finally won’t have to shove mine in my suitcase

Supporting my Coffee Craze – “Mr. Coffee” recommends. Although he could be all talk since I never tasted his coffee… A,!?

Me Mizuno’s – 8.5 please… yes, I have big feet for running lots of miles

Vacation!! – craving one – yep, bratty

Why Not!? – since I’m being so realistic. Dream shopping is more fun then I thought.

A little piece of heaven – with you at all times. Love this! I have a fake one for now, but of course real is always better.

Marc-y Marc – and no not him – but yeah that would be pretty nice too!


Buy from Italy not China

I learned this the hard way recently. I’ve always loved my Ugg boots from NZ Nature Company. They are super warm, comfy, cute and actually made in New Zealand with real sheepskin. I never got what the hype was about ‘real’ Uggs. First off… the term Ugg boot comes from NZ and the company that owns Sketchers – bought ‘Ugg Australia’, coined the title. And just a little background they are made in China and I’m pretty sure with synthetic stuff that’s supposed to look like fur.

So… since my fav Uggs are up the mountains. I caved and bought the stupid ones off of First of all I want to say that this is a great company with amazing customer service! Shoes always come within a few days, free shipping on returns and if you ever call their customer service line you will get a person that sounds like they come from CandyLand. Long story short – I wore my boots for about a week and the zipper broke – awesome. So I called up Zapp and they are crediting my money back plus a $25 gift cert online. Score.

gotta love italy

Lesson learned. I walk past Head Start Shoes every day pretty much and always check out what they have in the window. Sometimes I go in but it’s dangerous. They carry mostly high end Italian stuff. Of course tonight on my way home from class I spotted a 50% off sale in their window. I ended up walking out with an amazing pair of black leather boots – hhm, how did that happen?? Well – they go with everything AND I got a deal on them that I just couldn’t pass up. So… from now on I vow to only buy decent things that I love and can wear always. Because you only end up wearing your favorite things anyway.

WORKOUT – JM, yoga class

All About Running

I LOVE when my day is all about running!! And yesterday it was indeed.

SB, making your commute better

First off, I sat in about an hour plus of traffic getting out of the city and on 76. I definitely don’t miss the morning commute and rush hour, but it didn’t bother me too much because I had my coffee! And it’s a different story when you are going to go run than when you are on your way to work. For some reason I like driving somewhere to run, packing my stuff, heading out makes it seem more special I guess? Or maybe I like pretending that running is my job? I wish!! Who knows… I am just weird.

Anyway… had a great run at VF (will post about this later). There are a ton of trails at the park, and I haven’t gotten the chance to hit them up yet. One is I’m a little nervous to go out by myself, just because of crazy people lurking around and also of getting lost. But these bad boys are sooooo hard to resist!!…

trail it up

After the 10miler, I hit up BMRC for some trail sneaks! And other ‘necessities’. Booty shorts (not sure why I got these because I sure won’t be wearing them until summertime. Tan + yellow shorts = perfect summer attention grabber running gear.) Shot blocks which I am starting to like more than Sharkies. A new running long sleeve shirt, and capris.

can't get enough

I happen to also get a text from my friend, Col who had some running questions for me. I heart talking about running, obvi! So of course I sent a 20page text back, and hopefully was some help. The rest of the day was running some other running related errands. Have to go to REI to find my Stingers, and ended up seeing our Brooks Rep there as well. More running chat and I was off to the Doc’s for PT and more ART. Eat, sleep, breathe, R U N…

WORKOUT – yoga class, bike 1 hour, JM (3lbs)

Week Three Plan: Mon:8miles,JM,yoga Tues:bike30mins,JM,bike1hour,yogadvd Wed:weights(5lbs),10miles(hills) Thurs:yogaclass,bike1hour,JM(3lbs) Fri:yogaclass,18miles Sat:3miles(recovery run),JM Sun:6miles,yoga,JM

Run to the Hills to Shop


Since KD can be a little boring and flat sometimes, I decided to head out to Valley Forge to run some hills yesterday. There is about a 6 mile loop around the visitor center that is full of them. Perfect peacefulness being out in the open space with no one around.

trails are mine

I had forgotten about all the things I love about Valley Forge… clean bathrooms is one!

yo yo...

Hills and peacefulness is the other. NO one was out so I basically had the whole place to myself, which is always nice. Rolling hills makes you feel pretty slow… I think I need to start coming out here more often. I kept a slow pace and made the loop around the park.

clean car... this time

Always make sure I pack my breakfast because it’s a while til I get home again and need to re-fuel right away. Also… KOP just happens to be on my way home, so I need some energy for shopping. 😉

christmas presents for me!

WORKOUT – spin, JM (5lbs), yoga dvd

WEEK 2 – Mon:6miles,JM,yoga,bike  Tues:spin,JM,yoga  Wed:6miles,3miles speed,JM,yoga class  Thur:bike,JM,yoga  Fri:16miles,yoga Sat:elliptical(recovery),JM,yoga Sun:5miles,JM,yoga

Just Do See Me

ghost runner

Had a fun day hanging out at BMRC. Miss everyone!! And also found a new piece of running gear that I absolutely need. And I’m totally going to justify it because I will be training all throughout this winter. Nike did it again…

Nike Vapor Flash Jacket

This thing is freaking awesome! Water-proof to the max, breathable, air pockets, un-zippable air pockets, and so reflective you can’t even see yourself. Awesome! Too bad you couldn’t see my smile in there…

WORKOUT – JM, bike-1hour, elliptical-20 mins

Obsessions for the Fall

This post is a little late in the month, usually I do it early and yes it’s crappy because I don’t have a good picture. Notice there haven’t really been a lot of those lately!? Wow, I am slacking. Here’s the best I could do… playing with my new Jake’s old Iphone and all the cool camera settings.

need highlights

1.The Weather  2.New colors for fall (lipstick, purses, clothes – all the fun stuff)  3.No more humidity  4.Going to the Zoo (anyone want to come with me!!?)  5.This Bag  6.This new place for coffee  7.Spinach  8.Bananas  9.Working – What!!!? Who said THAT?  10.Switching up my SB order and trying new things (ie. tea)  11.The Oatmeal  12.Anything pumpkin  13.Dressing up for Halloween (pic to come later)  14.Tea (ok, not so much but I am trying)  15.Going to CABO in a few days!! 16.Purple – new fav color  17.Yoga  18.Meeting up with friends for coffee in the park  19.Yoga – obsession to replace running!  20.Closing in on a hard year and looking forward to the new…

Purple is the New Black

I have been a little crazy about the color purple lately. Not sure why… maybe it’s the fall, or my mood, or my weirdness? Who knows but I love it again! Watch out ‘Poppy‘, purple is moving into town. Lipstick, nail polish, pillows, clothes… etc etc. A dark deep purple goes especially well with a ‘caper’ or ‘granny smith apple’ green. Saw this water bottle at Lululemon Athletica the other day when I went in to get a yoga block. Totally dig the saying so I had to get it.

love is...

Being within walking distance of any high-end store imaginable – probably not the best idea for me. Oh well … it’s fun!

Two days of yoga and tea, I am starting to feel healthier already.

WORKOUT – yoga



Not what you’d think coming from this one (pointing at myself). Although I have been called that yesterday in the past. Walking around today on my way back from work (yes, I do that once in a while), I came across Lush. I’ve driven by a few times before and have been intrigued but never had the opportunity to go in. I think I fell in love – yet again. Bright colors, amazing smells, friendly people, huge bold writing, colorful and creative packages, fun slogans, green products, sparkles… and much more. Seriously whoever does the marketing for this place is a genius. Maybe they work for Nike also.

There were about a million new fun things to try. Everything looks like you could eat it (and some of it you can!). Which only adds to the appeal. I think my favorite were the bath and shower “bombs”. Throw them in your tub during a bath and or shower and its instant iromatherapy and fun! I’m not a huge fan of showers, I think it’s kinda like a chore (seriously, how did I ever get anyone to marry me, I’ll never know). Anyway so anything that makes it more fun, bring it on! Most of these little guys have creative and not so G-rated names and slogans that go along with them adding to their lushness.


You also get to try anything you want and they’ll show you how it works. You’d be surprised how hard it is to add water to stuff sometimes. Plus if you’re a dude you might like the fact that they rub stuff on you – and not in a creepy way like the people at the mall. Check it OUT. comparable to Bath and Body Works it’s like going on a hot date to Capital Grille vs the drive thru at McDonald’s by yourself at 2am.


Perfect place for gifts or presents to yourself. Much safer buying a bathbomb or lotion then a new handbag when you need a little retail therapy. I left with a few things – not all for me! And felt smooth, sparkly and happy on my way out. And also still had money left in my wallet. Can’t go wrong there.

my favs

I got – lip scrub that tastes like mint julips… rub it on, and lick it off (told you, not always appropriate for children). Made with real sugar and tastes delicious! Tinted lip balm that is the exact perfect color and a cool name. A silky smooth powder which is a major upscale version of grandmas’ talcum powder. And a bunch of stuff for a certain someone’s 30th B-day tomorrow!!!


lush times call for lush measures

WORKOUT – foam roller (not exactly a workout), yoga, weights, stretches AND signed up for a gym membership (yes, this counts)

Twenty Big Ones

So the final big training run today went amazing!! I felt great from the start, ran well and finished strong. I think all of my drinking training has really paid off. I can honestly say that I was really proud myself today.

pre race fuel

It all started with my “pre-race” day prep. Food and shopping! A girl’s perfect day. Tons of water, great food, a good night sleep and a little retail therapy is what I cann a great pre-run day. Gotta treat yourself, right 😉  The night before I made a delicious din of pasta, chicken and broccoli, had one 80z glass of red wine and a Godiva dark chocolate rasberry truffle. Oh and I snuck an Ativan in for good sleeping measures 😉

The day I had yesterday was also amazing. A little retail therapy does the soul good! Not the wallet though. KOP gets me every time. Lots of good shops, and lots of good deals marketing ploys that get you to think you are spending less money then you really are. So I stopped off at MAC, Arden B, VS, Bebe, Aldo and JCP – oops! 😉 Got some good steals though and didn’t end up spending too much mula. Isn’t it the best when you get to the register and they tell you your purchases are less then you thought!? Also, a good new coral lipstick is a must for a fresh feel.

the goods

Ok so enough of the prep day, let’s get into the actual mileage. I promise I’ll start briging my camera with me more so that I can get some actual pictures of actually RUNNING! So after a wonderful night’s sleep, I woke up excited and ready to go for the day. I said “let’s DO the damn thing!!” Ate my oatmeal, drank my Emergen-C, downed half a 32ozer of water, went to the bathroom, etc etc. Did all my other necessary pre run prep (full post on this later). Listened to some good tunes and took some pics and I was out the door!

Do it DO it!


 The run itself was great! Perfect weather for me. It was a little overcast, running in the woods on some back trails next to the creek so it was a little cooler. I was able to keep my long sleeve shirt on the whole time, which helps with the fuel belt situation and keeping my stupid big ass Garmin on my wrist. Anyway… the Team all started out at a decent pace, prob around 10 min mile pace. Running with people always helps the mile go by quicker too, because we are all gabbing and talking about running life and getting excited for SD. Team in Training sets up water stops for us along the way so we stop at these, causally chat for a bit, use restrooms etc and then head back out, or on. I stop my watch at this point so that I can get a true idea of time. Lap 7-13 the pace got a little slower… and then picked up again at 14, I was running more by myself so I kept it under 10 – booking it a little at the end around 9-9:30. Now Garm says I ran 20 miles, however it is also telling me that I did 21 laps… which would be 21 miles. So there’s a little descrepincy there but we will just stick to the 20 for now. An extra mile or two never hurt though 😉 Finishing up the run was amazing!! I even added in a huge hill at the end, and getting a cheer and congrats from TNTers is awesome!!
Post race fuel up… beer and a grilled chicken sammy with lettuce, tomatoe, onions, prov cheese and french fries, YUM!! PS- beer has to be the best, most refreshing thing after a run (besides maybe a Margarita?) It’s a toss up. Finally got home early afternoon-ish and it was ice bath time, of course!! All in all my legs and whole body feels really good. A few pings and pangs here and there, but I think that is only natural for the amount of mileage. The training, both physically and emotionaly that I gained from this run is going to allow me to kick 26.2’s butt!


WORKOUT– 20 baby!! 3:20mins

chilly willy